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nedjelja, 16. lipnja 2013.

Photo Gallery: Sneak Peak Of Šibenik's First Aquarium

This is going to be a long winded intro to a very puny article I'm sure, (but it is my blog and I get to add my opinions afterall)...and an aquarium is an aquarium, not earthshattering news or particularly exciting, but nevertheless, a good way to spend a few minutes from Sunday morning television programming around here. (Look already, I don't need or want your miracle spring water or prayer cloths...I wish some plague of boils or leprosy spreading locusts would smite some of the station programmers around here, or at least make nests in the toupees of the cloth/water salesmen to torture their sermon speaking carnival acts)....This aquarium piece is sort of cool because it' going to become popular with local tourists, but also used as an educational tool for school kids, to let them see the fish and creatures up close instead of just books.  This is also cool because the coastal town of Šibenik really isn't all that big, a population of only just around 50,000 people. (It's very historic though, founded by and first mentioned in 1066 as the seat of Croatian King Krešimir IV, that's why it's also called "Krešimir's city" ["Krešimirov grad"] these days)

Anyway, this just sort of reminded me about this post I did on the topic of the "Zagreb Bears" hockey club  [KHL Medveščak Zagreb] from not that long ago, there I was explaining part of the reasons as to how the team got their name. Doing that post then got me to thinking afterwards..."You know, probably lots of people don't even know that Croatia has bears".  A lot of people most likely also don't know that the Croatian Brown Bear (Hrvatski Mrki Medvjed) is related to the American Gizzly Bear, and can also be found in large parts of Russia as well the Scandinavian countries. Interestingly also, the Slavic word for "Bear" in Croatian is "Medvjed" and comes to literally mean "Honey eater".  "Med" being the old common Slavic word for  "honey" and "jed" meaning to eat. You see, many centuries ago the people realized that the bear had an uncanny ability to sniff out and find honey in the least likely of places, hence the name. For this reason the bear has ever since been considered a very special animal in later Croatian and Slavic mythology, folklore and legends. Honey was a very important ingredient in making that good ol' honey and wine drink mead in those days. Seeing a bear in the wild even these days is considered good luck. (Now you know)

 Croatian Brown Bear (Hrvatski Mrki Medvjed). Image and cool photogallery of Croatian Brown Bears at:

A lot of people actually probably don't know the cool fact that one could be lucky enough and see a dolphin swimming along the coast, (I was one of the lucky ones, my first summer in Rijeka as a kid we saw one)....then later eat some freshly netted shrimp or crab/lobster, spend some cafe/shopping time, and then quite possibly see a bear in the forests in it's own natural habitat......all on the same freakin day!  That's a pretty cool and interesting fact.  (A lot of people forget that about Croatia, we're not a large country but because of where we're located in Central Europe, we have 2 geographical climates, the coastal Mediterranean and Continental Europe climate, a pretty remarkable feature for a country our size)  Heck, probably lots of people don't even know what kind of animals there are in Croatia, maybe they think it's just cats, dogs, chickens, horses, cows, some other birds, flies and a few others. Nope, there are lots of interesting specimens from the animal world native to Croatia, even just the mammals of Croatia are probably news to many.

Yep, I'm definitely going to do a cool and interesting animals of Croatia post sometime down the road, touching upon the sea life, snakes, birds etc as well, something probably kids will find of interest especially.  Anyway, here's a sneak peak of Šibenik's new public aquarium, more images at the source link........

Sibenik’s First Aquarium Opens Its Doors

More info at their Facebook page:



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Visiting Sibenik? Read this post here to meet the city, and this one here for more on what makes the place so great. Then add to your list of what to do a stop at the city’s first aquarium, opened on Thursday, where you can see in an area of 200 square meters both Adriatic and tropical fish and plants.

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