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ponedjeljak, 8. srpnja 2013.

Croatian Electric Bike On The Market

I decided to quickly throw this in for a couple of reasons. The one article link talks about the attached video in regards to the tongue in cheek Croatian bikini chicks in the spot for the bike, you know, about sex and advertising, all that.  How it's a very common theme these days, which is used to sell practically everything you see on television.  From soft drinks to hair conditioner...from beer to potato chips....from toothpaste to jeans.....from vitamins to coffee.....from cheeseburgers to "Depends" leakage proof undergarments..etc..etc. So the one video is sort of a continuation of my previous post about the anniversary of the bikini, which you can check out Here.  I just have some constructive criticism about the Bioplanet Bike spot, I would have instead used the Croatian Mig-21 pictured below as part of the background, but that's just me.

...Secondly, the idea behind this bike is pretty cool I think. You can hit the links or Google for more about the specs of the bike. Basically though, in the case of Croatia especially, if you've ever gone and traveled along the coast, again especially, then you will have noticed how there are so many great locations, towns and cities that you will go through in a short time. Even taking those scenic routes you still have new paved roads to travel on. A bike like this would be perfect for those shorter jaunts, to avoid the parking fees etc. The cost of the bike which may at first seem like a large amount for an electric bike, is actually about the standard price for these kinds of bikes.  I looked around for comparison and even found that some of the higher quality professional racing style bikes are hitting five thousand bucks and even more  believe it or not. Although again, If one was to get one on this side of the pond, I wouldn't recommend leaving it unlocked outside while you quickly step into your local 7-11, Taco Bell or Krispy Kreme donut store, if you know what I mean. More info at the links below......

 Croatian electric bicycle exported to seven countries



Producers of Croatian electric bicycle have revealed they've managed to export it to seven countries. Talking to daily newspaper Jutarnji List the representatives of BioPlanet Bike have pointed out to go for more after releasing a provocative video clip seen by thousands on YouTube only this week with Playboy models washing their bycicles. "Bioplanet Bike is a revolutionary, trendsetting product that introduces a new era in the bicycle and light electric powered vehicles design. 

Bioplanet Bike is the most versatile two-wheeled vehicle on the global market," Sandra Mikulic, Bioplanet's CEO said earlier to Croatian Times. Bioplanet says the e-Bike has a unique design with a step-through full suspended frame and high quality bicycle components and is suitable for almost all ages and genders. The Bike is available world wide via the company’s online store or the sales and service store network and is delivered directly from the factory. It’s net price is 2399 EUR.      

 Bioplanet Reinvented the Bicycle with the Bike

The Bike looks like an ordinary bicycle, but helps during rides like an electric bicycle with power assistance and strong pushes like an e-bike.

ZAGREB, Croatia, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bioplanet today introduced Bike, combining several products into one - a uniquely designed bicycle, an e-bike with a bottom bracket integrated electric motor and pedelec as electric bicycle with power assistance - into one lightweight and distinct electric bicycle. The Bioplanet Bike introduces a new bicycle frame design with integrated electric components which completely redefines what riders can do with their bikes.

Bioplanet Bike is a revolutionary product that sets a new era and trends in bicycle and light electric powered vehicles design. "Our Bike is the most versatile two-wheeled vehicle on the global market," said Sandra Mikulic, Bioplanet's CEO. 

Bike is a uniquely designed bicycle

Bike is a uniquely designed bicycle with step-through full suspended frame and high-quality bicycle components. Its balanced design allows riders to experience the same feelings as they would on any other bicycle. Built-in components like a 9-speed twist shifter, front and rear 180mm hydraulic brakes, aluminum alloy wheels and selected tires give it that recognizable bicycle feeling. Its unique frame design makes Bike suitable for almost all ages and genders.

Bike is an e-bike with bottom bracket integrated electric motor

Bike is an e-bike with a bottom bracket integrated electric motor, wherein a powerful and reliable brushless DC electric motor is integrated in the bicycle's bottom bracket. Smart integration means that no one will think that you ride an e-bike. Just apply power using the thumb throttle and stop to pedal. Bike is electric bicycle with power assistance

Bike is electric bicycle with power assistance whereas geared motors help you when pedaling uphill. Sometimes you will need assistance on steep roads and off road. Its dual-geared motor allows you to pedal and to have motor power simultaneously. By the simple touch of the thumb throttle you get needed power immediately. 

Pricing and Availability

The bike is available worldwide via direct delivery from factory online store or network of sale and service stores at net price of 2399 EUR. Due to production capabilities and great interest, product lead times can be up to 90 days. To learn more about Bioplanet Bike, visit

Bioplanet is a company that produces bikes in Europe and sells them worldwide.

This press release was issued through For further information, visit

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Bruce Hammerson kaže...

Companies are claiming that this bike will solve the problems but important thing is find that Upto how much kilometers you can run these electric bikes when it is full charge?

Bruce Hammerson

Hydraulic Hammers

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS kaže...

All the information is at the links, one thing I do know is that the the top video is much more interesting and sexy to me than the serb woman here
...that's the main thing.

Anonimno kaže...

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I’m certainly loving your blog and look forward to brand
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