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ponedjeljak, 10. lipnja 2013.

"John Malkovich Saved My Life": Hollywood Actor Rescues Bleeding Man On Toronto Street

Saving lives between drags on a cigarette, just another typical day for John Malkovich.

*Update June 11th 2013 - Funny and strange thing just happened very recently after this post was made, I thought I should share it with readers right away, maybe as sort of a warning about social sites as well.  Anyway, it seems there's an individual (or individuals) out in the internet world who have decided to impersonate me I just found out. Supposedly...get this... ..supposedly they're sending strange messages or comments or emails or something...whatever, that's all I know,  to people I have vaguely heard of from the past. People in California even, using Facebook and supposedly using my name I found out.  (I don't even use Facebook and haven't for years actually. I may have logged in a few months ago to see what was new, but that was about it, it's just there in case I ever decide to use it. I don't even use my real name on Facebook anyway and haven't for quite some time after coming across numerous Facebook and other social site stories/nightmares/freaks. (Too many stooges floating around lots of those places for my taste...example...example...and of course these just plain waste of time examples, lots of examples to choose from. You blink your eyes and another social site pops out of nowhere these days, complete with total strangers who suddenly want to be your friend/pal/wife/accountant/Disney film dvd provider/miracle prayer cloth/spring water supplier/castorium salesman or who knows what? I already live close to a Walmart anyway, and the packed filled to the brim newly mega-expanded psychiatric hospital complex is just a 10 minute walk from here as well. Throw in the nearby local college and when you see them walking down the street it's hard to tell which ones are the patients)  In my case though, I was told it was stuff related to another Croatian forum, or people related to that forum anyway, a forum that I used to be a part of years ago, actually concerning a very important Croatian background celebrity/media type, friend of politicians, film stars and who is also involved with film making and has won national awards, so I knew right away it was concocted B.S.  Talk about surreal and weird though. (Maybe someone out there doesn't like my Croatian recipes, beaches or fashion related posts? Perhaps some of the Serb crowd didn't like my additions of political-humor with facts. (That's humor for you though, it's like religion and politics, somebodies feelings are always going to get hurt no matter how neutral/politically correct and flaky you try to be)  Maybe they hated my Croatian wine or tattoos posts?  Beer only drinkers and even some non-tattoo people can be very moody and picky I read somewhere, even downright cranky and obtuse. I read some remarks from people out in the internet world that Croatia only recently jumped on the hockey bandwagon just a few years ago, so I had to make posts like these to show them the errors of their way, that probably bursted some bubbles for sure. Maybe some vegans or vegetarians were aghast at the meat, cheese, pork, eggs, butter and cream involved in some of our fancier recipes? (What can I say? That's Croatian food for you, it's not for those looking for animal product-free gastronomical choices)...It could also be some Croatians are upset because I haven't made Croatian versions of Joao Francisco or Joao Joao Popsick.  (They're just a couple of the local Canuck film stars, I can't be a blogger and a Youtube star, it has to be one or the other). It could even be this guy because I'm a Disney cartoon fan and I didn't find any penises, vaginas or Satanic gay pedo fetish-sex in their films. (I'll have to keep my eyes more open and try harder to find them next time I guess, go buy a magnifying glass maybe and go over every single frame, like John Malkovich in the top pic. I think it was Mohamed or Jesus or Mohamed's cousin, that bearded guy, what's his name, the guy who ran that empire and liked fucking really young Bulgarian girls or boys, something the great or whatever, somebody anyway, that actually wrote that in the bible come to think of it now. I actually think that maybe I did see a telephone pole and a flower once or twice that did look suspiciously sort of like a penis and vagina, that one ice cream cone I recall seeing just may have been what I think it could quite possibly have been. Doesn't this necklace pendant look sort of like a vagina? Anyway...Perhaps not enough posts about puzzles, comic books, video games or the latest celebrity gossip perhaps? I really should do more puzzle and needle point related posts come to think of it, or at least explore the great world of bingo) 

