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subota, 7. rujna 2013.

CNN To Open Centre In Croatia

Here's a quick diversion from the previous continuous thread. (Boy, do I feel better now. Isn't that the main thing? Telling it like it is and to feel good about yourself...feel content...getting some things off your chest and knowing you made a difference in the world, and contributed to it's forward linear progression? Doing your part to save civilization, or at least a segment of it that is important to you and others.)   Anyway, this is definitely good news, and something which will lessen the load of this blog hobby thing if or when I decide to add something here that's considered a serious type "news post" from Croatia, as opposed to my usual current events and casual stuff.  Some of the things I've discussed on this blog which I decided were items that needed to be addressed, examined and told, again "newsy" type additions here unfortunately are from the Croatian portals. That means translating, setting up some background information, relevant images and/or video footage etc. There was plenty of stuff I passed over because of this,

This way CNN should theoretically be on top of it from the very start, but more importantly broadcast in Croatian, which should make the events or important items of interest broadcast on this side of the pond in English much more easier. Dissemination of information, but also to filter out the crap, lies, propaganda as well. Yep, Nothing wrong with more independent news broadcasters showing and telling what's really going on in Croatia. It will also help people at least know where Croatia is, which is very important. How are people going to know what the country is about, what is going on there or even have an opinion if you don't even know where it is. Lots of failed maps and text floating around on the news, and yep, even CNN in the past. (Example post: croatia-not-a-country-anymore)

This news of CNN setting up shop in Zagreb should definitely be informative for viewers with an interest in the region.  It will also help expose some of the past and present propaganda coming from and related to the Serbian political structure down the road, their misinformation media campaigns which present warped serbo-centric views from the 90's and even today, again, to present alternate fiction-history.  Most importantly to me is concerning the position of Croats in BiH or wherever they are found,  as well as Croatian-European Union topic and issues.  This blog is an example of some of the items I would like to see reported by CNN as they happen, the regional reactions, implications and repercussions, then broadcasted in English for viewers worldwide.  If the scenario of those Serbian chetnik taliban groups and their supporters coming to Croatian territory that are calling for terrorist activities and attacks on Croatian towns and cities again, such as at the link above, then it's good to know that CNN will have their cameras rolling and journalists reporting on the scene with 10 minute updates as Croatian and NATO missiles, bombs and planes destroy Serbian chetnik-taliban positions attempting to enter on Croatian/EU territory or the territory of any country to start more ethnic cleansing and raping campaigns. ("...A barrage of Croatian medium range SSM's has just destroyed a column of chetnik-taliban serb troop movements near the border, there are large fuzzy hats, liquor bottles and limbs strewn all over the roads ..Croatian MiG's have destroyed a number of columns of armoured personnel carriers and reports of NATO jets leaving their bases in Italy, Poland and Germany for a collective bombing campaign...back to you in the studio".....)

Of course, this should also mean more video footage of newsworthy current events in Croatia too, sports, entertainment, etc.

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It has been one of the most secretive media projects in the region, but daily newspaper Jutarnji list reveals that a CNN star will shortly present it all to the public. A new regional television station, Kanal N1, will be broadcasting its informative programme at the start of 2014 in Croatia.

N1, who are the regional partners of American cable and satellite giants Cable News Network (CNN), will broadcast from three centres – Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade. N1 will have an audience of over 15 million viewers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The main programme director will be former CNN journalist Brent Sadler, who announced that N1 would develop specific content based on news from the region.

“Cooperation with CNN brings us valuable experience in the field of journalism, editorial and programme producing,” Sadler said in a brief statement, adding that the agreement with CNN enables broadcasting of selected CNN content translated into local languages​​. The move is seen as CNN’s answer to Al Jazeera in the region.

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