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ponedjeljak, 23. rujna 2013.

New HNK Rijeka Stadium To Be Built At Kantrida (Video)

I briefly touched upon this topic a few weeks ago and said I will do a post when more information becomes available. Well, here's the latest, complete with pics. Not a shabby stadium project at all, and it actually looks cooler than I had thought it would. Like I said before, around the 15,000 range would be a good fit for a city the size of Rijeka, which is about 215,000 people. (The new stadium for Zagreb is finally also in the works, but the final location and design have not been decided upon yet. The dates and plans are always being updated regarding Maksimir Stadium, hopefully something concrete in the next decade will be definitely decided upon.)

If you don't know much about HNK Rijeka, it's historic and unusual stadium which has been on numerous world lists for being located right beside and into a cliff and the Adriatic sea, see link below with personal pics from my last visit there. So there you have it folks and folkettes, it's official now. You have less than a year if you want to visit and see Kantrida Stadium live and in person before it's gone......

(Since the time this post was made, a few modifications to the original plan were made. For updated information, images and progress of the new stadium project see new-kantrida-stadium-in-rijeka-update)

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Rijeka will build a new stadium at Kantrida to accommodate up to 18,000 people



The stadium will completely cover all the seating areas once completed.  In the first phase there will be room for 11,000 local spectators and a thousand visiting fans in the East stands, HNK Rijeka's president Damir Mišković said today. Since the arrival of the Italian millionaire Gabriele Volpi in 2012 as part owner of HNK Rijeka and the team on field performance, the team and city have been in a more festive mood.

Current majority owner Gabriele Volpi (Center) and HNK Rijeka president Damir Mišković (Right) discussing the new stadium plans. Photo: Željko Šop / CROPIX, Source:

Last season they showed better performance by qualifying for the Europa League, and this season they ensured themselves placement in the group stage. Since HNK Rijeka is slowly building a higher tier European team, the team organization and it's leadership now believe that Rijeka deserves a real European 21st century stadium.

Club president Damir Mišković has announced the construction of a modern stadium on the site of the current stadium Kantrida, today he presented the whole project. Construction will start in May 2014, and will last between 12 and 13 months, during which time HNK Rijeka will play in the city of Pula and sharing the pitch at the Stadion Aldo Drosina.

The pitch will be raised 4 meters for groundwater. It will be a complete new construction, and a little more expensive than at first planned, but the stadium seating areas will eventually all be completely covered. In the first phase there will be accommodations for 11,000 local spectators and a thousand visitors seats in the east. After the first phase is completed, it will then be able to be upgraded to a capacity of 18,000 people. There is also a plan for a hotel, day rooms for the daily relaxation of the players - the president Mišković added for local Novi List newspaper.

Partial current view of Kantrida Stadium during a night game.

In the area of the current training field and parking lot, there will be constructed houses and buildings with restaurants and shops as outlets. Sort of a little "Village Rijeka Kantrida".  A place for people to go before and after the soccer games, but also open on other days. There will also be a "Museum of HNK Rijeka" as well as a much larger fan shop.

Brief aerial view of the planned new stadium at Kantrida in the city of Rijeka.

On Monday, 15th September 2014 on the site of the future training camp on Rujevica, where HNK Rijeka will play some of their matches until the new stadium is completed, the preparatory field works of forming a platform for future construction have already started. Namely, the construction permit for the mentioned works was issued on 22nd August 2014.

The training camp is an infratructure complex made of more football fields, whose goal is to meet the requirements of professional sports and high criteria of basis and conditions for the training process as the prerequisite for the achievement of the set of plans for the future generations of young football school and senior team.

Some images and video footage of the new training camp stadiums.

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