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ponedjeljak, 29. srpnja 2013.

1,500 Applicants In Split For Pirate Fighting Jobs

I posted about this topic previously. (see links below). Piracy has been a big problem for international shipping for a number of years now. I'm not going to add too much more to this story, let's just say if I was in Split I would be in that line-up.  $180 bucks a day plus accommodations and food?.. that's not a bad gig for 3 or 6 months, or whatever the contract is for. Croatian personnel have been members of some European Union and NATO anti-piracy efforts for years now, along with Russia. (These are those 21st century pirates btw, not those swashbuckling type pirates with the cool swords and outfits, buried treasures, roasted pork on a spit and good hooch)

According to Reuters, of the 3,500 hostages captured during a four-year period, 62 died, most outright murdered. Former Libyan dictator Gaddafi funded these dirtbags for years. According to a Toronto Star report, the pirates even receive monetary assistance from the Somalian diaspora community in Canada, including equipment and information in exchange for a cut of the ransoms.  I'm not going to bore you with what mounted ultra-rapid fire machine guns I think should be used on the ships, recommended firing rates, calibres etc. Let's just say when dealing with these pirate types, the words "warning shots" should not be in your vocabulary, because they're not coming to play poker or sell souvenirs. I think some variable yield nuclear armed guided SSM's in the range of 0.3 kilotons would be just about right and should do the trick. You don't want to take any chances of them escaping bullet fire, then using their rocket launchers or adding to hostage deaths. "Hit the enemy with a closed fist; don't poke at him with fingers of an open hand" as the saying goes. Some added related vids below........

(P.S.- One the topic of line-ups and applicants in Split, just a couple of weeks ago, thousands of Split residents also lined up in large numbers for a casting call for extras for the television program 'Game of Thrones". (pic above)  The HBO hit series is filming their 4th season including Croatian locations and this time they will also be filming near the city of Split. Story:


Interview video:

 Huge Demand For Pirate Fighting Jobs As 1,500 Apply In Split


There has been massive interest in the Dalmatian city of Split after British company Offshore Marine Security recently announced it was recruiting staff from Croatia to provide security for private and commercial ships around the world against pirate attacks. Offshore Marine Security, which was formed by a former British royal marine, was recently in Split looking to boost its ranks, and says that is received over 1,500 applications, reports daily Slobodna Dalmacija. “I got more than 1,500 calls and emails.

There is a huge interest amongst people in Split for the armed security jobs on commercial boats while sail in dangerous zones such as the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and parts of the Indian Ocean and West Africa,” said Igor Duh, Offshore Marine’s Split representative. Salary for the job is reportedly in the region of 180 USD a day with the British company looking for people with military experience, who know how to handle firearms such as former Croatian soldiers and police officers.

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