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srijeda, 24. travnja 2013.

Dubrovnik To Host Disney Magic Cruise

Before starting this post, I would just like to remind people that if you're in the area of Barcelona some time, go check out their film festivals. Some really great films to check out.

I had to throw this one in as soon as I saw it this morning. I've always been a fan of Disney films.  Great memories as a kid going to the theaters to watch them on the big screen with that big bag of popcorn and large soft drink.   Big fan of those classics that one sees on television occasionally as well.  But I decided to make it a humour/commentary post as well as a harmless current events addition.....

Namely, what are people like in the attached video below this article going to think?  My gosh! What with all the penises, vaginas, other gentitalia, and blatantly sick and perverted sexual messages being drilled into children's and adults heads. Will supporters of the preacher in the video be in the audience, filming from every angle and recording every phrase and line of every song?  What Hellish evil messages and footage will they find when inspecting the footage later in their hotel rooms?...going over frame by frame, in slo-mo, forward and backwards and sideways, zooming in and the dark living room.....magnifying in and out....sweating.....

Will they prove that the Disney ship is attempting to promote orgies and sacrifices in Dubrovnik? Will Goofy be blatantly encouraging Minnie..(Minnie eh? Hmmm? That sounds like a pedo name to me) eat a banana or even some sort of ..gasp!...juicy fruit?...a peach maybe?  (We all know what that would mean) Why does Mickey always talk in that henious Satanic voice? Always whistling, what and who is he whistling at and for anyway? Is he queer? Is it some kind of diabolical whistle code for some dagnabit sordid fetish sex? Always whistling, grinning, fidgety and tapping his toe like he's all hopped up on viagra...I shudder to think.  I'm pretty sure there's going to be lots of pillars of salt standing around and fire and brimstone falling from the sky after the performances. Maybe he wants us all to act like these Serbian church stooge mental cases.

Can you spot the genitalia?  A clip from Disney's dastardly evil "The Little Mermaid" (In Croatian)

Seriously though, great news.  You can't go wrong with Disney being a part of your summer schedule I say. (I even remember once attempting to concoct a secret cereal recipe to make me as strong as Kurt Russell after seeing "The Strongest Man In The World" didn't end up tasting very good though, the vinegar and tabasco sauce was not a good idea in hindsight, or maybe it was the shreddies.  Here's an amazing related fact..all 5 of the theatres I watched those and other films at?....All gone, as in not replaced by newer theatres, but boarded up or turned into bingo halls or junk stores basically. How about that)

Some cupcakes that are usually sold at the bingo halls.

The guy in the video reminds me of a former Portuguese landlord, same sort of beliefs and and finger pointing pointiness. (He used to molest his own kids though, I used to hear it all from downstairs when he and his pal took turns and thought I wasn't home, they were disgusting. I wasn't too happy catching him on my sofa one time either, going through my photo album in just his underwear and eating some kind of dark brownish greasy/bloody sausage in his hand. That's why his wife left him. So what does that tell you?)  What gets me though is....what would possess someone in the first place to decide to go out and buy and use all that expensive special recording and audio equipment in the first place, for the sole purpose of going frame by frame, backwards, sideways, zooming in and out.....etc, in the hopes of finding fiendish sex messages and protruding genitalia.  I mean, his proofs are so ridiculous and delusional that he would have to beforehand already have these images and messages floating around or ingrained in his mind, then specifically be looking for those things before he even got the slo-mo equipment out of the box and plugged into the wall socket. (Creepy)

Hmmm?...what is that parrot, cat and Minnie doing anyway?

