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četvrtak, 30. svibnja 2013.

New Croatian Sci-Fi Television Series Being Filmed...."Southeast Of Reason"

Scene from the first episode:

I've always been a fan of the supernatural/sci-fi type shows, and this new Croatian sci-fi series "Jugoistočno od Razuma" (Southeast of Reason) seems promising and something to look forward to. Seems to have some drama and suspense thrown in as well. (The televisions around here are inundated with the recent Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack story, so this post was a good diversion. I'm not going to translate the longer articles, the one added below gives the nuts and bolts.

I can tell you though, that the 15 minute pilot episode was actually filmed in 2009 in and around the capital city of Zagreb. (Surprisingly, by a couple of local film students with absolutely zero funding, just their film making know how and passion for sci-fi films, and that's the footage in the trailer below). Also that the theme of the series also revolves around the hidden world around us and ancient civilizations, sort of an X-Files feel to it, which is cool because I was a huge X-Files fan. (The series may even quite possibly be better than the locally hugely popular series of Joao Joao Popsick and Joao Francisco, so it should be entertaining). I see this Croatian series becoming popular because now they have funding to really go with it, so it should just get better, more creative plots, special effects, maybe some vampire-like space mutant beings, shapeshifters and time warping, transformations, alien skulls, cool gadgets and weapons, stuff like that. (and perhaps best of all no soccer players or sports topics whatsoever involved in the plot)

The people and minds behind the sci-fi series.

I like stories like this, hooking up similar like-minded people, with the same goals and dreams, taking a chance against all odds and making it happen. I've posted previously about Croatian produced films, but only once about another television series that came out in 2011, the history themed  "Hrvatski Kraljevi" (Croatian Kings..see post Here). I also came across some interesting news regarding up and coming Croatian produced films, I'll save that for down the road. The news of this series coincidentally comes out at the same time that news about the sequel (or possibly prequel) of Blade Runner is coming out soon. (One of the best sci-fi movies ever made). I''ll update this sci-fi series story when more becomes available or ifI have the time, more info at the links .....

'Ljudi u Crnom' (Men in black). They're  paid agents of a secret organization who are on the trail  of the main character because of her strange paranormal abilities. (Sort of like tax agents after politicians because of their hidden foreign bank and expense accounts)





The main cast of of the sci-fi series "Southeast of Reason: Image and more info at:

Filming Begins For First Croatian Sci-Fi TV Series

Croatia is to get its first homegrown sci-fi television series. Filming had begun for the sci-fi adventure series ‘Southeast of reason’ which centres around the life of a female high school student whose mother left her without trace to be looked after by her half-brother and his pregnant girlfriend.


The main role in the first Croatian sci-fi series will be played by young actress and singer Doris Teur, and will feature actors Ivica Gunjaca, Dinka Vukovic, Sreten Mokrovic and Mladena Gavran.

Trailer and a short teaser.

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