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ponedjeljak, 19. kolovoza 2013.

UFC Fighter Stipe Miocic Gets Croatia Tattoo & Goran Ivanišević Can Still Swing A Racket

I don't really watch UFC, but I did know a bit about Stipe Miocic before doing this post. (Pronounced "Stee-pe Me-o-chich" in Croatian) When I saw the tat I decided to update a  tattoo related post HERE and add this image. Then I thought what the hell, make it a post of it's own. It's kind of an odd place to get a tattoo ('Tetovaža' in Croatian)..but then again he fights barefoot so it makes perfect sense.

I have the Croatian chequy shield too, coloured but plainer, I have some black and white stuff planned for around it down the road. Besides it being my descent, I also got it to avoid future confusion about whether I was German, Russian, Norwegian, Czech or Polish (which has happened a number of times), as well as Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Indian, Japanese, Argentinian, Chinese, Chilean, Estonian, Finnish, Swiss or this guy etc...etc and so on and so forth. 

I updated the post with this cool pic from my Thirty Seconds To Mars post since on the topic of tats.

Highlights from a UFC fight earlier this summer. His new tat will look pretty cool I think when he's in the ring.

I also decided to do this post because I just came back from the local ghetto-mall.  Man, it's gotten much worse while being away for 3 years. Now the local fad is wearing dead nigger gangsta rapper tee's. Nothing spells success like being out of shape, no money, stupid look on your face and wearing a huge oversized greasy stained dead rapper tee, the big baggy hybrid shorts-long pants thing and dirty sneakers adds to the overall look of success and those smarts nigger/wigger imagery, wouldn't you say?  Someone for your daughter to bring home and eat chips on the sofa with, kick back and put those dirty sneakered feet on the coffee table and watch reruns of C.O.P.S  and Jerry Springer.  (Did you see that? He almost got away, did you see the cool spinning rims on his shoes?...Hey, yer usin up all my dip you fuck'n bitch!...Fuck you,'re just upset cuz that Taco Bell guy put free cheese on my fries n gravy and I gave him my number, you always.....gimme the dip back! the rest of the bag is mine....bla bla bla...)  Standing behind him in line if I recall correctly, I think that was even the lyrics to the music coming out of his headphones. Some of the chicks around here actually like that, especially the Serborellas. You know, the kind of guys that belong with these people, no wonder they're getting shot left and right around here, it's almost like a premonition like you want to join them, to be on a t-shirt with them, or at least wear nothing but orange day in and day out for years and years while getting fucked up the ass in prison, or maybe bumped and then shanked anally in the shower while getting your eyes gouged out or some contraband snuck in, sulfuric acid thrown in their eyes and face. Just this past summer I saw a twenty-ish type sitting on his bicycle at a downtown corner, oversized tee with some cartoon gangsta character pointing a gun at you on the front side, and on the back side in big lettering.."I'm You're Enemy".  I think he also was wearing one of those bling fake chunky gold cross necklaces. Need I say more? (And some people ask me why I don't have or don't want kids around here. Fuck, over the years I've even come across people who all of a sudden start yelling "I'm a nigger"! right out of the blue, which I find weird. Sometimes they also include "gangsta". I guess it's more impressive and lyrical. Heard that in some malls a few times and the downtown library even. Why not just go out and buy a nigger tee?.. then one doesn't even have to waste a breathe trying to let everyone know. I've seen plenty of sites selling these kinds of tee's. It will be there for everyone to read and know right away. (That's why people don't go around yelling "Hey I'm Italian!".."Hey I'm Polish".."Hey I'm German, Russian or Mexican!" etc etc. That's what soccer jerseys are for, or sometimes hats, keychains, bumper stickers and track pants are for) You can even get an "ugly nigga" tee these days believe it or not. Wearing tee's like that and the whole gangsta/swagga shizzling act only just makes more websites like and show up all over the internet. (I came across those 2 by happenstance while finding the t-shirt link, there's actually even a lot more I came across from the good ol' U S of A. Isn't that weird?) My mom was almost raped by a gang of those types in Toronto shortly after arriving to Canada, and twice again in Hamilton, another time she was raped by Serbs and another time by a group of Brazilian and Portuguese construction workers which I won't get into here, although I should add the same happened to some other school kids I grew up with. (This might help explain prison statistics over the years, and even various other government statistics that nobody particularly talks about or mentions. I don't make this stuff up and the US government statistics don't lie, statistics is math and incapable of lying as opposed to cable television and televangelists) I'm not even going to get into the other US government statistics I by chance came upon about Black on Black murder rates, drug related crime rates or even the obesity and sexual transmitted disease rates, which aren't too impressive either. As for why the American government would keep these particular statistics in the first place?  I don't know and that's not my department. Maybe as extra information for people to read when deciding what neighbourhood to move to, or where to open up a restaurant or business. I spoke with Kolinda about this, (off the record of course, it's always off the record. I'm ex-military so I don't kiss and blabber and shake my white booty), and let's just say she knows where I'm coming from and knows a thing or two, she knows the score and she didn't just fall off the turnip truck from pumpkinville humming and yodelling pumpkin themed songs, tapping her toes and whistling televangelist songs, so to speak.

