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četvrtak, 5. rujna 2013.

More Proof That Serbs Are Shit People (Video Doesn't Lie - Pt 2)

For a people from serbian heaven they and their serb church sure do support a lot of raping over the years. (I would highly recommend for people to download the above pic and have it printed on a t-shirt)

The below article is not a personal endorsement or advertisement for any book, if you want to buy the book, buy the book, if not, then don't buy it. I personally wouldn't buy it because I already know all the facts, I've already read all the reports, articles, seen all the images, videos, United Nations reports, NATO reports, Hague court proceeding statements and eyewitness reports and particulars, I came across numerous blogs and newspaper articles related to this topic over the years,  major world news networks and their televised and filmed reports from reporters, journalists who were there at the time and filmed everything. I've already come across all the serbo rubbish on serbian chit-chat sties and serb media where it is shown and proven that they invent history and prefer to tell stories and lies instead even today.  I even know all about serb history that reaches back centuries because of 500 years of Turkish rule, which the serbs then used as fuel for their war campaigns in the 90's like it was somehow related. (Example: real history vis-a-vis serb fantasy history)  The facts and images and video is all out there.  The serbs even have their own wing at the Hague where one can listen to all the accounts even now of trials going on afterall.  The main point of this post is to show the definition of "contrast", the contrast between "cultures" and peoples, the contrast between progression and regression, and quite possibly between shit people and Non-shit people. This post I guess could be considered the 2nd part of this post. Between Non-serbs and serbs, between Non-serb culture and serb culture, between Croats, Europeans and Europe, compared to the sick shit filled minds of serbdom, serbiocity, serbishness, whatever you want to call it. I just call it retroserbo-syndrome, it comes replete with overcompensations, complexesklepto tendencies, serbo-centric obsessions and appropriation, lots of out of key songs about serbs being the best rapers, dancers  about greater serbdom, raping and genocide through the centuries, about serbs and all the serbian lands in the other countries, about serbs being the smartest and bravest rapers and cunt kickers, smartest looking hairstyles while shelling schools and hospitals, serbs being the best stealers and liars and drunken dancers, wearing the best looking shoes etc. Best and smartest and bravest since Moses got his first pair of serbian pointy/curly toe opanci (Yes centuries, not just the 90's)

I guess that besides contrast, this post is a good example of  "freedom of speech". You see, there's "freedom of speech" to speak your mind, or sing and dance your mind to lyrics in this case, to make statements, say things, imply things, proselytize things,  be it what may. Then on the flip side, others have the freedom of speech and right to retort, to express their opinions, to make counter-arguments, to illuminate, to reply to and expound upon what the original statement, words or actions were or implied and/or condone/support. Present facts which contradict or shed more light upon the original statements of the initiator of the freedom of speech cycle.  It's all a part of the "freedom of speech" merry-go-round" boys and girls. It's all about the dialectics and didactics.  This can then be applied to all kinds of words, statements, topics and subjects.  I also added a previously used video of serbs singing the same type of songs in the 1990's to show that serb genocide against Non-serbs (Yes, not just Croats, but also Bosnians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Czechs, Italians, Romanians, whatever Non-serb minority was to be found, maybe not many, but they were there too).....and raping songs have become more popular than ever.  The main text of this blog in concerning the the bottom portion. Links are included in case you don't know about the background of these topics.......

You will also find the below information proof that NATO did not finish the job, (mainly because they should have just nuked them, and then built a super huge eastern Europe Disneyland, or maybe a mega-Ikea with a really, really big restaurant, kitchen and living room section, a really huge selection of their sharp looking outdoor barbeque grills too)...and also because that they didn't even get started in lots of areas where they should have earlier.

Before finally getting to the main short article, I should probably add a few more important personal thoughts and some related background information. Namely, just prior to, as in just a few days prior, serbian basketball fans who arrived in the town of Vukovar for the European under-18 Basketball Championships were also similarly waving serbian flags "BUT" along with chants of  "This is serbia! Vukovar is serbia!" (serbian shit for brains with no grasp of reality or recollection of history obviously. Learning history from around the kitchen table from their drunken grandad. It's not 2013 to them but still 1754 or something) It's a lucky thing that they were not a large crowd and the police were ready at the front of the arena to prevent any confrontation between the serbs and the Croatian supporters, as well as keeping order during the basketball game. (So there was no chance of something similar to this happening)  However, I think they got off too easy.  When you come into the town of Vukovar, knowing the destruction, murders, rapes and carnage that was inflicted on the civilians in the town for 3 months by serbs paramilitaries, chetnik serb nationalists, serbian run yugoslav forces with tanks and planes and snipers and more, and then yelling "This is serbia! Vukovar is serbia!", then you are in effect not just showing how deranged and mentally ill you are, but importantly you are starting provocations, provocative words where you are literally inciting your people to genocide again and supporting war crimes that happened, and so then future war crimes. (Supporting crimes and criminals discussed all throughout this blog) The most vocal of the serbian fans should have right on the spot been grabbed by the collar, handcuffed and thrown into waiting vans.  Then charged for attempting to incite a riot, for hate speech, for condoning and promoting rapes, supporting war crimes, ethnic cleansing, genocide, convicted war criminals and supporting criminal political entities and their terrorist activities. 

