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ponedjeljak, 3. lipnja 2013.

Zagreb’s Medvescak Name Canadian Coach Ahead Of KHL Season

The Zagreb Bears (Croatian: KHL Medveščak Zagreb) were promoted recently and will be playing next season in the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League), which is known to be the 2nd best hockey league in the world and best in Europe. (More info Here)  In case you didn't know that we play hockey (Croatian: hokej) in Croatia, and actually have for most of the 20th century, then this should be an enlightening post. (Not many hockey teams in the world are known to have played an outdoor professional hockey game in a 2000 year old Roman amphitheater, the last time I checked anyway)

Soccer has easily been the number one and most popular sport over the last century, but hockey was always around, and has become more popular again especially since the 90's.  (Just in case you were wondering..."The Bears" (Medveščak) got their name because of a nearby fortified medieval town/fortress called Medvedgrad (Bear-town) which was constructed in 1249, as well as because of the local bear population, so now you know. If you want to know the interesting early history of this country located in Europe, then check out  Check out my previous post links at the bottom for much more info and footage you probably didn't know about the Zagreb Bears and hockey in Croatia.

*Update -  The Zagreb Bears soon after the new coach announcement signed a new player.  A Croat-Canadian and former NHLer, Marko Popovic.  Story


Hershey Bears coach in the American Hockey League (AHL) Mark French, has been named as the new coach of Zagreb’s Medvescak ice hockey club.  

French (42), who in his first season with Hershey Bears guided them to an AHL record 60 wins, will be at the helm of the Zagreb club as they enter the strong Russian KHL league this season for the first time in history. 

Mark is a young trainer who trains modern hockey. In 6 years with Hershey Bears, who are a feeder club to the NHL club the Washington Capitals, he has won the Calder Cup and set many club records. (Photo by Kyle Mace)

Some highlights from the annual 4 nation, 4 team 'Ice Fever' tournament during their time in the EBEL hockey league.

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