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srijeda, 29. svibnja 2013.

7th Annual "Croatian Drum Camp" Dedicated To Slain British Drummer/Soldier

Unless you've been living under a rock or just shoving gravied potato wedges most of the time at your local mall food court, then by now you've probably heard about that shocking recent murder of a British soldier in broad daylight on the street in London. (In case you haven't I put a couple of vids below to catch you up). All those historical uniforms, hats, banners, drumming and related stuff sort of reminds me of the Sinjska Alkar, and especially the Kravat Regiment from the older Upper Town section of  Zagreb. (They have drummers too)

This actually is even more Croatia related than it seems at first. It's scumbag pieces of shit like the guy in the video that the muslims in bosnia and serbs are sneaking into Europe as illegal migrants these days. They're like the local downtown crackwhores around here I swear, they'll do anything and anyone for a few extra bucks. See Here and Here. I'm telling you, July 1st  can not come quick enough so we can seal the borders much better, 95 years late but better late than never.) But I digress...anyway, back to this post.....I noticed the whole time this story was being told and written about, nobody really mentioned during all the news coverage the fact that he was also a drummer for his Regiment. Article below.....


Croatia Drum Camp Dedicated to Slain British Soldier


The seventh Croatia Drum Camp will be dedicated to British soldier and drummer Lee Rigby. Rigby, who, according to the BBC and other news sources, had been a member of the second Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, since 2006, is the individual whose May 22 murder on the streets of London sparked international outcry.

Drum Camp founder Petar Curic, outraged over the killing, says, “As the founding director and coordinator of Croatia Drum Camp International Percussion Summer Courses, I wish to send our prayers to the Rigby family, and in the name of all our past and present students, teachers, and partners. I hereby dedicate the 2013 Croatia Drum Camp edition entirely to the remembrance of Lee. We will set time aside to talk about tolerance, harmony, and respect for human life.

 Also, I will personally ensure that a part of our budget this year goes to the Rigby family, which I will personally be responsible for delivering into the right hands.”

This year’s Croatia Drum Camp is scheduled for August 19 to 25, and will feature Benny Greb, Ralph Humphrey, Gabor Dornyei, and Trilok Gurtu. For more, go to

(Warning: Video contains material that may be disturbing)

Some commentary about the brazen daytime slaying.

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