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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

HBO To Film Season 4 In Croatia Again & Oliver Stone Arrives In Zagreb

Nothing wrong with the free exposure of being associated with a well known and popular television series I say. (A heck of a lot better for Croatia's image and tourism industry than news like this, that's for sure)  I already posted in the past concerning the 3rd season of filming in Croatia of the HBO series "Game of Thrones".  Links below with more information and media. As for the Oliver Stone article, not much more to add. The Oscar winning (and at times controversial, and yes, even subversive according to some) director, screenwriter and producer is in Zagreb for the new "Subversive Film Festival. Great that the man behind a few of my favourite films is gracing the city with his appearance......

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HBO’s Game Of Thrones Confirms Season 4 Filming In Croatia This Year


Popular HBO series Game of Thrones will once again be back in the southern Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik to film for its fourth season.

After filming season three last October in Dubrovnik, the cast and crew of the hit series will be back next year.

"Game of Thrones" cast rocks out -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO. 
Official website:

“We will spend more time in Dubrovnik this year than before. We will be in Dubrovnik from the middle of August until the middle of October, we consider it our home,” said the series main producer Bernie Caulfield to Dubrovnik TV net.

The HBO production invested 30 million dollars into filming for season three, and this year investment will not be any less.

Cast and crew from season 2 filming in Dubrovnik

Wrapping up filming in Dubrovnik for season 3



Photo gallery:

Photo gallery:

Photo gallery:

Photo gallery:

Famous Director Oliver Stone In Zagreb

Official website:


Famous 3-time Oscar-winning film director  will be guest of honour at the 6th Subversive Film Festival in the Croatian capital Zagreb which will be held from 4-18 May.

Although he is famous for directing, screenwriting and producing feature films, Stone (66) will talk in Zagreb at a round table about his political function. The Subversive Film Festival is especially popular because of its panels and public lectures that have hosted many prominent intellectuals. The festival deals with cinemas of post-colonial countries, social changes, and social inequality.

Opening night of the "2012 Subversive Film Festival".  (The film festival is so subversive that you can't listen to all the subversive conversations going on. Now that's subversive.)






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