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subota, 29. lipnja 2013. - Croatian Internet Portal Puts Everything In One Place

I decided to just quickly throw this one in because this would probably be a good piece of info to know for anyone interested in what's going on in Croatia. This fairly recent up and running portal is a great site to check out for people who are interested in almost anything Croatia related, but don't know where to start. It's not just news, sports and weather either.

This site will save you tons of typing and searching time, as well as saving you the trouble of bookmarking hundreds of sites into your bookmarks toolbar. When you visit the site you'll notice the "Top Links" option to the more well known and frequented news/sports portals in Croatia. Then the "Top 500 Links" tab will give you the top 500 sites visited in Croatia by category. This would probably be a good site to check out on those boring Sundays when the tv and radio is filled with all those televangelists and various foreign language programs, you might as well see what's happening in the country of your own background. (Besides, doesn't Joao Francesco and Joao Joao videos get sort of boring after a while? Time to see what you're missing out on in Croatia, you're Croatian background after all)  I found checking out sites like this will even help one learn, or re-learn speaking Croatian. You'll be able in no time at all be able to say "Daj odjebi kreten, jesi dosadan?.. picka ti materina, Je li imas pcele u dupe?"... and that's just for starters. (Some of the links have language options so if you want you can even check out the European scene in general)

But also, at the top you the option to view  News, Sports, Business, Technology, Automobiles, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sciences, Video Games, Health and Sex/Romance/Hygiene, which will show you many links related to that category. Like I said, a great place to start for anyone with no clue about where to look for information, which will save you vast amounts of time and bookmark space. I did a similar post last summer about an up and coming website that is loaded with useful tips and information that one wouldn't come across usually when visiting a Croatian tourism site, and that answers pretty well every question you could think of regarding a vacation in Croatia. You can check that post out Here.

As for this one, you want to know what's on TV or in the theaters there? What concerts or festivals are going on in which cities and towns, or a specific region of Croatia?  Who's the "Djevojka Dana" (Girl of the Day) at the various portals?...Gastronomy, Gadgets, Humour, Music scene or Croatian comic books? Want to know about the European Union and Croatian "Blue Border Surveillance" project?  The situation of Croatian wine producers in the EU markets? Want to know what people are wearing when going out  to the cafes and bars in Rijeka, Zagreb or Split or what not to wear? Want to know the latest Croatian political or celebrity gossip and rumours?...Any question imaginable and you'll have tons of links right at your finger tips. Even links to Croatian happenings in other parts of Europe. I also noticed  the information on this site is updated in real time throughout the day, and over the next few days there are various links to watch live all the celebrations and events going on with Croatia's membership into the European Union officially starting July 1st. Anyway, be sure to put into your bookmarks.....

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