***I once read about this one guy who pissed off one of the world's most dangerous organizations since the foundation of the world, they were relentless in causing trouble for him and ruined his life until he committed suicide, or moved to Rio and became a gay horse fuck video prostitute or something. Yes that's right, I speak of none other than....the bottled water people. Yep, he exposed their corrupt propaganda monolith and wrote about how most of the bottled water was really just tap water, and less healthy than the water coming out of even your kitchen taps. He also presented numbers, facts and data about why and how a liter of crude oil from a desert on the other side of the planet shipped then processed and refined to become gasoline for your car costs less than that water being put into a bottle from a tap just outside of your city limits, sometimes by a guy who's just holding a hose or just standing there turning on the tap. In a nutshell, he proved you were better off getting the cheaper and bigger bottle of fruit juice which had way more nutrients and more real water than the bottled water also. Well, this made the bottled water people pretty cranky, irate and vengeful, (the plastic bottle manufacturing and sticker label making people especially were furious )...the guy was inundated with all kinds of spam, emails, telephone spam, you name it, supposedly they even filled his gas tank with some kind of fruit juice a few times......and you know the rest*** (Rumor has it that he also pissed off another powerful world organization....."The Jell-O people." He discovered there were much more awful things in there than just good ol' collagen, much, much more unholy and awful. He also is rumored to have been on a list made by and belonging to the diabolical castorium producers people, who found a shocking (and very awful again) new source for producing it, a whole new shocking spectrum to the definition and meaning of "all-natural" and the adjective "creamy like butter"....***)

....Maybe someone just doesn't like people who just tell it like it is, you know, calling it like they see it about the world beyond the television remote control, beyond that plate with the muffin on it and that grocery store magazine rack, (the one beside the batteries, chips, those mini-bottles of mouthwash and tabloids telling who's fucking who now in Hollywood or got abducted by aliens when they were a kid)...letting internet readership know about what's crap and what's not crap, like a reporter out there inquiring and gathering data, quotes and information....about facts and not imaginary made up b.s. .... but you can't make all the people happy all of the time, can you now?  Anyway, welcome to the age of internet scammers, fake profiles and scammer-fakers or whatever is all I can say. (Come to think of it, this sort of reminds me of something that happened in the past, years ago shortly after having my wallet seems while I was attending college around here at the time that I somehow magically transported/teleported myself and simultaneously appeared in some shitty bar way up north and got into some argument with some people and didn't pay the beer tab or something, then some chick at this bar was ticked off because some guy using my name and identification took off without paying for some kind of services too, or was it gas or chips or something anyway, I forget. True story. I found out who he was and that he was one of those in and out of jail types not surprisingly, you know, free food, free cable, free hot water, lots of books to read, and pan cakes on weekends. True story) I thought that was a good piece of information to share with the readership because it could happen to you too, and just goes to show you that the internet is full of all kinds and that social sites are too, just like real life. A figurative and literal "internet mouth full of everything" as a pimp I once overheard speaking downtown in front of the peep show and pizza slice joint, had put it colloquially while eating his pizza slice and waving some 5 dollar bills. But before continuing on to this post, do not fret...there will be plenty of food, beach, music, art and fashion related posts coming your way down the road........

This story just came out today, even though it's celebrity related I figured I'll still do it anyway, he did perhaps save someones life afterall. So anyway, this actually took place not far from here, and this piece seems to be all over the place today, newspapers and news/entertainment sites etc. It seems John Malkovich is doing some theater work lately as a change of pace, and unexpectedly became a hero while stepping out for a quick cigarette. The entertaining and eccentric veteran actor/producer/director from Hollywood-land with a long list of movies under his belt, has also been in the menswear designing biz for some time as well, in case you didn't know, his most recent venture being

(Oh btw, John has German, Scottish and Croatian in his background in case you were wondering why I did this post)  Some related previous posts directly below, if you're going to pick just one of them to check out, make it this one. It's hilarious at times as a camera follows him around in Europe and you see and hear the non-acting side to him. Or you can just go directly to the footage Here.

