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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Independent Short Story Films From Vedran Marjanović 'Wekster'


So, what do you get when you put together a Croatian photographer/film student type and friends who all have a passion for storytelling and movies...Why, a bunch of cool and entertaining zany film shorts of course. I'm not going to add to much more to this one, basically an independent film student type from the city of Osijek, Vedran Marjanović Wekster (He also goes by his psuedonym 'Wekster')...has over the last little while been experimenting with some of the tricks of the trade he's learned and put his concoctions to film. End result...a series of entertaining short story videos. This brings to mind a previous post about the first Croatian made sci-fi television series which is going to be aired soon, See Here. Most of the short films were shot in and around the city of Osijek.

Trailer filming behind the scenes. Image:

Some of them seem almost like trailers for feature films, but there are no feature films at all.  You see, it's just the trailer type shorts, and other short stories or experimental film shorts, there's no related actual feature films to watch, get it?  He incorporates various genres, themes and plots, (zombies, medieval, witches, guns, vampires, stalkers etc),,,throws in some humour, different techniques, soundtrack music and effects and the end result is that this guy should be making feature films down the road. He's a big fan of Tim Burton films, so that probably explains a lot. (I am also, and I'll tell you it's rare these days to meet people who know what 'film noir' or 'suspension of disbelief' is, or even 'aperature priority'). The horror genres I found to be entertaining and witty. The videos are very similar to the hugely popular Joao Francisco and Joao Joao Youtube series of videos, but just with different plots and slighty different Croatian themed backdrops. Unfortunately there's no flappy scrotum in a pot of hot water or sandwich eating scenes.

The below footage for 'Moon the Colour of Blood: Book 3' ('Mjesec boje krvi' 3) is actually a promo trailer for the book of the same title, which is a trilogy and a very popular selling book series in Croatia.  I'm not going to translate anything here either, no interviews or nothing. (I have some amateur photography background, and am actually going back to college for a while, and photography again is going to be a part of the program, so that's why this piece especially caught my interest, although the hour of paperwork at the college the other day didn't look to promising for meeting these types of people at all. It reminded me of that Jerry Springer episode where Tyrone's lover, or whatever, cheated on him with his gay cousin football player Plexico, but he is adamant that that the janitor's kid from the bingo hall isn't his, it was Franshawn's or Saranius's. That his lover was just trying to accuse him for money which he needed for his sex change operation, to be the Lafronda that he was always meant to be, something like that). So anyway,  just sit right back and watch the film shorts, there's some English narration also. More information is at the links below, including his Facebook profile and more vids at his Youtube page.

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'How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse' part 1 of 3.

'Guns and Barbie Dolls' - teaser trailer.

'Hallowe'en stories' part 1 (Smell of Freshly Gutted Pumpkins) - a short film.

'Moon the Colour of Blood' book 3 - trailer.

'Steel & Sorcery' - short fantasy film.

'Stalker' - short film.

Promo for the 'Red Srebnog Zmaja' (Order of the Silver Dragon), a Croatian middle ages re-enactment association based in Zagreb.

The Other Woman.

A visual synopsis of the past 365 days of film shorts.

Behind the scenes while filming.

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