I know for a fact that they probably don't know anything at all about Croatian food, history, culture, art or sports, that's for sure. They probably don't know where it is or that we're in the EU and NATO. Does it mean they have good pot or crack for sale? A selection of cool tee's and bling in their dresser or backpack? I don't know or really care. It started changing when the public elementary schools became the place to go for cheap drugs anyway)  Besides, I don't listen to this so-called "nigger music", with the "nigger this" and "nigger that" lyrics, or wear baseball hats with the price tags flowing in the wind and tshirts like dresses, swaggerin my bling and pimping my grill to the sweaty hoes at the 7-11 alleyway or Walmart parking lot.....fashizzlin' my booty to the swaggerin' grills and poppin' caps at my hoes booty swagga or just ain't my thing. I even recall one time at the downtown main public library one of those types of guys and his pals, after 20 minutes of fucking around and being extremely loud, I had to tell the guy to keep it down....(The librarians all around there are all scared to do their job and that's usually when they have to go to the washroom, and the security guy is always in the attached mall foodcourt with fried meats and fries and gravy always attached to his gravied sticky fingers. The libraries in Croatia are nothing like the libraries around here either needless to say)....he tells me that he'll pop a cap in my ass after an exchange of some words. I looked at him and said "really? Is that right?" like that guy in that movie in that scene, (but I didn't plan to, I just recalled that scene and the idiosyncrasy a week or two later by chance when drinking my espresso while waiting for my suit to be dry cleaned) and was ready to let deadly ingrained military training take over if there was even the slightest hint of a hint of his hand moving to his pocket. Let those cool purifying military training winds and instincts completely take over my body, break the chains of bondage and let the soul be washed, like letting "the Lord into my soul", as those televangelist salesmen always say on tv, the Lord would then be doing all the thinking and doing, not me. A vessel for the mighty wondrous works of the Lord's vengeance and retribution. (The left over nearby librarians were having a conundrum trying to adjust their computer screen resolutions and finding a fresh pencil to sharpen all of sudden, suddenly that illustrated book about parakeets had to be put on the back shelf, the very far back shelf at the back of the library.... pronto)  Long story short, that is one lucky guy because of the inept security stooge guy and his way of keeping (in)security, besides I had an important meeting and was already late. (I was dressed a little nicer than usual too, I didn't need his or anyone elses snot or blood ruining my designer clothes and new jeans. He's also lucky because I know some people that if he said the same thing to, tsk-tsk, by the end of the week he wouldn't have a popped a "cap in his ass", not at all. Instead he would have a bullet in his head, to put it quite plainly in plain English speak. It happens all the time on the news around here and lots places.

