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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bill Gates Vacationing In Croatia (Photos)

If Bill Gates vacations in Croatia, then that's gotta mean something.

It never hurts to have Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates deciding to take a vacation in your country I say. This time he's chosen to spend 10 days in and around the coastal town of Dubrovnik. (He's been vacationing in and around the town of Skradin for a number of summers now)  He stays pretty low key while there and you won't see too many photos of him while he's vacationing in Croatia. (Which is the whole point of his vacations there, to get away from the reporters, cameras, Ponzi schemers, pie hitmen, cheap dirty hookers and even possibly uncouthly mannered tour guides) Although, with all the positive publicity his visits to Croatia bring, I'm surprised they haven't given him honorary Croatian citizenship yet or made a statue, named a type of local fish or tree after him.

 The small tucked away town of Skradin near the Krka river has been the favorite get away spot of Bill Gates for years now.

When you throw in the fact that he's already donated millions over the years to locate and destroy the remaining Serbian landmines that were left behind in some Croatian areas, as well as other technology related initiatives and projects, and even donating towards the preservation of Krk National Park (pronounced similarly to Captain 'Kirk')...which is close to his usual summer vacation stop of Skradin, he should at least have an island or a park or street named after him I say, maybe a species of bird or other locally found animal, like Hugh Hefner and the Hefner rabbit.  At least get to wear one of those robes and hats at a Croatian University and receive some kind of Honorary title or something, like he did at Harvard. Not a shabby view from the hotel he will be staying at either I noticed.  (I'm glad that the rumours of him going to vacation at the Serbian Trumpet Festival this year were dispelled, that would have been awful for Croatian tourism, can you imagine Bill jumping around with a knife in his mouth, (getting sweaty men sweat rubbed all over him)...walking around wearing a Ratko Mladic or other Srb genocidal maniac tee's and Serbian curly pointy shoes? or sitting around the bar singing talking to srbo-stooges like this?  A local IT whizz has invited Bill Gates on Twitter for a coffee and some IT chit-chat, he's a busy guy so I doubt he'll have the time, interesting side story anyway. More on that Here.

He chose a good time to be in town, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is set to start up shortly, so there will be plenty to see and do. Numerous important Croats were citizens of Dubrovnik through the centuries, the baroque poet Ivan Gundulić and world famous scientist Ruđer Bošković being just two who are famous because of their contribution to Croatian culture and progressive European ideals during the Croatian Renaissance continuum

The below images are from his 2009 trip to Skradin, because like I said the photos are hard to come by.  A previous Bill Gates vacation in Croatia post can be read  Here.......

(Btw, next month I will starting an advanced graphic design program at the local college, so for quite some time my posts will not be nearly as frequent, but I will still add things here that catch my interest and when time allows. It didn't look too promising while doing my paperwork, but I'm hoping to hook up with some people like at the this post, I'll let you know if anything blog-worthy happens).


Previous post: bill-gates-visits-skradin-in-croatia


American billionaire Bill Gates is currently holidaying in Croatia. According to DuList the Microsoft founder is in Dubrovnik, where he is staying in the President’s suite at Hotel Palace with his wife Melinda and their 3 children. Gates reportedly took a boat to the nearby island of Mljet (pronounced 'Mlyet') this morning and they all bicycled around the National Park section of the island. DuList says that Gates will be in Croatia for around 10 days. Gates has holidayed in Croatia since 2004 and, apart from the Adriatic coast, is a big fan of the countries national parks.

Bill and his group had to use the dingy because of the local shallow waters, his personal larger sailing vessel is usually anchored at sea. Photogallery:

 Bill Gates Recommends Croatia For Holidays


Bill Gates likes to spend his holidays in Croatia, a small European country situated just across Italy. At least that's what he told Forbes magazine.

Forbes asked its readers where they would spend their holidays and to make the choices easier they asked a number of billionaires where they would go. Steven Spielberg revealed that he loves Ireland, and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates picked Croatia as his choice.

Gates and his wife Melinda visited Croatia twice. He first visited Croatia in 2004 and then came back in 2009 when he visited the National Park Krka and Skradin. A representative of the Skradin tourist board told reporters from Forbes that “Gates enjoyed strolling the streets, buying books and visiting local restaurants.”

I don't know what it is, but let's take another look at that damn fine looking hat.

Also, I like the series of time-lapse videos I come across once in a while of Croatian locations. There are some very cool perspectives and views, it's almost like watching ants in a way. So since this is a Dubrovnik related post, here is a cool 'Dubrovnik Summer Nights' time-lapse video.

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