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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tamara Ecclestone Finally Does Playboy Magazine


Aw Geez, I really wasn't planning on continuing this story or doing any celebrity posts for quite some time, but going downtown yesterday and the local mall today sucked the life right out of me. (The recent television overkill on the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack story is really not making matters better)  I had to quickly divert my attention, so I decided I might as well post this fairly old yet recent news.

This was covered by a gazillion sites, magazines, tabloids and bloggers when the news and pics first came out, so there was no need for me to post about it.  Then while coming across the photos recently while doing something else, I thought... yes, I definitely should do this post.  For a few reasons actually. Firstly to complete the original post where I left the reader hanging about "will she?..won't she?" ...and a bunch of other questions.  (Original post Here)  Secondly, I also sort of feel vindicated because she took my advice.  In the original post, which I wrote up on the other side of the country btw, I basically implied that she should go for it and that it would be a wise career move.  She had to get people to forget some  headscratching photo shoots from around that time. Lousy backgrounds, props, crappy lighting.  She had to do something more classy, erotic, sensual, artistic, something with no fast food, spilled fries or yellow stained sidewalks as part of the props or background. Something that Playboy specializes in. She had to let Hugh's people do their stuff. It's all about transforming, ambiance, mood lighting, demeanor and about that... "Oh, I didn't see you standing there stranger, I'm nude and on my tippy-toes pouting with my back arched because I'm sweating and feeling sexy, you should have knocked because it's hot today and the sweat is making my lips glisten and my hair softer flowing more than usual while I'm just trying on these high heels and fishnet stockings while waiting for the rinse cycle, that's why I'm pouting. I can't reach my lower back...can you put some suntanning lotion on me since you're standing there?...I missed my tanning sessions and now my buttocks are pasty white, revolting..these pretzels sure are making me you have a light?."...look on the models faces. So that post came to a final, happily ever after conclusion.

The simultaneous Croatian version of Playboy. (I see there's a couple of good articles in there about women's viagra and the Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić as well) Image:

I'm not going to write a long winded critique of the photos, just putting the news and photos out there. Do with it what you will. I'm not going to get into or comment on those "Are her breasts glued to her chin?" remarks I came across here and there. All I can say is...much better. More aesthetically pleasing compared to other stuff I've seen and something even Dora Maar would approve of.   You can't go wrong with Playboy. Nice touch with the French maids and rabbit. Who on earth in their right minds would complain about French maids, and everybody likes rabbits, don't they? (Tamara actually posed semi-nude a few years ago, posters and billboards of her in Croatia. Personally I think she should have done this years ago, then she never would have gotten into the lacklustre photoshoot fiasco in the first place. Who the hell are her P.R. people anyway?)  She obviously didn't do the photoshoot for the money, that's a given, just something to look back on when she's in her 90's and her funbags aren't fun anymore.. (That's Cowtown construction worker speak btw, in Croatian it's something like "Joj, gadne sise!") lol. At least now she's in the company of other well known famous Playboy models like Marilyn Monroe. Daryl Hannah, Denise Richards (She has Croatian background too btw)  Eva Herzigova, Katarina Witt, Brigitte Bardot, a bunch of Bond girls, too many classy photoshoots over the decades to mention here.

One of those expose tabloid things.

Tamara Ecclestone's Playboy Cover Revealed by revnewmedia

This is not really a surprising turn of events either, her mother Slavica posed nude back in the day. (I say nude, it sounds more sophisticated, artsy, au naturel, sensually hygenic and European than naked. Sounds sort of like "The cat had...meeuwed"  Besides, people don't go to naked beaches, it's usually nude beaches)  A very artsy Croatian thing to do, you would have to go visit Croatian beaches in person to understand, or maybe just any beach.  Again, see the original post. In the end, much more interesting than the Toronto mayor smoking crack news story, Psy parody videos or Sunday morning miracle springwater/cloth salesmen.

Btw, Michael Douglas is blaming oral sex for his throat cancer these days, how about that? Is Catherine Zeta Jones aware of this?)  Oh, also she hooked up with another main squeeze after her break up with the chick with a dick flick guy, I forget his name. Long story, read some of the previous posts or Google around. (At the end of the day though, I'm curious and left wondering though.  Shall we go for the European soccer/football triple championship season? The treble? (Tamara's a big supporter of "The Blues" aka Chelsea F.C.)  Meaning...will sister Petra possibly be next?.....hmmmmm?  Petra would have to be crazy not to actually.  I recommend some kind of 1930's era European art studio theme, high-heels naturally, statues and chandeliers. Petra in the middle of painting some piece, another nude model perhaps, (she can't keep her eyes off of the model....she reminds her of old friend from her private school days maybe?....she looks out of the window caressingly holding her brushes...there's a jacket on a sofa (but not on the coat rack)...and empty glasses on a table, various bric-a-brac on the book case shelves....a very large candle with wax forming a large cascading wax waterfall onto the wrought iron candleholder....she looks in pain or perhaps she is aroused as her buttocks protrude from the...she spilled some paint and some brushes...oh dear!..How clumsy of me and what a mess!....bends over to clean it up and, suddenly her vulva was.... oh, how clumsy of me!..Where is that mop?....for some reason there are scattered photo negatives on sections of the hardwood nouveau with a bit of art deco thrown in to the  feel of the photoshoot. Makes for a great Playboy photoshoot I say) See previous posts at the bottom for more info. That's about it. This story and original post has now come to a conclusion.  Izvolite......


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