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ponedjeljak, 29. travnja 2013.

Photos Of The Day: Zagreb Pet Owners Come Out To Give Their Pets A Blessing

Pet owners in Zagreb at Maksimir Park.

Something amusing and light and airy for this Monday morning, like a plate of freshly made palacinke. Recent images of residents bringing out their pets to be blessed at Maksimir Park in Zagreb, which was also attended by even the mayor of the city and his pet dog. Dogs, cats, and yes even parrots.  (Animals are smart and have more common sense than many people I've met. Yep it's true, trust me, I know what I'm talking about. See related post about Croatian Dog Breeds HERE with interesting information that probably many didn't know)...It's not something you see everyday anyway.  I have some doozies in the works for down the road, stay tuned.........

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The first large-scale ceremony of blessing of animals was held in Maksimir Park in Zagreb on Saturday afternoon with several hundred pets and their owners being involved in this event, organised by the Catholic Church and the city administration's department for agriculture.

Today's ceremony at which respect and gratitude were expressed to pets being treated as living creatures also created by God was organised at the initiative of Reverend Prebendary Mijo Gabric who had led such blessing in Rome.

In attendance was also Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic with his retriever.

One of the moderators of this outdoor ceremony, Antun Ponos, said the blessing of pets was a widespread and usual practice in the world.

Today's procession of animals included mainly dogs, and also cats and there were other animals, for instance a parrot.

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