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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mario Mandzukic Scores Goal & Lifts Champions League Trophy With Bayern Munich


Going from my previous post about practically unknown Croatian soccer (football) goalkeeper Darko Horvat retiring from his club in the German 3rd Bundesliga, (Post Here) Mario Mandžukić being a part of Bayern Munich's Champions League victory,...and I wasn't even planning on doing any sports posts for a while.  What the hell?  I had to do something to get my downtown experience out of my system today.  I'm pretty sure the downtown mainstay tourist hotspot, the bingo hall, is closing, there was cardboard covering all the windows...where are people going to go now when they need to use a washroom, get cheap greasy fries with lumpy brown gravy-like topping and lousy tasting cold 50 cent coffee? (Not to mention a place to go and spend hours dabbing) ...Then the 3 interesting people I came across..(Hey, you know where I can get some crack?) lol.

Anyway, being a part of and scoring a goal in the Champions League final will surely be a career high point for Mario Mandzukic.  He also did have a good first season with Bayern, scoring 9 goals in his first 8 games and even finishing as the teams top goal scorer for the season.  Adding to great year is winning the overall Bundesliga championship.  I'm sure they were having a good time in his hometown of Slavonski Brod, and I saw the footage of the celebrations going on in the streets of Munich, it was definitely the place to be on the planet for soccer fans last night. Probably London too considering that about 100,000 non-ticket holding fans came into town for the final.  (The Champions League final has been in recent years the most watched annual sporting event in the world. With an estimated audience of 109 million people in over 70 countries, and broadcast in over 40 languages each year)  An amusing related article and footage at the bottom, (they don't make medals like they used to) well as a look at how the Champions League final match looked like in Lego World.....

*On the topic of sports, I should briefly add that former World Champion high jumper Blanka Vlasic returned back to competitive high jumping after injuries for the first time since 2011. She won at the Adidas Grand Prix in New York (story)  Also, Olympic Gold medalist and reigning European Champion discus thrower Sandra Perkovic  also recently won and breaking the meet record at the New York Diamond League meeting. (video)


The obligatory and cheesy "kissing the silverware" pic.  Image:


After dropping the last two Champions League finals, Bayern Munich beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 in the first ever all German Champions League final on Saturday night in London. Arjen Robben was the man of the match after scoring the game winner in the 89th minute and setting up Mario Mandzukić with the opening goal at the hour mark.

 Mario Mandzukic scoring Bayern Munich's first goal. Image: Agencies.

Super Mario started and played 94 minutes in the win. The former Dinamo Zagreb striker scored the opening goal in the 60th minute of play after positioning himself perfectly in front of the goal to tap in a Robben cross. Mario becomes only the second Croatian after Robert Prosinečki to score in a European final. Robert Prosinečki, Alen Bokšić, Zvonimir Boban, Davor ŠukerDario Šimić and Igor Bišćan all lifted the European trophy before Mandzukić.

 Highlights of match with Russian commentary. (English commentary version Here)

ะ๑ธํ FOOTYROOM.COM by footyroom

I came across this short highlight vid from before his joining Bayern Munich, during his time with Vfl Wolfsburg and some Croatian national team goals.

 Mario Mandzukic’s Champions League winner’s medal fell off, was saved by Franck Ribery

Celebrating with fans after arriving back in Munich. Photogallery:


As soon as Bayern Munich lifted the Champions League trophy after beating Borussia Dortmund 2-1, striker Mario Mandzukic, who scored his side's first goal of the night, lost his winner's medal. After going up the steps at Wembley collect their medals and trophy, Mandzukic couldn't help but jubilantly bounce around. But as soon as Bastian Schweinsteiger lifted the cup, Mandzukic's medal popped off its necklace.

The striker was too happy to notice it was gone, but Franck Ribery saw it drop down into the stands below them. Ribery alerted Mandzukic to the missing medal and Mandzukic responded with a look of surprise and confusion.  Ribery somehow managed to catch the medal before it fell down to the lower level, though. And he put it back where it belonged. Though the match included some amazing saves, that might have been the save of the day. Here's the video...

Highlights from the "Lego Champions League" final.

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