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četvrtak, 4. srpnja 2013.

New 2013 Season HNK Rijeka Football Kit

I had to do this one as soon as I came across it. Not particularly because it;s a new version, it's just a jersey afterall, it's sort of the whole cool goings on with the presentation of the new kit, I actually liked the previous version just fine. I know the guys at won't touch important, hot off the presses news like this. I'm throwing this in because if you've read one of my Rijeka related posts, I attempted to get a HNK Rijeka jersey during my stay in the city in 2011.  Unfortunately they were sold out downtown, the fan shop at the stadium was closed down for their 2 week summer shutdown and it was hot and I had a schedule I had to go by.  I did a post about that on the Rijeka Kantrida Stadium post Here. (It's still my plan to do a tour of every single city with a club in the Prva Liga though. (First Croatian Football League) and get a home and away jersey of every team.

Judging by the looks of the kids and public that showed up for the meet and greet they seem to like the new kit. The colour scheme is still the same, which it has been for decades, but they just tweaked it a bit with the design, This version is being manufactured by the Italian sports outfitter Lotto.  Definitely worth picking up if you come across one.  (This Rijeka football jersey event has nothing to do with the Serb Trumpet Festival btw, there are no trumpets on jerseys)  I recently came across some instances in the Croatian press regarding the building of a new Kantrida Stadium in the near future. The historic Stadion Kantrida, which has been on numerous world lists, because it is built right between a large cliff and the Adriatic sea and having a history going back to 1912, would be completely torn down. A new modern stadium in the range of 15000 seats would be built in it's place, which would be sufficient and just about right for a city the size of Rijeka.  I have info on that and pics but will wait until whenever something is officially announced.

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