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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Timelapse Croatia: Stunning Four-Minute Film

I was just browsing around at this site, checking some of the places I was planning on visiting according to my list.  (I have a list of locations that I didn't have time enough to check out the past few times because of conflicting and hectic schedules). Not too thrilled at all that I have to put them on the backburner for a while and have to spend the summer locally.  (My school program was supposed to start in October but bla..bla ..bla and rescheduled this...postponed that.......and it didn't end up starting until just last month)  To make things even more interesting, now I have police coming knocking on the door because of neighbourhood mental cases and fuckos. (And this is supposed to be a good part of the city, literally steps from the college. Nowhere near the ghetto downtown)  I blame all the Psy & Harlem Shake parody videos  Maybe all the generic no-name chips and subpar looking sauces and gravies too, some very questionable ingredients in those things I've noticed.

Anyway.....Back to the article I came across Here.  I remembered that I already did this topic when the video was first made. I watched it again anyway and decided, you know what?  It did  deserve a repost.. Osijek actually is one of the places on my list.  What the hell? On that note........

Original post: timelapse-photography-in-croatia

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"Timelapse photography" in Croatia seemed pretty interesting after reading it and checking out the videos.  I'm sure probably everybody has at one time or another seen examples of it somewhere.  Sometimes the images look really cool and give a new perspective on our daily lives and surroundings.  The 2nd video that I added at the end of the article is the one I wanted to draw peoples attention to though.  It's made by Mario and Drazen, the same 2 of guys that this article is about.  The reason I added it is because most times when one sees 'timelapse photography', the camera is usually stationary on it's tripod. Some very cool images usually, but the the panning, zooming and movement of the camera while performing the timelapse photography in the 2nd video to me looks so much better. Mixing landscapes and nature images with city life and even a music concert using those techniques really worked for me.

Timelapshing...what is it?  It's a very time consuming and complicated process that involves hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of photographs, and that's just for the one 4 minute video, but in the end the short video of the city of Osijek leaves a lasting impression. I'd like to see down the road similar but longer timelapse photography videos of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and other locations. One can see short vids of  Croatia locations using T.P on Youtube that look very good, but not nearly as complicated and involved as the ones seen below. (I added one of the Youtube timelapse vids at the very bottom that I thought deserved to be shown as well for it's creativity)  I highly recommend clicking the full-screen option to get the full effect of the videos.

A moment from "Timelapse Croatia"

Timelapse Croatia: Short film made from 150,000 photos goes viral

Article source:

Video source:

The release of the Timelapse Croatia video by Mario Romulic and Drazen Stojcic has caused plenty of comment in the national press.

The uploading of a short video comprising solely of photographs to the Vimeo channel on February 6, 2012, is causing something of a sensation in Croatia, as the latest release from Mario Romulic and Drazen Stojcic presents the presents the country from a different angle. The film, edited by Antun Balog and called Timelapse Croatia, takes the view on a breathtaking tour of the country in less than five minutes, and while the video appears to be live film, it actually contains merely photographs, all 150,000 of them, which in turn were selected from 700,000 pictures. The project's creators explained on the Vimeo page:

Almost a full year of work went into this. Months and months of work and hundreds of thousands photographs for a few minutes of video. Sounds silly, but that's basically how it is. For example, we spent last 3 months literally sitting at our workstations editing and rendering frame after frame, shot after shot, location after location.

Timelapse Croatia - showreel / teaser from Romulic and Stojcic on Vimeo.

The video, using footage from many locations in the country, including Hvar, Osijek, Vesnjan, Plitvica, Rovinj, Kornati and Murter, has been welcomed by the mainstream media as an excellent promotion of the country as a whole, with Internet portal echoing the general mood with its title: Finally a video about Croatia which has impressed us. The Croatian National Tourist Board invited its Facebook followers to "take a look at this breathtaking timelapse video about Croatia." The video, solely financed by its makers, shows off only a small fragment of Croatia, and they are keen to do more:

Of course, what we ended up putting in this video is merely a fragment of what Croatia has to offer. As photographers who have traveled across our country from one end to another, we are well aware that there is so much more to be filmed. And we are more than happy to do it - after all, we're two guys who really love their job. It's simply that the pace at which we can finish this project will depend mostly on if we can get financial support, or we'll have to figure out some other way to pull this off.

A scene from "Slowcity-Osijek-Timelapse. Video below.

Visitors to the island of Hvar will no doubt already be familiar with the work of Romulic, who produced a stunning portfolio of pictures about the island for leading hotel group Suncani Hvar (including the lead photograph in this article), many of which have been widely used by other Internet sites when promoting Hvar.

This vid of Osijek impressed me. Incorporating elements of panning, zooming, and movement of the camera through legs of statues even, which gives a very visual final effect. Full screen option is on the bottom.

SlowCity - Osijek - Timelapse from Romulic & Stojcic on Vimeo.

Interesting timelapse walking in the old part of Split.

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