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subota, 22. lipnja 2013.

Goran Ivanisevic & Iva Majoli Featured In Botox Commercial

I had to add this as soon as I saw it, it was just....different...and amusing. One doesn't usually think of Botox when they hear the names of Goran Ivanišević and Iva Majoli. But then again, I didn't know Botox can help combat sweating problems. (This piece of interesting info I'm definitely passing on to people, because I've come across lots of people over years with sweating and armpit problems, so this information is good to know and pass on for sure)

Anyway, I was really going to go with this one and it was going to be funny. Hilarious actually. Even after Googling just "botox before and after", the results I came across were priceless, some real doozies.  I started adding some of them with a few....let's just say... humorous observations, but then decided not to. Humour these days is almost like religion and politics, you're always gonna hurt someones feelings or step on toes. Some of the images were of celebrities, and everyone knows celebrities who don't do Botox are in the minority. Some of the pics were of world famous politicians and even world leaders. (Everyone knows politicians and celebs don't take very lightly to personal Botox jokes)

Anyway, no funny pics and humorous observations is the bad news. But there's good news....You have a choice between 2 versions of the commercial. Yes that's right folks, you heard me right. The English version and the Croatian version. So everyone will be happy after all. I don't even have a sweating problem personally, but boy after watching these commercials, I almost feel like I need to go out and get some Botox anyway, just in case. I did a "Retro Tennis Tournament in Croatia" post just a few days ago Here you might find amusing as well.......

Tennis legends Goran Ivanišević and Iva Majoli with Dr Nick Milojević (Nick is actually 73 years old which just goes to show you the dramatic effects of botox)



Croatia’s only tennis Grand Slam winners have joined forces to promote Botox to help relieve excessive sweating.

Former French Open winner Iva Majoli (35) and Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic (41) have both had the Botox treatment from aesthetic doctor Nikola Milojevic at his Milo Clinic in London and they swear by it, endorsing it in a recent advert campaign.

“When I play tennis sweating is not a problem, but in my everyday life I wanted to stop, I didn’t dream that there was a solution but after treatment at the Milo Clinic, the sweating is finally gone. This is a life changing treatment,” said Goran.

English version. (Smooth intro move with the twirly-racket thing.  Commonly known as 'tennis method acting')

Croatian version. (Hrvatska verzija)

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