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petak, 14. lipnja 2013.

Croatian Tournament Will Let You Be A Retro Tennis Star

More info about the retro tennis tournament at facebook/SalataZagrebRetroOpen.

Too many economy, political and tourist topics floating around today, (I'll do something after Croatia officially becomes a EU member on July 1st)....So I decided to throw in this amusing piece because I knew right away it was going to be fun hunting around for pics or footage to add. I went with some video highlights with a few of the well known tennis personalities from those days. Back in the day of the wooden rackets, headbands galore, the music, hairstyles, the television commercials, the original Scoobie Doo cartoons on Saturday mornings, the original "Charlie's Angels series, Blondie, ABBA and Fleetwood Mac music playing practically everywhere..(The first time I heard  the B-52's 'Rock Lobster' actually was at the beach in Rijeka)..TAB Cola, Drive-ins, the first Star Wars movie ...besides..the fashion and non-tennis related action on the court was just as entertaining as the tennis action sometimes.

Oh yeah, Who can forget (or wants to forget) all those nauseating cheesy photographs in all the sports magazines of Jimmy Connor grinning like a shy aroused school boy everytime Chris Evert gave him a quick peck on the cheek for the cameras, and never, never. ever a real full kiss on the lips? lol.. (All the sportscasters knew it was all a charade for the media.  I once even saw her give him a peck between his nose and eye, it was closer to his ear than mouth actually, he looked kind of embarrassed afterwards. It sure made for cutesy sports magazine stories.  He recently wrote a book and is now getting even supposedly, he still looks pretty angry on the cover of the book even after all these years, so it's probably going to be pretty juicy)

  See what I mean? ("It's the cameras! Give me a peck quick and I'll act surprised")

When I was a kid I spent 2 summers in Rijeka and I even had a couple pairs of those white tennis shorts. With the added tennis wristbands I looked like a pretty friken cool kid. This is something I would go check out if in the area, but I'm kind of tied up and can't take any time off this summer.  This retro tennis tournament actually seems like a fun event even if you're not a tennis player. (A lot more fun than the Serbian trumpet festival that's for sure. If you hurry though you may still get tickets before all the extra large Ratko Mladic tee's are gone)

Staying on the theme of "retro", Croatian football club HNK Hajduk Split also got into the spirit by issuing a retro sticker album of the teams players over the decades, a little tyke by the name of  Mario Šarić was the first person to quickly complete the album before anyone else, and so was featured on the clubs homepage. Anyway enjoy the retro tennis video footage and I threw in some retro tennis dressing tips......

*I guess I should add a bit of news about the real professional tennis circuit before finishing, where a number of up and coming Croatian women are especially making news and a name for themselves these days.  I've posted about a few of them in the links below, you'll be hearing their names a lot in the near future. This one about 16 year old Donna Vekić I came across just minutes ago while finishing up this post:

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marin-cilic-victorious-at-umag-open- 2012-atp







May 1975 (Retro comics and tennis)

Skimpy Shorts, Headbands And Big Hair At Croatian Retro Tennis Tournament



Miss the bygone era of headbands, suspect mullet hairstyles, moody tight shorts and wooden rackets on the tennis courts? Well there is a chance to see all of that and more when the 2nd annual Zagreb Retro Open 2013 is held at the Salata tennis club in the capital on 29 June.

 The above shows what not to wear because it's too far back retro, not acceptable.

 This is acceptable...



If you don't know who this is then don't even bother going.

1930's but acceptable.

Poster from the 70's (See first pic for tips)

From Fiona Walker's iconic 1976 tennis photoshoot "Athena" (Which reminds me, just one more reason I never understood the appeal of watching golf on weekends) Image/article:

It is not your everyday tournament and there is some rules that competitors must abide by. Players must be dressed in tennis attire from the 1970′s, 80′s or 90′s and only wooden rackets can be used.

Besides the tennis there will be an entertainment programme for the public which will including a retro exhibition of old tennis equipment, a disco, drinking contest, long-jump competition, best retro outfit competition and loads more. Those interested can register on their Facebook page.

Some faces from the 70's and 80's.

Short footage from a similar themed Retro Tennis Tournament last year in the coastal town of Umag. (They used to actually play that music on the radio all the time btw, I remember the girls walking and skipping home from school on the sidewalk singing it all the time. True story)

He does not agree with the calls.

Let's hear it for colour televisions, remote controls and Jiffy Pop.

This short footage is partial proof that the 70's never officially ended until about 1983/84.

 Vitas Gerulaitis in 1980. How he didn't go on to win at least 5 Wimbledon Championships because of his name alone is still a mystery to professional tennis analyzers even today. (That name had guaranteed Wimbledon tennis champion or F-1 racing champion written all over it)

Goran Ivanišević previously lost 3 close matches at the Wimbledon finals (a couple of them going 5 sets and needing tie-breakers) before finally winning the championship in 2001. I decided to throw this in from 1998 because I had the same hairstyle back then also. Goran has also gone on to win the BBC Sports Overseas Personality of the Year Award since winning. I would classify this as just being on the fringes of becoming retro or just retro-ish.

How about those corduroy jackets with elbow patches.

I threw in this related vid for a laugh, the original 1972 version of the very first tennis video game and even the first video game ever made..."Pong".

I just by chance even came across an actual 2011 version of "Pong" (Hold on to your headband and knee high socks)....with sound effects even.

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