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srijeda, 31. srpnja 2013.

Photos Of The Day - Lightning In The Rijeka Night Sky

This isn't anything particularly special or excitingly newsworthy. Once in a while I just like throwing in interesting looking nature type photos. (I have some amateur photography in my background)  I like checking out cool lighting and storm photos when I come across them. The lightning images at this post look pretty frikin cool. It's a cool feeling when you're actually there in person, seeing and hearing the lightning and thunder live.  This set of images below caught my attention because they were recently taken in the city of Rijeka, but also because the of the familiar veiwpoint.

I spent 2 entire summers as a kid at my aunts place in Rijeka, and based on the viewpoint of the photographer and city views, I am convinced these photos were taken in the same building where my aunt and cousins lived.  Photo number 5 below especially,  that is the exact same view I recall seeing out of my bedroom for those 2 summers, and the other ones seem like the balcony view. It's uncannily the exact same view.  It's just uncanny, that's all I can say.  I even recall seeing a few good lightning storms during my summer stays there come to think of it. Anyway, some previous 'photos of the day' post links below.


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