If the apprehended chanters and pieces of shit refused to go, desist their Non-serb hate antics or resist arrest, then the police would have every right and justified reason to start cracking serbian skulls and larnyx's for the safety and well being of fans in attendance at the European Under-18 Basketball Tournament. The provocative inciters would only have themselves to blame if they refused to go and continued promoting former and future serbian acts of terrorism and war crimes on Non-serbs.  If any of the remaining serb fans outside the arena attempted the same. then rubber bullets would be the next logical course of action. If the rubber bullets or tear gas would not work, then local military detachments should be called upon as reinforcements, real bullets would have to be used at this point to dispel inciters to cease and desist and file onto their bus in an orderly fashion, perhaps also a few grenades may be an effective tool in helping them get on the bus in an orderly and quicker fashion, after that calling in a few MiG's with some ASM's strikes would probably get them peeling rubber pretty quickly back to their Sanjak of Smederevo.  After the vans were filled with the serbian inciters, they would then be driven to the local authorities for criminal charges and proceedings. The remaining chanters on the buses would be escorted to the serbian border.  From that point, all serbian fans would be barred from entering Croatian territory for any and all future sporting events, for being a danger to public safety, attempting to incite riots, promoting genocide, rapes, murders of Non-serbs,  promoting future terrorist activities and destruction against Non-serb civilians, as well as against the Government of the Republic of Croatia and of the European Union. The inciters to riot and supporters of terrorism should then be put on a list with all the particulars and passed on to Interpol, who will keep an eye on their movements should they attempt to cross the borders of serbia and possibly attempt to incite riots and genocidal acts in other countries as well. (Personally, I think it would be a wise decision to afterwards  gather as much information about the locations where these terrorism supporters live and hold their social functions using satellite technology and images, then send precise pinpoint SSM and MiG strikes to take out their home bases, and if possible a guided SSM directly into their mouthsI have already shown that Vukovar well before 1991, well before the 20th century, extending even back to it's very beginnings in the middle ages has never been serbian, but always a part of Croatia. This topic amongst others is explained Here. I also know, and it is well known, that the JNA, which was basically filled with Serbs, in collusion with Serb paramilitaries and nationalist chetnik volunteers from Serbia, were responsible for the destruction, raping, genocide and killing of innocent civilians. Yet, not 1 Serbian leader has been indicted or convicted for those crimes. Not a one.

I am sure and 100% positive that if Czech fans had traveled to a border town in Slovakia, German sport fans traveled to border towns in Poland or the Czech Republic, or if Russians did the same to border towns in Estonia, Latvia or even Ukraine, and were similarly chanting "this is Germany?" "This is Czech"! and "this is Russia", those nations would also conduct themselves in a similar manner. Even if the mentioned nations did start a visual and verbal display of instigating shitfucker..(and this proves even more the sick and mentally ill state of the serbs in question) still would not come even close to being the same thing because none of those countries would be chanting in the border town of the host country that in the 90's they were shelling, ethnically cleansing, bombing, killing and showering mortars upon. (More information about this topic at

Marija Sliskovic Photo: Goran Stanzl/Pixsell Film “Sunny” about Croatian rape victims from days of Serb aggression against Croatia



Croatian politics, authorities and institutions (including media) have failed miserably at addressing the war crimes of rape perpetrated by Serbs against Croatian (and non-Serb women) during their war of aggression against Croatia. The same could be said for Bosnia and Herzegovina. There has been no significant will to prosecute rapists, war criminals – the political and judiciary neglect of these awful, beastly crimes against Croatian people – women, mothers – has resulted in the fact that still, after more than 20 years the rape victims do not receive their deserved attention and respect among the public.

One can only conclude from this that the rape victims of Croatia’s Homeland War have remained under the radar of social sensitivity and humanity.

