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četvrtak, 16. svibnja 2013.

Former "Sexiest Olympic Athlete" Antonija Misura Is Now Trying Out For Politics

Antonija even recently showed up to a HDZ (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica/Croatian Democratic Union) function wearing her Team Croatia basketball warm up suit.

This interesting news came out a few weeks ago.  In case you're not familiar with or are wondering... "Who the Hell is Antonija Mišura?"...Well, she made news during last years Summer Olympics Games by being put on various lists and named as the sexiest female athlete at the Olympics.

Antonija in action during her pre-political endeavors.

Recently she signed a contract with a French team to play basketball, leaving her hometown club ŽKK Jolly JBS  that she had been playing for in the town of  Šibenik.  Since the Olympics she's gone on to do some modelling, making appearances in some music videos, doing humanitarian work and of course playing basketball.  Now however, she's also going to be giving it a shot in politics.

What do I think?...why not?  You never know unless you try.  Athletes have brains and can think and make decisions too. (Sometimes better decisions than politicians)  Politics is not just the domain of octogenarians or those types who have been in the biz for their whole lives, dressed in pleated pants and tight fitting generic and lousy fitting navy blue suits.  I'm not a card carrying member of any particular political party, to me it's just about important issues, or issues that are important to me, or even just making sure that the politician is not in cahoots with these kooks, John Hagee or the Serbian Trumpet Festival and all of their policies, ideas and shirts, that's the main thing.  (Well,...maybe also that the town of Sibenik doesn't turn into this or have similar fail scenes taking place like this while she's playing basketball, that would not be good for Šibenik at all)  As for what will happen after the elections in just a few days, we'll have to wait and see. If anything though, at least it shows that her hometown is important to her and that she wants to be involved in local decision making.   Anyway, more info and images at the links......

*Update May 21 - Well, it seems Antonija won her city council seat afterall. (Link)  I also by happenstance found out that she wasn't the only Croatian athlete running for local office. Olympic gold medalist and European dicus throw champion Sandra Perkovic also won her seat for the Zagreb city council.  (Link)



Model Croatian Basketballer Turns To Politics



Croatian basketball representative and part-time model Antonija Misura (25), who was voted onto AskMen’s Most Desirable Women in 2013 list, is set to move into Croatian politics.

Misura, who is from Šibenik on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and is the face of the GLB line from textile house Galeb, hit headlines around the world during the London Summer Olympic Games last year when she was voted as one of the most sexiest athletes at the games. The blonde bombshell will be a Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) candidate in local body elections.

Misura, who has signed for French club Toulouse, says that returning from France to Croatia for council meetings will not be a problem if elected.

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