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utorak, 23. travnja 2013.

Photo Of The Day......Sunset In Split

Just a quick photo to add here before heading out to my classes. (I have some photography in my past, what can I say)  It's photos like these that bring back cool memories and inspire me concerning my long term plans, and get my mind off of the addle minded stooge-fuckery around here.  (My classes unfortunately are downtown at this time, but the tentacles of fucktardism reach right from the local shitty mall and into the school even. Don't believe the posters and billboards with the smiling well dressed and mannered models with perfect complextion, figures, stylish clothes and pearly whites and all that, all one big money grabbing show with these private so-called "colleges", lots of times you can use their "diploma" and use it to line you cat litter-box)

Anyway,...I really like the colours and use of the slower shutter speed to highlight the lights.  The sunset and blue of the Adriatic sea really stand out and look pretty cool.  This point of view captures a large section of the city of Split. Click the pic for larger view.....



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