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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Serb Occupied Croatia 1991-95 - "Greatest Moments (Super Sexy Swingin' Scenes)

Well, this may seem a bit odd at first glance to the reader, maybe even strange and kooky, but I decided what the hell?  It should grab some peoples attention anyway.  The title of this post is not that all that earth shattering new or shocking though, but the circumstances of when and where it took place within the overall situation is, and at the very least.....bizarre. I'm sure it will pique some peoples interest at least.  It's well known that things like this and other similar activities were going on during the 90's Serbian occupation of Croatian areas and the following expulsion of Croatians and Non-Serbs. (Just maybe not that well known outside of Croatia, and definitely not talked about much either)  Here are some images of Serb women in the early 1990's, during the time that the short lived, ethnically cleansed, illegally occupied and internationally unrecognized criminal mini-state of Serbian Krajina existed on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. (Surprisingly, not much different than many Serbian women I've come across over the years here either, some of the guys they pick are actually much worse looking and in much worse physical shape than the similar example below)

You see, when Croatians (and whatever other Non-Serbs were to be found) were forced to leave their homes and belongings at gunpoint soon after Croatian and Slovenian independence was declared, Serb nationalist paramilitaries, the Yugoslav army and Yugoslav army backed Serbs were initiating plans and proceeding to carve out their own little criminal state, hoping to eventually attach it to areas they were cleansing in Bosnia and Hercegovina and then ultimately to join these areas to Serbia itself.  ("Greater Serbia" or something they were going to call it)  Many of the homes were destroyed outright, but the better ones left behind by Croats were soon occupied by Serbs, even their former neighbours in many cases.

There's plenty of images and even video footage of these same UNPROFOR  troops drinking and singing with the Serb military leadership, quite a few that are at the Hague right now. (Milan MarticMilan BabicVojeslav SeseljJovica Stanisic, Dragan Vasiljkovic and Goran Hadzic are some of the bigwigs to name just a few)  Serbs drinking and celebrating how they succeeded in capturing large swathes of land and gave the boot to the Croats. bla bla bla.  Then of course using these lands to attempt to capture more areas, shell more towns and cities. Where were the Croats and any other Non-Serbs that were forced to leave?....oh you know...battling the elements, living in  these crowded refugee camps, women and kids trying to keep warm and clean and put some kind of food on plates,  trying to avoid dysentery...stuff like that. (They had to leave all their silverware and good china behind remember)

Anyway, this is just an amusing few images from those times. Some people may even find them erotic and sexy. Who knows?  These images may even have been taken in the very Croatians homes that were left behind and vacant by the people forced to flee.  Seems like the Serbian "ladies" were having a good time though, that's the main thing. Well done. Bravo. (Serbdom at the time thought they had succeeded in their goals, time for some public relations and celebrate ethnic cleansing victory and their new digs and homes with house warming parties. Take some photographs to make mumsy and Serbdom proud.  There's even documented cases of  the Serb leaders pimping their own wives to the soldiers for brownie points with the officially neutral peacekeepers, to give the impression of one big jolly good time or something.)  I just hope that the Croatians who eventually returned to any of their homes that were still intact, remembered to fumigate their homes and get new furniture. Ewwwww. (I don't know what other kind of weirdo kinky things Serb married couples are into, but I know this has nothing to do with any Croatian or other Slavic people that I've ever come across. Is this common with cops, firemen, mall security guards, mailmen, refrigerator repairmen and school crossing guards too?)  Special thanks to the Serb folks for leaving these pics behind after hightailing it to Serbia or joining in on the attacks in BiH) The occupied territory was eventually back under Croatian control after the successful conclusion of  "Operation Storm" and threats to other areas were stopped.  More on that at the links below, and throughout this whole blog.

(This post also proves my point that I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog a few times.  Namely, that I don't have to go look for this stuff in hard to find places, it just pops up out of the blue, it's all out there in internetland.  I don't have sift through secret archives or ask officials for permission to find me images and videos.  None of the images/videos I occasionally use on blogs and forums were not doctored, photoshopped,  taken secretly by spy photographers/videographers on secret missions using covert identities, but rather by the perpetrators themselves which makes me able to present my points much, much easier)







Serb Women Having Sex With UNPROFOR Soldier After Ethnically Cleansing Croats & Other Non-Serbs???

(I really don't know who was the most desperate between these four. What a bunch of putrid useless grungy sperm that evolved into some kind of specimens of something if there ever were...shivers)

Here we can see the moment when greater serbia and serbdom temporarily reached it's apex on Croatian territory. 

