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petak, 24. svibnja 2013.

Are Serbs Sick Shit People Or Just Proud People?...You Decide......aka 'Video Doesn't Lie'

Serbs in Belgrade just a couple of years ago showing support for the killing of Lybians by dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

*Note -  Before starting this post I knew that it was risky, that there was a chance of losing readership on this blog after viewing the included few video footage examples. Some peoples eyes or ears may start to immediately hurt, some may even lose their lunch, some may immediately feel the need to rush and take a shower and change their clothes, then pretend that they never saw the below footage or ever speak of it again..  Some may decide to immediately wipe their computer screen and keyboard with some kind of quick drying disinfectant. However, I decided that the truth must be told, (or shown in this case) and reality must prevail, anything less would be uncivilized and uncouth.  Even at the cost of losing readership, in the long run truth will prevail and is what's most important.  The reader will come to see the specimens that unfortunately Croatians (as well as other Non-Serbs) had to put up with in a common political entity for about 70 years, very unfortunate. If the reader is disturbed or disgusted by the video footage, my sincere heartfelt apologies.....

Warning: Many of these Serbs may quite possibly have moved to a neighbourhood near you and may try to convert you into becoming a supporter of dictators as well as worship war criminal saints at their Serb church.

Well, just a little insight into the real behind the scenes happenings and activities from the only country in Europe that was bombed by NATO. It makes one think that maybe they should have finished the job. Maybe then Youtube wouldn't be inundated with all these Serbo-culture vids.  (I don't know which is more pathetic...that the Serbian national past-time is filming drunks that are found...well everywhere, or finding watching the drunks that are found everywhere to be considered a good funny time.  There's really no other way to describe it than the title of this post) ..."Hey! Must See! Funny drunk guy in Serbia"..."Look! Drunk funny drunk guy in Serbia being funny!"....'I'm telling you dude, it's a drunk funny Serbian drunk funny guy, look!"   Special thanks to the uploaders, because  I wouldn't be able to do this and many other posts without you, and many people are in gratitude. Salutations and felicitations on their behalf. Now give yourself a pat on the back and take another swig.

 (Maybe this is the angle they were working on, hoping for this scenario...."John look at all these Serbians getting drunk and being funny on Youtube, some of them are swearing and sniffing glue...This is where we need to go for our vacation John!"...."Florence, why the hell would we want to do that?, we see drunk guys all the time coming from those bar n' grills and taverns around the corner, doing the same thing every weekend and on 10 cent wing night"......'But John! these are Serbian drunk funny guys, look, they're funny and they're getting drunk and they're Serbian, drunk funny drinking Serbians getting drunk and singing!"......  John takes a closer look at the videos...Hmmm?..Y'know, you do have a point there Florence, quick, grab the kids and pack the suitcases, don't forget the extra camera memory!...I'll call the airport and reserve the tickets...We're all going to go see ourselves some funny drunk Serbians getting drunk and being funny!")

If you're ever in Croatia and are contemplating going to Greece, Macedonia, or Bulgaria next, I highly recommend taking a ship route or hopping on a plane, this is so as to totally avoid this place and any possible future fungus that comes along with it. (Just let them enjoy their 'Greater Serbia' their funny drunks, knife acts, bearded ladies, their Madascar rat testicle soup and goat smegma cheese)  Warning:  Many of the people in the below videos have moved to Canada, so they're Serbian-Canadians now.  There is reason to believe that Calgary is their preferred new stomping grounds. (I know this is the case, I spent almost 3 years there recently and came across much of the same as seen in the videos.  Put on a hat of a local sports team or from 'The Gap' etc, and all is well and hunky dory)

The popularity and prevalence of donutburgers, bucket o' bacon specials and of Serbs having their own tables at the mall foodcourts, which are usually close to the washrooms for some reason. (Mainly I think this is so as to just keep reminding people and pretending how they are European, which makes me laugh everytime I hear that. Europeans? pffff lol. as if)  Hamilton has become their second choice for the same reasons (food court seats by the washrooms where they can pick their noses and say  "Hey we're European" which may also partly explain the recent rise in the cases of pregnant downtown ghetto crackwhores and peoples liquor cabinets mysteriously being cleansed......(Pssst, put a lock on your liquor cabinets and maybe place some video cameras around, they might also go for the silverware and good china, any spare change sitting around etc.  Make a booby trap using sulfuric acid. Have you ever seen what acid does to a face?  Google that sometime.)  In the meantime I warn the women around here to watch out for the Serbian rapists who have been coming to Canada over the years, they like to pop date-rape pills in the drinks.  It's an old Serbian-gypsy trick, because that way they can get their watches and jewelry too which they then send back to Serbia to their wives, to prove how much they love them, because they went out and bought them new watches and jewelry as tokens of their love.

These are the dirtbag shit kind of people that would be following Catherine Zeta-Jones around, (She's a Non-Serb btw) behind her back because she's not acting like a fucking retard, then go befriend some downtown  goon because she can get cheap drugs, some free patties and free rides up and down the street.  (Like the shit people below, the video doesn't lie) The malls are also where the Serbian teen pieces of shit go to pretend that they're European and sophisticated-like also, and that they're not in reality just offspring of Huns who kidnapped and raped innocent gypsy women from centuries ago, as well as then being pimped out to Turkish soldiers for 400 years, which makes them Turkish bastard children and probably explains why they hate Turks so, so much, especially in the 90's.  (But then again, that's most of them anyway as you can plainly see for yourselves... because...'video doesn't lie")  Yep it's true.....while for centuries occupied Europe was defending against Ottoman incursions to free their lands and defend Europe.  (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania etc)... the Serb aristocracy and princes were instead even giving their daughters and wives to Turkish soldiers and Ottoman rulers for privileges, more local sway, for more land for more crops to make more liquor...etc.