Croatian women, rape victims from Serb concentration camps in Croatia have not received that which every humane society owes to its sufferers: pursuit of justice and punishment of perpetrators, support and protection. A humane society must build into its social milieu a consistent and persistent policy and procedures to address such beastly crimes and neither Croatian nor Bosnia and Herzegovinian authorities have done that. The only explanation for such appalling approach towards these war crimes could perhaps be found in the political madness and pressure towards ethnic reconciliation (the return to a semblance of the former brotherhood and unity, which failed miserably after decades of its forceful nurturing by Communist Yugoslavia) at the cost of human dignity and justice. In this mosaic of political machinations beastly rape of women becomes, it seems, a tolerated crime; a crime that can be swept under the carpet and victims of rape are faced to having to live side by side, in same towns, with war criminals.

If we scan over democratic societies of the western world we see that the crime of rape is not tolerated. Indeed, it’s not tolerated in the young democracy such as Croatia. So why tolerate the rapes perpetrated during the Homeland War?! One may come across many a condemning word against these crimes but the condemnation overwhelmingly stops at that. Most perpetrators of these crimes have not been prosecuted and the reason for that is that there is no will or determination from the authorities to pursue these criminals. Just awful!

As things go in modern times media has a powerful role in attracting attention to issues and the spinoff of that attention can often result in actions undertaken to correct the wrongs.

Actress Angelina Jolie had certainly made a lot of right noise across the world about rape during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina with her 2011 movie “In the land of blood and honey”.

Last month, the filming of the film “Sunny” has commenced at locations in Croatia (Vukovar, Sisak and Petrinja). It’s a co-production by Croatian “Women in Homeland War” association and the U.S./Texas iFilms. The making of this film is partly supported by Croatian ministry of Veterans’ affairs, City of Zagreb and ifilms-Texas. The film addresses the suffering of Croatian people, particularly the women, at the hands of Serb aggression against Croatia during the early 1990’s.

 In between the raping and ethnic cleansing/genocide of serbian soldiers against Non-serbs in the 90's, serbian ladies greatly did their own part for serbdom's greatest moments of greater serbia.  There is no word whether the UN soldier pictured received a medal from his country for exemplary service after arriving home, or a medal from serbia as a war hero. Über-sex scene if there ever was. I also cannot confirm reports that he went on to become a popular serbian rap singer after the war. Source. However, I'm very fortunate that the image was uploaded to the internet and passed on to me, along with others seen Here, because it just goes to show you what was going on in occupied Croatia while cleansed Non-Serbs were hovelling in refugee centers across Croatia for years.

OVERCOMPENSATE: excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect.

KLEPTO: a person who has a compulsion to steal.

COMPLEX: a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior. 

Updated image from an article at which just goes to show this serbo-theme again. In the article it explains how even now serbs that have come back to live in the city of Vukovar are spray painting serbian ultra-nationalist symbols in the city. Instigating symbols and phrases glorifying the rapes, shelling, civilian massacres, ethnic cleansing and destruction of the city in 1991.  As well as calling for the shelling and bombing of it again and more massacres. Spray painting phrases that "This is serbia", which everyone knows it never has been or ever will be. Typical serbish-ness sick behaviour which just shows that lies and talk is all a nationalistic serbo-shit is, as well as showing to the world that serbs still don't know what borders or countries are even in the 21st century. The article also goes on to explain, using common sense logic, that because the above pictured serbo-shit mutt and his serbo-fuckmuut pals insist on breaking laws, supporting terrorism, murders, rapes and ethnic cleansing of the sovereign country of Croatia, then they should just go back to serbia where they can chant and spray paint to their hearts content. (At least he remembered to use the serbian alphabet on his jacket and to stand on the correct side of the border sign. He and his people will have to recall that rule of thumb when traveling north, east and south and they come across other similar border signs. Obsessive overcompensating Serbo-centrism and a klepto-complex at it's finest. He wins a prize poster)

(There are even similar kinds of antics on this side of the pond, except a lot it is hidden behind the Canada flag flying in front of the local Serbian cultural society or clubs or whatever they decide to call it. The serbian churches are also places where members, supporters and sympathizers of the serbian shit mutt-fuckers party like to congregate. Sort of like those taliban supporter and funding organizations that hide behind and use religious or cultural institutions/buildings as their cover)

The aggression, devastation and war crimes were perpetrated by the regular Belgrade based Yugoslav Army, various Serb extreme militant formations (chetniks) as well as by Serbs who lived in Croatia. This film will clearly show the extent of Serb crimes over the helpless Croatian civilian population and present testimonies of living witnesses about the inhumane conditions of captivity, torture, rape and killing. The dramatized part of the film will be filmed in Texas, USA and the completion of filming is expected by the end of this year.

