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petak, 23. kolovoza 2013.

Photos Of The Day - "Croatia Football Baby " By Cai Heng

I came upon these pics by accident while doing yesterdays HNK Rijeka vs.VfB Stuttgart Europa League match. (See Here)  These are some very cool pics I never saw before. The photos were taken by Cai Heng and the series of photos are titled "Croatia Football Baby",  a series of photos showing support for the Croatia national football team during the European Championships in 2012.  Nothing wrong with having Chinese babes in Croatia bikinis I say.  No complaining about them strolling along the beaches in Croatia either I'm sure. (What's the average Croatian guy gonna pick?..Chinese bikini babe or serbian woman/Joao on the beach? I could show plenty of examples to show contrast. (I don't know why it is that some people upload the things they do, they must really want to be seen and heard at all costs, no matter what the situation or reason I suppose) No-brainer if you ask me. Plus, you ever see all those photos of Chinese fashion models strolling around Hong Kong?..same goes for Tokyo, Japan too. I've come across some great creative hip and edgy styles)

More Chinese babes strolling around in Croatia is something Croatia tourism should strive for actually. I saw a number of Chinese tourists in Croatia on my last few trips, mainly along the coast. You usually see them taking lots of pictures, practically never seen without the camera.  (And they buy lots of souvenirs I noticed, they actually take an interest about the history and culture, asking questions like who or what is that building or statue or plaque say)  I'm a big fan of the Chinese food too, who isn't? I even used to deliver it for a short time in the past. (It was a good in between things temporary gig a long time ago, decent tips and free jar doo chicken wings too, plus plenty of delivery stories)  Probably a lot of people don't even know there's Chinese food restarurants in Croatia, yep, and even a China town in Zagreb too.

Come to think of it, I did a few bikini themed posts in the past, and I'm going to add one of these photos over there right.....right...........right about..! ( See Post)  Anyway, like I said, more Chinese babes in bikinis is something Croatia needs more of and should strive for in the future, this is a topic that may be on the table at the upcoming Creative Shenzhen conference ....

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