Over the last century, and especially since the appearance of the internet, they now even go around everywhere making up histories not only for themselves, but also for others now.  Alternate propaganda histories to hide these and similar facts. (It's all explained at, it's all about telling it like it is)...making up distorted false history that is even contrary to what the whole world saw in the 90's and was all captured on film.  I can assure you, and would bet my collection of Depeche Mode cd's and all my various Croatia soccer jerseys that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Ljupka Gojic and Madeliene Albright feel the same way, although they haven't been quoted saying so.  I shudder to think if the Serbs had conquered all the territories they planned on in the 90's.  Would similar scenes be taking place there as well right now? What would Europe look like?  What if the Serbs had won?  (Shuddering again)

Serb war criminals and ultra-nationalist Serb chetniks responsible for the Vukovar massacre in 1991 are considered holy men by Serbs even today.

(Here's an interesting related fact that probably many people don't know.  The fact that the current Serbian line of "royalty", the already mentioned Karadordevic dynasty, originates from a 19th century pig farmer. (Yes, that's right folks, you can Google that, quite the astonishing and regal blue blooded beginnings I must say ) As is usually the case with Serbia's erratic history yet not uncommon trend of killing it's own even as well as surrounding peoples, the current pig farmer royalty line of the Karadordevic dynasty eventually had the rival dynasty and King of Servia, Alexander I killed in 1903 and then they took over. This was because the Obrenovic line killed a Karadordevic previously.. After these back and forth Serb royalty fueds and killings, eventually from that point on the pig farmer dynasty line has been Serbia's royal family eversince. A so-called Serb royal family that eventually went on to become dictators after the post WWI creation of that still-born entity of the 'kingdom of Servs,Croats and Slovenes.  Afterwards the Croatians and other Non-Serbs decided that they didn't need or want a serb king)

 Don't miss out on the Serbian Trumpet Festival, you'll be confused about the Serbian church trinkets and war criminal tee booths, but that's the way it goes over there.. Full photogallery:

If things aren't bad enough,  now Croatia has to step it up in the border babysitting department, so to speak.  Serbs for years have been smuggling illegal products, contraband and especially concerning Europe, various illegal migrants into the European Union through various means.  (See Here and Here)  The cherry on the ice cream sundae is Serbian wannabee pirates on the Danube river over the years.  (I don't mean the swashbuckling, jolly ol' cool dressed pirates plundering gold and treasure filled galley's of foreign empires centuries ago like at this post)  But rather 21st century armed thugs disrupting people trying to make a living, trade and commerce, pirate activities not only against Croatian ships either, but Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian...any ship actually that seems like easy pickings for some quick bucks to buy more alcohol, cigs and to make more Serb war criminal tee's and flags (See Here, Here Here and  Here for just a few examples...just what Europe needs, their own version of Somalian pirates on the continent).  European country?...European people?  It's really not surprising though.  These people's very language, alphabets is based on taking from other peoples past, Croatian dictionaries, grammars, written works over the centuries and then going around pretending that it's theirs.  The greatest literary Serbian mind's work was based on making the Serbian alphabet and language based on everything he could find outside of Serbia, based on how other people were writing, speaking and their literary past.  That says a lot. (More on that Here)

So dear readers, next time you see images of any Serb pointy toe shoe dancing, or Serb church humming, chanting or Serb icon kissing, proud flag waving, or just talking about glorious Serbdom and how funny they are etc, remember the footage below. Because this is the reality, very crux and epitome of what a Serb is in the first place, ever was and ever will be. (Video doesn't lie)  Serb culture at it's finest and the very definition of what a "Serb" is. The rest is mostly made up window dressing, lots and lots of made up stuff and again, drinking shots around the table singing about how great Serbs are. What Serbs are proud of and why they want so badly for everyone else to be Serbs, or at least believe their made up stories and be like them. ("Video doesn't lie)......

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Official Serbian Tourism/Blackmarket Cigs/Pickled Testicles Website:



A Croatian newspaper's expose on the attempt of Serbian media using faked and altered images to portray George Bush as a Serbian nationalist supporter during the Beijing Summer Olympic games....


3/19/2013 - Deathtoll rises as Violence against Hungarians continues in Serbia. AHF continues to be deeply concerned with anti-Hungarian attitudes and the lack of progress toward acceptance of diversity and the re-establishment of autonomy for the Vojvodina province. Recent attacks in the early part of 2013 include the severe beating of two teens in Temerin in January, one of whom required surgery to save his eyesight. In February in Szabadka (Subotica), 5 teens were severely attacked, for speaking Hungarian. These violent acts have repeated across the province. [see this HirTV documentary (in Hungarian)]

I know, I know, my condolences. Your stomach is churning and you've lost your appetite. You may even feel dizzy and nauseous trying quickly to run outside and get some fresh air, a cold drink of fresh water and clear your mind. To put the images you've seen so far out of your mind, you think you smell stinky alcohol breathe, you swear you just saw a Serb outside walking around with a bottle in his hand.  It could very well be. Take a breather and listen to some music as a temporary diversion.......

I looked it up and Hungarians are actually a .37% minority, but I'll let it slide considering there's no border, minority rights or ethnic cleansing issues between us.  Also, Hungarians fell into that category of people being cleansed as well, as in the "Non-Serbs".

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