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subota, 20. srpnja 2013.

Mick Jagger’s Ex Bianca Presents Award In Croatia

I'm not going to explain the whole Mick and Bianca Jagger story, you'll have to Google around for yourselves. (The Rolling Stones played in Zagreb in 1998 btw). Anyway, just an interesting and good piece about celebs in Croatia and the importance of taking care of the natural environment. Besides, Saturday television programming is turning almost into Sunday television programming, that's not a good thing around here, believe me. (this "White Flag" award has absolutely nothing to do with the "Portuguese Flag btw, just so there's no confusion and such, it's a completely different flag and country, trust me I know what I'm talking about) Anyway, more images/info at the links.....

(Also a related tie-in piece at the bottom that puts the icing on the cake so to speak)

Global human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger presented the White Flag, an award for a clean seabed, to representatives of the Sibenik hotel company Solaris Resort at a ceremony earlier this week. Photogallery:


The former wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is currently in Croatia. Nicaraguan-born former actress and model Bianca Jagger, who is now a human rights ambassador, was in the Dalmatian town of Sibenik yesterday (Thursday), where she found time to award a White Flag Award to Solaris in Šibenik for the cleanliness of its seabed.

Solaris is the first in Croatia, and second in the world after Monaco to get the award for the clean seabed. “It is an honour to be here. I was here during the war when it was a lot harder. I took part and helped with women war victims. Now it is a lot nicer and your beautiful country really has changed for the better, ” said Jagger.

Front page news in 1971.

The award is conferred by the Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA), and Solaris is the first company in Croatia and the second in the world to receive it. The first White Flag was awarded to Monaco.

GUWAA is a non-governmental non-profit organisation whose mission is to clean seas, rivers and lakes and to raise public awareness of the impact of pollution.

The organisation was founded by Kristijan Curavic, a Croatian world record holder in free diving, with the support of Bianca Jagger and Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone.

A stretch along Croatia's Adriatic coast.

Some words from Bianca Jagger.

I decided to throw in the below footage of the ins and arounds of this Solaris Resort. It shows how it's a modern amenities resort yet mixes in traditional elements into the overall experience, older style buildings and architecture, which is pretty cool.  They even mill their own flour in the old traditional way for breads and baked goods, many of the indgredients for the menu items are actually grown nearby, even on the property, the seafood is caught fresh daily, oh...and they have pirates. Pirates are very important. (See previous pirate related post Here)


Free Coastal Holiday For Croatian War Veteran’s Kids



On Monday 22 July the Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic will farewell hundreds of kids of Croatian war veterans’ as they leave for an all expenses paid 7-day holiday on the Croatian coast. Around 100 kids will leave on Monday, joining 350 Croatian war veterans’ kids and those whose families were heavily affected during the homeland war, giving them a chance of a holiday on the coast. (More on that Here)

The group will holiday at the Red Cross holiday centre in Novi Vinodolski and partake in organized educational and sporting activities during the week. The trip is being organized by the City of Zagreb.

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