The real sickening thing, as you will see as you read on, is that the above few examples could very well have been taking place in the very homes of the previously cleansed Croats (and Non-Serbs)  These dirty and handsome looking Serbian whores and the pictured  UN representative scumbag who is supposed to have an important job to do, orders and guidelines given by UN Headquarters to follow, duties to perform, could very well have even taken place at the exact moment that the Serbian forces were illegally crossing borders into BiH and continuing shelling attacks on other free areas there and/or other Croatian territory. Soiling their beds and staining their sheets, leaving UNPROFOR cum stains and Serb pubic hairs all over the mattresses and carpets. Parts within the internationally recognized borders of Croatia, besides being used as a base to attack other parts of the country, were bizarrely being run by a bunch of bolesnici, some in uniforms, like some kind of Brazilian favela right there under the UN's nose, right in the middle of Europe. It's really not all that surprising though, the Serbian women are the same on this side of the pond as well.  A fancy looking new set of wheels and they come a runnin' no matter what the guy looks like.  This guys vehicle probably had those fancy UN stickers and blue painted UN letters, maybe the vehicle was even  able to make beeps and siren sounds, some flashing lights, so it was probably a guaranteed lay. (This is all really not surprising though, I touched upon this briefly HERE, where I mentioned how during the over 400 year occupation of Serbia by the Turks that this was commonplace. Serbian princes and local rulers were even giving their own daughters to the Ottoman Sultans for political favour. Others for other reasons...paying less taxes, more privileges etc.   Serb prince Lazar married off his daughter to Sultan Bayezid so as to name Lazar's son as next Serb leader.) My sources tell me that they have photographic and video proof that this UNPROFOR representative and his whole platoon  frequented this and many other homes inhabited by Serbian women for months, quite a few of them even behind their husbands back.  (More on this below)

I also figured I might as well add a few pics of some Serb chetniks and "soldiers" at the time as well. There's hundreds more similar images like these floating around out there since the end of the war, and lots of videos as well. Serb nationalist chetniks doing....Serb stuff I guess it's called, and drinking with UNPROFOR soldiers and pimping out their women to them, between the shelling and sniping, during their occupation of Croatia near the front lines.  Like I said , there's lots more where they came from, the goings on between attacking other Croatian areas from Serbian occupied Croatia of the early 1990's.  On big reason many of them left these areas of Croatia after it was back under our control, was because they refused to live in the country that they terrorized  for years, and then moved onto BiH and Kosovo to carry on there.


I also decided to add just one short piece of video footage after all, to plainly show and make even more clearer the sad, pathetic and surreal tragic comedy and situation that was taking place on Croatian soil, after the Serb and Yugoslav backed Serb forces cleansed large areas of the Republic of Croatia.  Firstly,  it must be pointed out, just in case the reader is not familiar with the role of UNPROFOR or any UN peacekeeping force.  Their role is to be a neutral and observing force, impartial to any side on the ground while various political dialogue is going on. Their role is to report changes of the situation on the ground, report violations of agreements, international law, breaches of the laws of war, safeguarding certain fundamental human rights of persons who fall into the hands of the enemy, particularly prisoners of war, the wounded and sick, and civilians, and again, to remain neutral.  Secondly, in the short footage below one can see that (besides pimping out women/wives to some UN forces as already touched upon above)...that Serbian Yugoslav soldiers, who according to the agreed UN sponsored conditions were supposed to completely withdraw from the areas and return mostly back to the rump and remaining state of "Yugoslavia"..namely Serbia, ... had left the ranks of the Yugoslav army and then simply switched over to the Serbian nationalist and chetnik forces as easy as pie.  Weapons and all, just trading one hat/uniform for another.

Serbian war criminals and ultra-nationalistic chetniks and paramilitaries at the time of the Vukovar massacre in 1991. (cream of the crop) Today many Serbs still regard these people as Serb holy men.

Thirdly, these same Serbian soldiers who committed the policies of ethnic cleansing and were terrorizing other towns and cities on the territory of the internationally recognized Republic of Croatia...were not only drinking, partying, dancing and whatever, with these UNPROFOR soldiers, celebrating the expulsion of Croatians and other Non-Serbs, but even waving their flags singing nationalistic Serbian chetnik songs with them. One can also plainly see in this pathetic comedy display (because that just about describes it best. a truly tragic comedy if there ever was one) even some of the UN soldiers are seen actually walking around wearing Serbian nationalistic chetnik hats, even partaking of waving their flags, singing with these armed criminal thugs, chowing down on whiskey and mouthfuls of pork like one big happy pre-orgy party. All this taking place on the cleansed and Serb terrorist occupied part of Croatia, the very heart of where their crimes were/are being organized and perpetrated from. Like partying it up with Hezbollah or Hamas in areas where they shell Israeli towns and citizens from.

