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nedjelja, 22. rujna 2013.

Photos Of The Day: Windsurfing In Volosko, Croatia

So anyway, just lots of sports stuff going on lately, tourism stuff, some stupid stuff, some political stuff. I came across some interesting topics and stories, but I really don't feel like translating etc. (Although I'm saving some posts for a bit down the road, about the new stadium to be built in Zagreb for Euro 2020 and the new one being built in Rijeka next year, Croatian MiG's which will be protecting Montenegro airspace for NATO, the new Zageb Bears hockey club jerseys for their inaugural KHL season, Very boring around here too, the pics put me in a good mood from the ghetto-stoogism (and all kinds of stoogism actually) around here.  On that note, below are just some pics I came across of windsurfers today at the town of Volosko, which is just about one kilometer from the town of Opatija.

The coastal areas of Croatia are ideal for windsurfers,(and kitesurfers) and it has been popular there since first being introduced in the 1970's. Many windsurfers from around the world actually travel there specifically for this reason.  Thermic winds blow from the beginning of May until mid September, right now the weather is still pretty warm and the winds are still around, so these windsurfers decided to grab their boards and take advantage of it. (During my last couple of trips I didn't have the time to take some quick lessons and do some windsurfing, but it's on my list)  I threw in a couple of vids at the bottom to show the windsurfing atmosphere in Croatia. Some windsurfing in Croatia links below the images with more info. (This is not a tourism post btw, I just liked the windsurfing pics)

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