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Friday, 26 April 2013

Zadar University - The First & Oldest University In Croatia

I recently nixed the of going back to school around here in ghetto-city Hamilton, just way too many shitfuck, ghetto-fuckos and plain ol' stooges crawling around, too many Joao's and Joao Joao's too. (Don't even get me started on the Srbs), too many clowns (Croatian: klaunovi) even at the community retard college looking to get shot, (there sure are a lot of wannabee future dead rap stars)..even more so than usual, like a trend, like wearing track suits and jogging in the 70's.

Anyway, I instead decided to do this short introduction about the University of Zadar in the city of Zadar on the Croatian coast. It's not the biggest or more well known of the universities of Croatia, (University of Zagreb in the capital city of Zagreb is the biggest).....however, it is the very first University in Croatia and oldest in the region, which makes it one of the oldest in all of Europe believe it or not.  It's roots actually reaching back to 1396.  I was in Zadar on my last trip and walked by the waterfront campus. (I find it hard to feel sorry for these students. Croatian post secondary education is free and look at the horrible conditions, people and scenery they have to put up with. tsk tsk)  The Bologna Process was implemented in 2005 which has contributed to it's profile being even more well known internationally.....

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The University of Zadar (Croatian: Sveučilište u Zadru, Latin: Universitas Studiorum Iadertina) is a university located in Zadar, Croatia. The university in its current modern form was founded in 2002 but can trace its lineage to 1396, thus making it the oldest tertiary institution in the Former Yugoslavia and one of the oldest in Europe.


The original University of Zadar was originally founded by the Dominicans in 1396 as Universitas Iadertina, a theological seminary, Iadertina being the Latin version of Zadar. It was the first institute of higher learning in the country. In 1807 it ceased to become an independent institution and its functions were taken over by other local universities. In 1956 the University of Zagreb, the country's second oldest university, re-established it as its satellite Faculty of Arts campus. The Faculty later became a part of the University of Split. More than six centuries after the original university's founding, in 2002, the Croatian Parliament passed an act to allow for its re-founding as a full-fledged independent university. The new University of Zadar opened its doors to students in January 2003.

Since its reestablishment, the University has continued to grow from strength to strength. The Bologna process was implemented for the 2005-06 academic year as with all Croatian universities. A follow-up study a year later showed that the move greatly benefited University and has increased its profile internationally. This allowed it to engage in collaborative research agreements and student exchange programmes with other reputable universities around the continent. It also has agreements with universities in South America and the United States. in Croatia

List of universities in Croatia

University Departments

The University of Zadar is entirely integrated university, consisting at present of over 20 departments:

Department of Agriculture and Aquaculture of the Mediterranean
Department of Archaeology
Department of Classical Philology
Department of Croatian and Slavic Studies
Department of Economics
Department of English
Department of Ethnology and Socio-cultural anthropology
Department of French Language and Literature
Department of Geography
Department of German Studies
Department of History
Department of History of Art
Department of Information and Communication Sciences
Department of Italian Language and Literature
Department of Librarianship
Department of Linguistics
Department of Marine Biology
Department of Pedagogy
Department of Philosophy
Department of Psychology
Department of Sociology
Department of Transport and Maritime Studies
Vocational Department of Teachers and Preschool Educators

Department of Library & Information Science at the University of Zadar from Franjo Pehar on Vimeo.

Ofiicial University of Zadar website:


About us

Zadar is an ancient European university city. As early as on 14 June 1396 in Dominican monastery in Zadar the university Studium generale, later called Universitas Jadertina was founded. The University of Zadar is the largest fully integrated university in Croatia.

There is a total of 5800 students enrolled in the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies. There are 515 employees at the University, 365 of them holding scientific-teaching, teaching and assistant titles.Two companies with 32 employees are also
part of the University.

The University of Zadar, ranked as a mid-sized university in the European environment, in many aspects of the higher education reform and harmonization with the EU member states is a leader in Croatia. The County and City of Zadar regularly support the activities of the University: the organization of congresses, round tables, scientific conferences and symposia. The building of the New campus will further raise the quality of all the activities and the pedagogical standard. In different stages of building the New campus many facilities are predicted, such as the buildings of the university departments, student dormitories and restaurants, laboratory, practicums and the university library. The developmental study of the New campus“ of the University of Zadar, in the framework of the project New Lighthouses of the Croatian Adriatic, was made by Studio de Architekten Cie. The New campus area is located in the central part of Zadar, between the city boroughs Višnjik and Jazine II, where the former barracks „Franko Lisica“ were.

Our task

“Our task is to make the University of Zadar a desirable place for study, primarily through high-quality programmes. The establishment of new graduate and doctoral studies, the employment of the new, high-quality employees, the incoming and outgoing mobility, the improvement of the students’ living standard, all of these represent steps towards achieving.

that goal. One of the most important tasks that we have engaged ourselves in is the design of the project Arhipelogos and the beginning of the construction of the New campus. The external evaluations indicate that we are on the right track and that the University of Zadar takes the second place in the ranking of universities in Croatia.“

Rector of the University of Zadar,

Prof. Ante Uglešić, PhD

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