But that`s not all.  After the 4 minute mark footage you can see some of these Serb terrorists, occupiers and gangs of uniformed nationalistic thugs even disregarding UN positions and their roles, blatantly right in front of their faces like giving a big middle finger to them and the world.  Openly preparing their forces right out in the open, right in front of their eyes, then traveling across into areas vacated by Croatian forces.  Vacated according the UN peace talks agreements. They then went into, again breaking the umpteenth hundred UN sponsored agreements, illegally across the border and into areas of Bosnia. (Bosnia at that time was an internationally recognized independent Republic as well)  In the fall of 1992, to the tune of around 30,000 of these Serb armed terrorists entered into Bosnia and continued attacks there as well, areas where the Croats left and was supposed to be demilitarized afterwards by all combatants.  At the 4:50 minute mark you can hear the Serb soldiers as they openly mock UN peacekeeping soldiers, laughing at them as they`re preparing their forces to enter across the international border into Bosnia illegally and contrary to UN sponsored agreements, right in front of them. (Maybe they were laughing at them because they decided not to have the sex with above Serb "ladies" for fear of catching some kind of fungus...or worse?)

The good news about all this is that thankfully, these Serbian terrorists gun-toting extremists and armed thugs (yes, terrorists, extremists and thugs, that's the best and most accurate and truthful description of them)...and their supporters who waged campaigns of aggression against all Non-Serbs and committed war crimes against the internationally recognized and independent Republic of Croatia, were not long after these images were taken, hightailing it back to mother Serbia.  Their attacks and blatant violations even right in front of UN representatives on the ground , even filmed by cameras for the whole world to see, was soon to be a memory.   In the early stages of the Serb attacks, the Croatian army was a poorly equipped new organization with the added insult of enduring an arms embargo, unable to purchase weapons to defend themselves. (The Yugoslav army possessed almost the entire arsenal of decades worth of military weapons production, tanks, the entire Yugoslav airforce etc)  Most of the weapons the defending Croats were in possession of is what they were able to get from a few encircled Yugoslav army barracks and what they were able to capture in battle.  Croatian patience at the years of  flagrant violations like these, continuing shelling and missile attacks on other towns and cities, catastrophic growing refugee populations and the total ineptness of the UN or Europe to deal with the realities on the ground, eventually culminated with Croatian forces rectifying the situation on their own in the matter of about 48 hrs. The successful conclusion known as Operation Storm.  That strategic and precise military operation brought back all Croatian occupied territory back under Croatian control, stopped further Serbian attacks and importantly put to an end this embarrassing episode for the UN, various other world bodies and closed this chapter of the Serbian occupation in Croatia. (The mini Serbian brothel state was to be seen or heard from no more as well)

Special thanks again to the Serb soldiers, pimps, singers and dancers for filming and then leaving behind this footage and pics before they left, allowing me to share it with all with you, so that you may become sexified, horny and eroticicized..  I hope the reader is  better informed about the times when Croatia was occupied, terrorized and fighting for it's existence and rightful place among other free independent nations. (If you are of Serbian background and feel upset that this post was made concerning the goings on in 1990's Croatia, please by all means feel free to donate your entire paycheques, or large portions of them, and send them to

At the 4:50 minute mark you can hear the Serb soldiers as they openly mock UN peacekeeping soldiers, laughing at them as they`re preparing their forces to enter across the international border into Bosnia illegally and contrary to UN sponsored agreements, right in front of them. (Maybe they were laughing at them because they decided not to have the sex with above Serb "ladies" for fear of catching some kind of fungus...or worse?)

Some video footage of the preparations for and conclusion of "Operation Storm" (Operacija Oluja) which brought back European civilization to occupied Croatia.

(Here's an interesting related fact that probably many people don't know, since I already briefly mentioned the 'Milos affair', Ljudevit Gaj and the bickering Serb royal dynasties of that time.  The fact that the current Serbian line of "royalty", the already mentioned Karadordevic dynasty, originates from a 19th century pig farmer. (Yes, that's right folks, you can Google that, quite the astonishing and regal blue blooded beginnings I must say ) As is usually the case with Serbia's erratic history yet not uncommon trend of killing it's own even as well as surrounding peoples, the current pig farmer royalty line of the Karadordevic dynasty eventually had the rival dynasty and King of Servia, Alexander I killed in 1903 and then they took over. This was because the Obrenovic line killed a Karadordevic previously. After these back and forth Serb royalty fueds and killings, eventually from that point on the pig farmer dynasty line has been Serbia's royal family eversince. A so-called Serb royal family that eventually went on to become dictators after the post WWI creation of that still-born entity of the 'kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Afterwards the Croatians and other Non-Serbs decided that they didn't need or want a phone Serb king in the first place)


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Не у НАТО и ЕУ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! СРБИЈА! Savez sa Rusijom!

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What piece of trash writes this? Some fucked up Croat with no respect for anything.

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS said...

The piece of trash that doesn't have or belong to a cult church that initiates and supports policies of ethnic cleansing, raping, genocide and occupation of lands that belong to other nations, I understand what a border is on a map and real history.

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