Y'know, perhaps the most bizarre and creepiest thing about this is this.....He actually is preaching and encouraging other people to go out and do the same thing that he and his people are doing.  To specifically go searching for sex messages and genitalia in other Disney cartoons, heck, maybe even Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera cartoons. He is subliminally planting sex images into your and his audience's mind without you or them even knowing it while they are agreeing and clapping and hallelujah-ing. He wants you to look for perverted sex in bus stop posters, on signs at grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, gas stations, burger joints, coffee shop, and then extend this to the everyday clouds, puddles, the piles of potatoes and carrots at the grocery store and the cracks in the ceiling.... etc and so on. He's implanting diabolical images into posters and cartoons that aren't there so that you will specifically find what he wants you to find, images and desires that are in HIS mind. Don't you see the diabolicalness of it all? He doesn't want that cartoon cloud or chimney or bird to be a cloud, chimney or bird. It must be kinko-sexo!

Is any cartoon with a flower or pole in it safe? Should we all be on the lookout for oral and anal sex messages from sponges and crustaceans now? I don't know, like where are these kinds of people coming from? What the hell is going on in their minds when they close their eyes at night to go to sleep? Does anyone really even want to know?

.....Sitting in the living room with the headphones on listening....listening....sweating.....breathing hard.....listening.....Perhaps even right now at this very moment. (Get me a glass of water and my magnifying glass Abigail! I think I saw a penis in her mouth!...Wait!...Did that mouse just say he wanted to have anal with her??!!!  Can you imagine the revulsion, horror and shock when their kids ask for a lolipop, popsicle or ice cream cone at the grocery store?... "It's the confectionary Satan's!  Btw, guess where the preacher in the video is from? Why none other than that country with the big Jesus statue...... Brazil. Yep......that Brazil. (How's that for irony, weird and priorities?)

.....Disney has been having their Disney on ice performances in Croatia for quite some time now anyway, so I highly doubt this will be the last of Disney in Croatia.....Anyway....

(Oh yeah, In related news from the source website, Rihanna decided to ghetto up her ghetto-glam image by buying some Croatian designed sunglasses. (Unfortunately in many places here across the pond, the 2 bit crackwhore that hangs around the alleyway behind the bingo hall or coffee shop douchebag look never really did it for me, seen and smelled enough of that I'll tell you)  She is going for the Rio carnival queen look now, last month it was a ghetto-thug bitch thing, before that it was a blonde Spanish vampire from Harlem, month before that she was Janet Jackson less the space suits and different colored hair  (some say she actually is a Janet Jackson laboratory cloning experiment by Revlon that went terribly wrong, it feeds only at night on rare hamburgers and shakes)  Let's rename Poljud or Maksimir stadium or some parks after her. I'm waiting for her to get her Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo hopefully soon that I've heard about in the rumour mill. Maybe a big Taco Bell or Nike logo tattoo, maybe even a Hollywood sign tattoo from ear to ear, now that's different. Or how about this idea, an actual life size tattoo of the face of Mike Tyson on her face. Think about it. Sort of like Silence of the Lambs but instead of an actual face, it would be a tattoo. Now that would be cool.  Actually, this is one I wish the Serbs had got instead,  her getting a pair of Vojeslav Seselj shades, and maybe his hat too. (Sort of like these ones)  If Christina Ricci, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones decide to get Croatian designed shades, shoes, undies or whatever, I'll be the first one to let you know)

 Hey, what's your other hand doing there Minnie Mouse! Where the Hell is Snow White and the dwarfs? What sordid sexing deeds are they doing on the boat?!

Disney Magic Cruise To Sail Into Dubrovnik


One of the most admired and recognizable cruise ships in the world, the Disney Magic, will sail into Dubrovnik on 5 July. The 294 metre long, 32 metre wide monster is famous for its entertainment it offers kids and teenagers with parents, with crew members dressed up as Disney characters.

The Disney Magic cruise includes a full entertainment program for kids and has been the subject of many TV reports. The Disney Magic has a distinctive yellow trim across the stately bow and can accommodate 2,700 people on its 11 decks.

Big towering golden penises and open vaginas are everywhere these days it seems. smh...

The true face of Mickey is a horrible thing.

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