....Trust me, this would hurt a lot more than a "cap in an ass", this way you won't be able to sit down for the rest of your life, not just a week or month. It might even be one of those guys who likes to watch vids like this while eating his morning breakfast of eggs over easy with bacon and sausage and cottage cheese, then you're going to be knee deep in fuckshit and shitstink, that's for sure. (You know, by one of those guys in a suit or jeans and a polo top with tattoos, sitting at the nearby coffee shop sounding like he's on the phone telling his wife to pick up extra steaks at the store, looking like he's only just flipping pages to get to the sports section of the newspaper before making some bets at the lottery hut next door. Heck, he may even be one of those guys wearing a baseball hat and nerdy glasses, reminding you of that guy who always used to get picked on in high school and chosen last for schoolyard nerf football games....maybe also a "University of Manitoba Bisons" hoodie, kind of dirty around the cuffs like he hasn't washed it in a while, maybe some mustard or relish drops which will make him seem like a clumsy oafish nobody, and he's eating some chips looking at the window display of that new shoe store, backpack slinged on his shoulder, (a dirty and ripped Green Bay Packers backpack with a rolled up magazine sticking out), jingly keys on the belt loop of his cargo pants when he walks with his semi-limp. "Hey, wasn't he just wearing track pants and a leather jacket 10 minutes ago?" Is it weird to be holding an umbrella when it's not raining or rain in the forecast? Huh? What?, ask JFK. Umbrella? What's an umbrella?, ask Kolinda she knows. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic once had the honour of being mugged by one of these types while she was in Washington, (A very rare occasion when she was wearing a track suit after jogging, hence the egregious faux pas on the part of the future rap artist)  He got away with some cheap gold earrings, a watch and about 50 bucks, which is all the cash she usually carries around. They found the guy who mugged her and he was never seen or heard from ever again, from his landlord or his mom either, just disappeared off the face of the planet like he never existed, only a few of his fingers mysteriously showed up about a year and a half later in some old lady's taco in a Frorida restaurant and 3 weeks later in a meatball sub in Portland, Oregon) I think I might have even seen the piece of shit when I was downtown last week for a dental appointment come to think of it, but I was on the bus heading home. (Seen lately?) These types around here reading this don't like reading this, but that's their problem. I tell it like it is and know from experience. Even the ghetto-gangsta wannabees next door or at the local college I put on hold recently that are reading this, if you don't agree then go head on down the road and go hang around the Toronto Fucko-mayor and his homeez and stay out of my circle, by all means, birds of a feather and all that stuff. Those Chinese chicks and old lady at the bus stop don't care about your yelling that you're a this or that or impressed with your bus stop dancing, they'll just take a cab then.  Anyway, at the end of the day, I guess lately I just really don't like what I see or hear around the malls here these days. Very different from malls in Croatia,  even the malls from the 80's or 90's actually, like I said, ask Kolinda, she knows what I'm talking about. (Moral to the story?...I guess I plan not to go to the mall just before doing a post here, if I have to then I just have to remember to put the volume on high on my mp3 player, buy my stuff, (I'm not gonna go blingin' around my grill or poppin' hoes  or swaggerin' my fashizzle) and then probably take a shower right away when I get home. That's part of a few other related stories, but now I'm babbling)

I know for a fact, and would be willing to wager my collection of Gustav Klimt prints that people like that probably don't even know that the Olsen twins were recently in Croatia, as well as that Game of Thrones is partly filmed in Croatia, just for starters as you know by now.  Anyway, that's a whole other topic, back to this post....I've only previously touched upon Cro Cop Mirko Filipovic in regards to this topic, those post links are directly below........







The short Goran Ivanisevic story below I threw in just for the hell of it, contrary to rumors Goran did not die in 2011 from a botched botox session, and the rumors about that sex tape thing with Sherri Moon Zombie in Paris in 2008 turned out to be just rumors too, she was just in the same hotel that night, although those fingernail back scratch marks that spell 'Sherri" and the huge hickey still remain to be explained.  Anyway, that story is below the Miocic article.....

American UFC Star Goes Croatian With New Tattoo



American mixed martial artist, and one of the best UFC heavyweight fighters, Stipe Miocic has paid tribute to his Croatian heritage – with ink. Ohio-born Miocic, who is currently under contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and ranked 9th in the heavyweight division, has tattooed a huge Croatian coat of arms on his foot.

The Croatian coat of arms has proved popular with American sportsmen of Croatian descent with New York Giants David Diehl donning a similar tat’ on his arm.

Goran Ivanisevic Still Claiming Titles



It maybe more than a decade since his famous win at the All England club against Pat Rafter to claim the Wimbledon title, but Croatian tennis legend Goran Ivanisevic is still winning titles. Goran is still in great form and has just won the Optima Open – Champions Tour in Belgium. Ivanisevic beat Frenchman Guy Forget in the final 6:3, 3:6, 10:4 after beating Richard Krajicek and Thomas Enqvist along the way. “I surprised myself how good I played. I lifted my form over the three matches and my serve was top class in the final,” said Goran after the victory.

Related previous posts: goran-ivanisevic-iva-majoli-featured-in-botox-spot


marin-cilic-victorious-at-umag-open- 2012-atp







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