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ponedjeljak, 9. rujna 2013.

Roman Abramovich Returns To Dubrovnik For Another Croatian Vacation

I was originally going to discuss this local recent "stoning is ok" story, (yes, that stoning, the guy has regular tv programs and is always in the news for similar enlightening statements, as well as fashion tips and how to twist any critical or informed contradictory statements as hate speech etc).. it's relation to sloth, hubris, mugging old ladies, cheating on your taxes, gluttony as well as it's relation to Croatian state security and immigration policy, with lots of interesting facts, images and statistics.  I was going to extend the concept of should stoning be permissible for rapists of all sorts, looters, shitty lacklustre tour guides, the makers and purveyors of unholy sexually explicit, abhorrent and perverted satanic Disney penis and vagina cartoons, liars and scammers in this recently deleted very long List_of_Christian_evangelist_scandals, the popularity of acid throwing and a whole bunch of other "stoning is ok and swell" scenario examples. However, then I found the discussion would have expanded to include a whole bunch of other related facts, statistics and examples.  I would have had to include images and videos, and then it became all really very, very boring, uninteresting and it felt almost like I was going to discuss the topic of how to best get rid of and clean big crusty puss filled blisters and oozing sores on your anus, the efficient way to wipe your ass on the toilet when there isn't enough toilet paper and you just had a big bowl of spicy chilli with extra tobasco sauce and beers or why is it that lemon juice is made with artificial flavour, and dishwashing liquid is made with real lemons?...then all of a sudden I started to prefer eating razor blades, drinking bubbling hot tar, playing with exposed extremely high voltage frayed cables or stapling my ears to my eyelids, perhaps even eating dog food, stuff like that..and so then I decided to do this more interesting topic instead...

On that note, just like I mentioned in a previous Bill Gates in Croatia post a few weeks ago Here, it never hurts to have the worlds big names choosing Croatian locations to vacation in. Sounds like a broken record, but it's true. It shows that the high and mighty names and elite of the world have good taste, they like culture and class mixed in with their fun, food and beach frolicking, and that's why they keep coming back. A great promotion for Croatian culture and positive exposure. Roman Abramovich, et al, from the world elite, want to relax at fucko-free locations, that's what vacations are all about afterall, to get away from stooge-ism, typical people and events and enjoy your surroundings, interesting people, places and things.  There's a media buzz pretty well wherever the yachts or planes of Roman Abramovich are spotted anywhere in the world.

I  decided to do this one also because I just started my 2nd week of college and I needed a short diversion. (I'll tell you, it has changed so much since the last time I went there, visualize the packed ghetto-mall food court on boxing day, a Walmart during a "Midnight Madness" sale and a 99 cent KFC bacon cheese chickenburger sale...all happening at the same time and at the same place, I rest my case)  You know, come to think of it, just like at my Bill Gates post, Croatia should seriously consider giving Roman Abramovich honorary Croatian citizenship also. Yep I really do, why? Well, his visits to Croatia go far beyond just a simple vacation or get away.  It's a statement really. Sort of like "Hey, I like to spend time in Croatia and bring my people there, it's fun and interesting there, it's safe and clean and stooge-free, lots of things to see and do, the people treat me great., good food and drinks and very relaxing. I like the way Croatia operates and what they're about, and they have really good ice cream too".  It would also make it easier for him to go there at a moments notice, get rid of a lot of paperwork etc. (There are a lot worse people to visit Croatia or give citizenship to)