The aim of this film is to show the world the extent of Serb crimes against Croatian people that have not yet been prosecuted, spark public debates throughout the world on this issue, spark international human rights organisations into debate and into delivering adequate sanctions against Republic of Serbia and its citizens who had participated in the perpetration of these crimes, compensate the victims and offer them and their families adequate assistance towards their re-integration into normal life.

The editor of the book “Sunny”, Marija Sliskovic (President of Women in Homeland War Association, Croatia), on which the film is based, has for years been collecting rape victim statements and testimonies about the horrors of the war.

In the meanwhile, the rapes perpetrated by Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war are receiving a second major revelation through performing arts. This time it’s not Angelina Jolie that’s doing it, it’s Yasmine Beverly Rana, an American writer, drama therapist and pedagogue who is presenting her drama piece “The Fallen” at the “T. Schreiber” theatre in New York – reports Vecernji List journalist Jadranka Juresko-Kero.

Juresko-Kero reports that Rana was surprised to hear that Croatian women, victims of rapes, are still fighting for their rights and punishment of perpetrators via “Women in Homeland War Association”. Rana was reportedly especially shocked by the information that at least 240 children in Croatia were born as products of the rapes – most mothers of these children came from Vukovar.

Wounds from the past will not heal until such time when they are brought into “the light of day”, said Rana. She confirmed her belief that the truth heals everything and that all the children born from war rapes deserve to know how profoundly their mothers had suffered.

The other side of that suffering is love, said Rana. The women carried the children in their bodies and gave them birth. The love for the child had suppressed the hate towards the criminals, but that in no way means that the rapists should go unpunished.

Peace and reconciliation require a firm and consistent process to ascertain the truth, something which is particularly dramatic when rapes are used as a tool of war or in post-conflict phases against women as well as children and men.

Remembering is a very painful effort when it comes to victims of war crimes. And where rapes are concerned not all the victims are able to remember into testimonies and statements the horrors suffered. It is for that reason that societies and communities must make efforts in bringing the truth about these crimes to light and justice. For, peace and reconciliation can only return in the truth is told and the criminals dealt with – decisively, without mercy. I trust that the film “Sunny” will leave no stone of these horrid crimes unturned and that the world will stand still, take in the horror these Croatian women have had to endure and – finally help turn winds of justice against the rape war criminals. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

A similar big annual serbian chetnik religioso-festival that takes place in serbia.


"Oh Pazar, A new Vukovar and a second Srebrenica!" is the text of the song that was being sung in the town of Bratunac, in the serbian controlled part of Bosnia, the songs were sung on the occasion of the feast of the serbian holy makivije holidays"".

The disgusting and tacky 'celebration' was documented in the video for a period of 27 minutes, which was then uploaded to YouTube. The serbian religious celebration takes place in front of and was organized by the Municipality of Bratunac.

None of the state authorities responded or made any comments, it seems the serb authorities agree with their glorification of genocide and the calling for new war crimes and ethnic cleansing against Non-serbs. Bratunac is located only a few dozen kilometers from Srebrenica. (Source: Index)

serbs glorifying ethnic cleansing, raping and genocide from their military campaigns in the 1990's. (♪♫ Hey hey we're the serbs, blast that Non-serb town, ♪♫♪♫♪♫ hey hey my great serbia...rape that non-serb, burn her house down it's gonna be a serb town now,♪♫ Hey hey! we're the serbs and you're no serb, hey hey we're the serbs and you better leave!!.. ♪♫♪♫)

It doesn't take long before a serbian politician in serbia or in occupied bosnia, or even non-politician's words or instigating deeds to become another typical show of serbo-bravado. (Recent serbian basketball fans who arrived in Vukovar for the European under 18 Basketball Championships were also similarly waving serbian flags along with chants of "This is serbia! Vukovar is serbia!" serbian shit for brains with no grasp of reality or recollection of history obviously) All the while usually with the sole purpose of fanning the flames of hostility, serb ultra-nationalism and politics in Europe.  Above is footage from just days ago of serbs and serb chetniks and their supporters celebrating in the occupied and cleansed part of Bosnia which they call repubika srpska. (republic of serbian), a by-product of their glorious raping and killing campaigns from the 1990's.  They danced round without any impunity from the towns authorities and invoked new future killing sprees in the manner of Vukovar and Srebrenica.  Approval and best wishes, one mustn't forget, from serb church leaders and authorities, who usually help organize such events like this.  They used to bless the serb rapers and genocial maniacs back in the 90's. (Just one example below during the shelling of Sarajevo) Wishing them good luck to hit their targets and that they don't run out of bullets or tanks. Such a wonderful show of serb culture that they decided to share it on Youtube. Job well done.