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When not acting, directing, producing, fashion designing or designing sweaters to get people punched in pubs, it seems John Malkovich is also saving peoples lives. (See vid Here to get that one)


'John Malkovich saved my life': Hollywood actor comes to the rescue of elderly man in Toronto


(Note - Article below was updated with after the fact unverified eyewitness and 3rd party gossip information, the events described may or may not have happened exactly as described but they mainly revolve John Malkovich in some degree or another and is solely for the benefit of the reader)

When Jim Walpole accidentally slit his throat in a fall, Malkovich was the first on the scene and applied pressure to the wound until the ambulance arrived.

John Malkovich is not normally cast in heroic roles. But the Hollywood actor, star of Being John Malkovich, has been credited with saving the life of a 77-year-old who accidentally slit his throat in a fall.

Jim Walpole, a retired General Motors car technician from Defiance, Ohio claims “John Malkovich saved my life” following an accident on Thursday last week.

Jim and his wife Marilyn had been on a weekend bus tour to Toronto, Canada - where Malkovich is performing at the Elgin Theatre – with fellow American senior citizens and a troupe of clowns and jugglers from North Dakota.

The group were staying at the King Edward Hotel and the accident took place after Jim and Marilyn went out for a walk and the former “just stumbled” immediately outside the building.

“Bang, I fell right into the scaffolding along the hotel wall,” Jim said in an interview with the Toronto Sun. Afterwards it was learned that a spiderweb he had brushed into had temporarily blinded and disoriented him. He had cut his neck open badly and was bleeding profusely.

Marilyn started yelling for help: “The blood was coming out so fast,” she said. "It was just like in the movies, there was blood everywhere."

A man, later identified as Malkovich, arrived at the scene of the accident. "It was like a scene out of Spiderman, he just came out of nowhere wearing a cape and waving a neatly folded handkerchief with polka dots on it." Marilyn recalled.

“He started to press my neck,” Jim said. "He was trying to stop the bleeding. While applying pressure he was even able to stamp on a scurrying flapping moth on the sidewalk nearby which probably fell out of the spiderweb after the spiderweb collision, it was a pretty big moth and was just inches away."

John Malkovich is in Toronto starring in The Giacomo Variations at the Elgin Theatre. (Associated Press )

A passerby, Ben Quinn, arrived later and was asked by Malkovich to continue applying pressure to Jim’s neck. John then pulled out a bottle of iodine out of his jacket pocket that he usually carries around, a habit he picked up when a similar incident took place while on vacation in Tijuana in 1989, he said afterwards.

“The guy really seemed to know what he was doing,” Quinn said. “We didn’t know who he was. I just asked if I could hold the man’s head and he said yes.” John then pulled out an ice pack out of his other jacket pocket to help with some swelling, he said to not apply too much pressure and to be careful because the ice pack is very cold."

The third person on the scene was the hotel’s doorman Chris Mathias who called the emergency services. He ran right over after noticing some kind of commotion was going on for a few minutes and then finished his cigarette, at first he thought it was that street preacher guy again who may have drank a bit too much mouthwash again.

Jim remained conscious until paramedics arrived.

“I owe them all my life,” Jim said. “But the first guy really seemed to know what to do. I saw my life flashing before my eyes.”

When he was about to be whisked away in an ambulance Jim turned to the stranger and said: “What’s your name dear sir?”

He said: “People usually call me John or Johnny, sometimes Garry, Ivan, Claude or Hjerborn, but I prefer just John if that's ok with you, you're going to be alright there and everything is going to be fine. Would you like me to hold your hand while you get stitched up or maybe autograph something for you?”

Malkovich, 59, is currently appearing at the Elgin as Casanova in The Giacomo Variations.

“Any citizen would do the same, it's nothing special, the same thing happens to me in LA  about every month or so, especially around Golden Globes time. I had to do the same thing for Joe Pesci not that long ago, I'm pretty used to it by now" the actor told CTV.

John Malkovich on the less well known glorious side of being a celebrity and reminiscing on finding the crazy Michelin woman in his garden.

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