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srijeda, 25. rujna 2013.

Memorial Statue Of Joe Strummer To Be Unveiled At Zagreb's Subculture Centre....Mladen Mikulin & The Jim Morrison Bust

Sneak peek of the statue of Joe Strummer and it's creator Marin Marinić.  
Photo: Davor Pongračić / Cropix


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This isn't particularly important, just a current events type thing I personally found interesting, but hey, it's much more interesting than a lot of the crap on the boob tube lately.  I did find this story about a Croatian entrepreneur, Juroslav Buljubasic, taking up a Hajduk Split scarf with him on his flight into space with Sir Richard Branson sort of interesting though. (Before making this post I had plans to get a haircut soon, so soon after doing this one I decided what the hell, and went with a Clash-ish "iro" hairstyle again)

Anyway, on Friday in the courtyard outside of the Subkulturnog Centra (Subculture Centre SKC) at 16 Pavla Hartza street, a monument will be unveiled and dedicated to the prematurely deceased punk icon, Clash frontman Joe Strummer. The statue of the musician with the Iroquois haircut was made by the sculptor Marin Marinić (in the above pic) and will be a memorial as well as a part of the newly opened Subculture Center. The statue unveiling coincided with the official Klub Beertija opening, which shares the premises. The statue of Joe Strummer is planned to be the first in a series statues which will be dedicated to past rock/alternative music icons. The courtyard of the SKC has also been named in his honour. Some images from inside the Zagreb Klub Beertija at

Updated image after the unveiling in front of the Subculture Centre. Images/articles: and

Some footage from a recently opened  Klub Beertija in the city of Rijeka. (Article Here)

If you have absolutely no clue who Jeanne Becker, J.D. Roberts and Joe Strummer is, I threw in some vids....

Mladen Mikulin & The Jim Morisson Bust

Photo by Heidi Purcell © 1981.


A lot of people also may not know that in 1981, Croatian sculptor Mladen Mikulin is the person behind the famous Jim Morisson bust that was erected at his grave in Paris. He voluntarily placed a bust of his own design and a new gravestone with Morrison's name at the grave to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death; the bust was defaced through the years by cemetery vandals and later stolen in 1988. Mikulin made another bust of Morrison in 1989 and a bronze portrait of him in 2001, but neither piece is now at the gravesite.

A photo-monograph by Mislav E. Lukšić, named "Mladen Mikula - The Portraitist of Jim Morisson", a friend of the artist, designed and produced it in 2011 to tell Mikulin’s story. Only 200 of the 500 copies printed will be made available to the general public. This edition of 500 will never be reprinted so they are truly a collector’s item.

 Patricia Devaux © 1981

Postcard from Danny Sugerman to Mladen Mikulin (1992)

"The Bust of Jim Morrison in Paris (Sculptor Mladen Mikulin)"

An interview between rock-critic and art-historian Darko Glavan and Croatian sculptor Mladen Mikulin (Croatian Radio-Television HRT 1996), who made the famous marble bust of Jim Morrison in 1981 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jim's death. 

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