It's very surreal that their celebrations with songs calling for another Sarajevo and Vukovar are taking place in their occupied part, the previously ethnically cleansed of Non-serbs part, in the very country that they are a part of. Calling for another siege of the capital of their very own country. (But we all know they don't really consider it their country, their philosophy is that everything and everywhere is serbia and bla....bla....bla........ In the 90's all the lands that have never been serbian are serbian in their camel testicle filled noggins) The lyrics calling for another Vukovar, if one knows about the absolute without reason or logic siege of that civilian filled town, only shows the utter disdain and disrespect these serbs have for anyone who isn't or doesn't consider themselves a serb, it displays perfectly the symbiosis, the Flotsam and Jetsam that serb religion and serb culture is all about. Serbs mimicking the words and actions of their sick and mentally ill political and religious leadership. Serbo-centrism at it's finest. May they choke on their holy serb kangaroo testicle sandwiches.

These kinds of serbs would like nothing better than the good ol' days of the early 90's when they were given special blessings by sick serb church representatives to attack, shell, shoot and snipe at unarmed cities, towns, and villages and rape to their hearts content, and then cleanse areas of any and all Non-serbs. The serb sickness is very much akin to the taliban because it hides behind the so-called serb church, the terms 'religion' and 'culture' are appropriated to hide it's sickness, as well as to promote it's sickness. Genocidal maniacs, war criminals and their criminal acts are blessed and in many instances they are put on a pedestal and something to honour, respect and are practically beatified.

These are similar type events and celebrations that also take place at serb culture clubs in Canada, the U.S., Australia and elsewhere over the years, and even now. It's where they also even beatify serb war criminals and bless their holy serb achievements. (You know, all those serb saints at the serbian wing of the Hague) Those are the serb culture clubs that you drive by with the Canada, American or whatever flags flying out front.  Flying to fool the masses but very good places to buy war criminal tee's and flags. When you drive by next time,  hop inside and join in their rape/genocide songs and dances while drinking some cold ones, pick up a Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic, Vojeslav Seselj tee for the kids. (What, did you think all the serbs coming to your town from serbia are all of sudden singing Barry Manilow songs at the serb clubs? Au contraire) You might get lucky, they might have a retarded kid locked up in the basement, then you too can relive the 90's and be a super serbo singing and dancing chetnik soldier, raper her and then shoot her in the head to save mighty holy serbdom.

OVERCOMPENSATE: excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect.

KLEPTO: a person who has a compulsion to steal.

COMPLEX: a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that is usually repressed and that gives rise to abnormal or pathological behavior. 

This recent image I came across just about says it all, if you're a fan of "Bizarro Superman" comics that is. Nothing could be further from the truth. The above grotesque and pointless serbian pointy/curly toe shoes... (called 'opanci' in Slavic languages, but serbian opanci look nothing like the opanci of any other Slavic nation or people in Europe or even on the face of the planet)...are the national pride of serbs. They are hung everywhere in serbia like they are holy relics, or really good back and butt scratchers. It's how serbs got their name, all thanks to these shoes of theirs. (It's all explained at  Regardless, Europe would get along fantastically well without serbs actually. Quite magnificent actually. We could just give bits of serbia to the nations around them, nations and people from whom they stole the land from in the first place. Some to Bulgaria, some to Albania, some of Vojvodina back to Hungary and Croatia, some to Montenegro, some to Macedonia, some to Romania and things would be great all the way around. Nothing good comes out of serbia anyway, except truckloads of these aesthetically pointless and ugly shoes and the people who wear them while singing shitty songs. The serbs would still have plenty of room left over to sing and dance their raping, killing Non-serbs and ethnic cleansing songs.

Serb genocide and rape promoting songs have become more popular than ever as one can see up to now, below is previously used footage just without instruments and more drinks. (If you're lucky enough to have a serbian club in your neighbourhood, you could probably pop in and join in on the serb funs and wows)

The above current and previous example brings to mind this video from a few years ago. A serbian commemorative video produced by the serb taliban group known as the serb chetniks, celebrating the glorious events of 9-11. (serbs love glorifying the deaths of innocent people and then putting it into epic serbian songs)

Even getting off the topic of politics, rapes, genocide or ethnic cleansing, Serbia these days must be the leader by far of Serbian humour videos on Youtube. There's just way too many to get into, so I'll just add this one from a Belgrade park. I don't know of even 1 European country that even comes close to these displays of Serbian humour.  Is this the kind of country, people, culture or humour the European Union, or Europe in general,  wants or needs in their club?

Related: serb-forces-worked-together-to-sack-croatian-towns




























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