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petak, 28. lipnja 2013.

Goran Visnjic To Star In New Ridley Scott Film "The Counsellor"


Something light today. Croatian actor Goran Visnjic (Who has his American citizenship now) will be in the new Ridley Scott movie coming out later this summer..."The Counsellor".  I decided to to do this because I previously only just touched upon him in some other posts.  (Probably a lot of people don't know that before he got into acting, he was actually a solider in the newly formed Croatian army defending his hometown of Šibenik from attacking Yugoslav army and Serb paramilitaries, not your typical road to becoming a thespian)  Anyway, it seems like a cool film after watching the trailer. I'm not really a big huge TV watcher, and especially hospital related dramas, so I didn't know for the longest time that he was a part of the cast for the television series ER. (I have this thing about hospitals, as well as cheap hotels, stores and restaurants that include the words "No Frills". Because do you know what kind of people get attracted to places named "No Frills"? Even if you are a "No Frills" store you don't actually go name it that because whole segments of society wil avoid it, or maybe even drawn to it, name it "More Thrills" or "Wonder Frills", "Super-Mega Thrills" etc).....canned alfredo and other pre-made canned pasta sauces? (That's just plain wrong), no-name hot dogs (which includes chicken wieners...what the hell is that all about anyway? The ingredients are 1 step away from dog food to me)..foods described as "Tastes just like chicken" because they usually are just parts of animals that most people only see in a zoo or just scraps from the floor, why not just eat a real chicken then?,  people who hang around washrooms at mall food courts are not a good thing either, men who wear mom mall food courts...ditto, people who have 4 or more names as part of their full name but use just one...make up your fucking mind already. (We all know what using only 1 name means)... people who look like their pets, people who like to eat or give out candied corn on Hallowe'en (Just plain wrong again, they're going to hell for that) televangelists, people who don't like Disney cartoons, a whole bunch of stuff actually, it's a very long list)

Anyway, I think Goran would make a pretty good villain, like a James Bond villain or a villain in some Scorsese/Coppola movie. Perhaps even a likeable villain, someone you would actually root for to destroy mankind. (Or at least the large useless parts of it that are screwing up things for the rest of mankind, (ie: the useful sexy parts) You know, those countries usually only featured on those boring National Geographic programs that just make people change the channel right away anyway. (or those 30 second news clips involving long unpronouncable names and gun toting/card board sign holding yelling people) You know, just destroy the parts people really don't care about and which would simplify things for the fall television schedule and not affect the Golden Globes or prime time television. There's only about 115 games left in the baseball season and then spring training starts and the Academy Awards are just around the corner too after all) He wouldn't have to be a Croatian villain either. He could be like some villain who's father was a Lithuanian/Russian genius, but his character grew up in Argentina, Switzerland, Greece, Germany and Spain. (His father passed on his secrets just before he died from a laboratory experiment in India, an experiment that went horribly wrong when one single drop of his next creation accidentally wiped out a whole village. His mother was supposedly a former Soviet Lithuanian gymnast) His father was for decades siphoning trillions of rubles during the cold war and developed some kind of astounding secret weapon or a virus that can infect a whole city by just one small spray from a fake Minto Fresh or Binaca breath freshener. He did all this right under the noses of the Kremlin leadership and actually was behind installing Gorbachev as the Soviet President and even Bill Clinton as well. (The television news footage, speeches, newspapers stories and posturing/handshaking was all a sham, fake, it was all part of the scripts they had no choice but to follow) His villain character would also be a genius, naturally.  (He can do 10 Rubik's Cubes in under a minute, and he used to regularly beat Garry Kasparov in telephone chess matches while leisurely sipping fernet in his Argentinian rustic ranch home surrounded by Argentinian babes, they would always eagerly be filling his glass between his chess moves and puffs of his 1000 dollar cigars. He is actually the mastermind behind every porn website in existence in the whole world, every single one of them. He developed a technology that has made all the world governments unable to stop him or even know who he is. He has world governments and secret services in a headspin with numerous contradictory sketches of him on "Most Wanted" lists around the world of what he supposedly looks like and what alias names he might be using. (He chuckles everytime his guards come with the latest leaked sightings reports from world governments, blowing cigar smoke he always likes to ask the guard, "Hanz, do I look like I would choose to live in a suburb of Rio"? hahaha. Who do these amateurs think they're dealing with? Rio has atrocious selections of fernet) With the amount of income he receives from his world porn empire alone he could easily buy 10 to 15 medium sized countries outright. It's not known to what extent, but his father was connected in some sort of dastardly way to the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller and he to the prison escape of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, aka. 'El Chapo')

Anyway, I'll probably check out this film when it comes out.  (I'll have to check out some of his previous stuff sometime also, I'm still working on the Game of Thrones episodes thing though)  Just FYI in case you didn't know, Ridley Scott among other great films, is the guy who brought us the groundbreaking films "Alien" and "Blade Runner", (Yes that Blade Runner, THEE! Blade Runner!)...which then of course introduced to the general public the art of that Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Quite an honor to be included in one of his projects. Some related links on this post below also.......

*(Btw, while doing this post I inadvertently came across this celebrity related blog The name caught my interest so I had to check it out. Yep, it's definitely a celebrity/fashion type blog alright. At first I thought it would be related to some kind of book or manual, you know like these. (I didn't even know there was a "College Gymnastics for Dummies", that shows you how much time I spend at mall bookstores) But nope, I actually couldn't even find 1 "Croatian for Dummies'" books anywhere on the internet. Go figure. Anyway, I thought that was amusing and worth mentioning here)


Goran Visnjic fan websites:

VIDEO: Goran Visnjic To Star Alongside Brad Pitt And Cameron Diaz In New Ridley Scott Film

Goran Visnjic, John Wells and Lucy Liu attending the John Wells Hollywood Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremony held on Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, California - 12.01.12. Image:


Croatian actor Goran Visnjic, best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovac in the hit series ER, is to star with a ‘star-studded’ cast in Ridley Scott’s latest film which is due to be released in just a few months. The Counsellor, which will feature Visnjic, also stars Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. The film is about a lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.

Trailer for "The Counsellor"

A guest appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' from earlier this year. (People have been screwing up our names for centuries, his name is actually pronounced "Vish-nyich" in Croatian, see for explanations and more info) You can watch this and other interview videos at

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