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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Russian Soccer Babes Promote New Team Kit

Well, this post isn't all that importantly Croatia related, but interesting to me nonetheless. Russian and Croatian are Slavic languages afterall, and they are big on football/soccer just like us too. (Croatians have even played on Russian Premier League teams over the years, and still are)  I came across this particular Russian cheerleader type video at a Croatian portal.  Anyway, Russian football club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg chose the most attractive way possible to promote their new jerseys for the upcoming season.  How you may ask? They chose eleven local beauties to be filmed wearing the new kit, complete with matching shorts, socks, and the jerseys worn in the nicer, above the navel look,  that's sort of a popular look when model types pose in soccer kits I've noticed over the years. Add a little sprinkling of water from a nearby hose and the overall effect is can't lose. It works for me, it's almost like they were getting ready to play a match, and then it started raining all of sudden. (I've seen that happen a few times, great weather then all of a sudden rainclouds, weather is really weird sometimes. lol)  Actually, I'm ready to go out and buy one of their jersey's right now even, so the idea behind it is very persuasive and top notch marketing if you ask me. This promotional video will surely bring more of the clubs fans into the fan shop to purchase the new jerseys......

(I think it would be a good idea if Croatia was to start a new policy, we'll trade 5 serbs for each Russian chick that moves to Croatia, we can make the same deal with some other countries too, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine, Czechs, Poland, Spain, Latvia, Argentina etc and so on. I think this link will suffice to partly explain. (Warning: disturbing images and parental guidance is recommended, I will not be responsible if you toss your cupcakes)  It also occurred to me afterwards, there is also the topic of the  "-vich" etc name thing too, so this is sort of an inadvertent history post as well. See for explanation)



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