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subota, 27. srpnja 2013.

The Olsen Twins Vacation In Croatia On Mljet Island

The Olsen twins. Image courtesy of:

I decided to just quickly throw this in for no particular reason at all really, something to do. (I think I read a tabloid front page headline a few years ago while at a checkout line at the grocery store, and supposedly one of the twins had died or was really a guy or something)  Celebs these days visiting Croatia in the summer is pretty ho-hum and commonplace, predictable almost. I never really used to watch their "Full House" television show either, (I was much more of a 'Family Ties' type, mainly because Mallory was pretty hot, but I never liked those 80's padded square shouldered sweaters and jackets they made her wear)...but I have seen them on tv here and there, and I like some of their fashion choices. Some pretty cool, hip and edgy attire, supposedly they even design clothes as well.

Surprisingly, I read that some Tinseltown fashion gurus don't like their fashion choices and actually call it the "Olsen twins homeless style look", but I'll pick their eclectic taste over the cheep crack hooker look anyday. (I took a few minutes and Googled around, [Go ahead, Google "Olsen twins homeless style"]  I think they must mean the homeless in Monaco style look. Are these critics/tabloid writers familiar with the terms "Walmart people"? "Bingo hall people"? "Serbien people"? Don't even get me started on "mall food court people" the downtown "alleyway people" or even the "just hangin' around on the corner people")  I'm sure most people would want to move to a city where homeless people dress similarly to this.

 Here's just one example I found. If this is the "homeless style" then my city needs way more homeless people I'll tell you. This makes being homeless an attractive option in life, the homeless look is cool. I want to go downtown and see homeless people walking around all over the place, coffee shops, buses and malls filled with the homeless.

Surprisingly though, the twins didn't pick Hvar or Dubrovnik as their vacation choice, those have been the stomping grounds over the years of plenty of celebrity types, almost like clockwork around this time of year. They instead chose the island of Mljet (pronounced Mlyet) Good choice I think, more privacy, it's not as packed, ideal for yachting, jet skiing, skinny dipping, nude suntanning etc. You can get drunk there without having photographers following you around, harassing you, asking for autographs, puking and dribbling saliva on you etc.

Seen being escorted off the premises from a cafe in Cologne. I guess the last thing the world needs is people walking around looking all grubby wearing the homeless style.

At the top I decided to instead throw in an off the wall image of them I came across, to freshen and zany it up. I actually like it and would probably buy it if I saw it in an art gallery somwhere, it looks like something Dora Maar would have painted) Typical celebs vacationing in Croatia photos are usually...well.......typical. (say cheeeese)  I hope down the road to do a post about Catherine Zeta Jones and that actor guy she's seen with in a lot of photographs. Catherine Zeta-Jones would probably be a Mljet type I think, probably also maybe a Lošinj, Korčula or even an Opatija  type. Decisions..decisions. I'll let you know if something happens on that topic. (P.S.- Let me know where I can find homeless people dress like them)

"It's those annoying fucking homeless twins again, security! quickly escort them off the premises immediately, they're walking around looking all homeless!"." 



This week the Croatian island of Mljet in southern Dalmatia had a visit from well-known American actresses and fashion designers the Olsen Twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who made their names in the tv series Full House, were holidaying on Mljet earlier this week where they posed for photographs with a local restaurant owner. The 27-year-old sisters were with friends in Croatia on board a luxury yacht which was docked whilst they enjoyed seafood and wine from the family of Igor Stimac at restaurant Stermasi.

"Full House" show trailer where the Olsen twins got their start.

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