People like them when they vacation in Croatia are making a very influential decision. "Say Todd and Monique, we should go to Croatia next summer for the annual company convention, did you know Roman Abramovich and Bill Gates go there? Look into it, it's in Europe somewhere." When a powerful, influential or popular celebrity decides to vacation in Croatia it's one thing, it's very nice and all and still a great promotion. Like when that Mr Bean look-a-like guy or that former child star who played Heather in the sit-com 'Mr Belevedere' reportedly vacationed in Croatia, but then there's the next step and echelon of the elite, powerful and influential. (Not many people know that he built his empire of today at first by selling imported rubber ducks from his Moscow apartment during the late 1980's Perestroika, (true story, I will never look at rubber ducks the same way again)..instead of jumping in on the Paul and Jan Crouch miracle spring water bandwagon and the parachute pants craze of the time. Seems like he made the right decision, rubber ducks are symbolically linked to bathing in many cultures and are an iconic mainstay niche market product even to this day believe it or not)

Anyway, doing this story and coming across pics or vids from Dubrovnik puts me in a good mood, it transports me vicariously to Dubrovnik for a few moments while looking through images, hearing those waves, breathing that Adriatic night air, strolling past all those outdoor patios, all the good eats and scenery etc..etc.  I also decided to do this one because there's some rare good footage of his private plane and of his yacht "Eclipse" in Dubrovnik. He arrived  in the evening time and then nonchalantly left to go to wherever it is that he goes. Related previous posts at the bottom....

(In case you're not familiar with who exactly Roman Abramovich is, and why his name sounds more Croatian than usually the more familiar sounding Russian surnames that you're used to, you might want to check out which helps explain it all.  Coincidentally, Roman Abramovich's current girlfriend, hot and brainy (and fashion guru) Dasha Zhukova has degrees in Slavic Studies and Literature so she would probably be familiar with the history)

Related articles/images:

Roman Abramovich chilling out in Dubrovnik.


One of Croatia’s wealthier regular visitors has landed once again in the country. Russian tycoon and owner of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich touched down in the southern Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik last night.

Not long after Abramovich’s 1.2 billion dollar mega yacht Eclipse made its way into Dubrovnik harbour, the 46-year-old arrived on his private Boeing 767-300. The Chelsea owner will sail along Croatia’s Adriatic coast this week on board his yacht which is the world’s second largest private yacht measuring 17.3 metres. Final costs of the yacht are reported to be over 1billion USD.

This is a grainy lacklustre photo, but I decided to add it anyway. It seems like one of those typical  paparazzi type photos.


The Russian billionaire and one of the wealthiest people in the world, Roman Abramovich, loves Dubrovnik. On Friday morning he moored his megayacht Eclipse near Lokrum, and in the evening he enjoyed a stroll up and down Stradun in the company of his girlfriend Darya Zhukova.

Although he was not thrilled with the idea of posing in front of the camera and tried to avoid journalists, after a few minutes of persuasion he, and his bodyguards, gave in. The Russian oligarch and his company went for dinner to Proto Restaurant, and then they strolled to Gundulić Square where he had a drink and an ice cream.

Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea FC, an English Premier League football team, arrived on his megayacht Eclipse that is 163.5 metres long and whose construction cost 1.2 billion US dollars. The yacht can take 30 guests, has 70 members of the crew, 3 helicopter landing-pads, a disco hall, bullet-proof glass, two swimming pools, a wellness centre and a missile defence system.

He visited Dubrovnik and Rovinj last year, and Dugi Otok the year before.

Abramovich landing at Dubrovnik airport in his private plane.

Roman Abramovich's boat thingy "Eclipse" in Dubrovnik. (The missile defence system is a great call from the way I see it, personally I would consider a mounted rapid-fire machine gun too, lots of pirates these days)

This one is kind of funny, without trying to come across as a contributor to or supporter of sneaky paparazzi type images and videos, I found footage from his stay at Dubrovnik last year. It seems like the people at the cafe are oblivious, like they probably think he's just some bus driver taking a break or something.("Henry, the waitress just served that Russian bus driver but we were here first")

A cool "Dubrovnik Summer Nights" time-lapse video.

These are some very rare photos I had to add, and some updated info since first making this post. He took his boat thingy Eclipse up the coast a bit and stopped at the island of Mljet (Pronounced Mlyet) for some boating and biking. It's good to see he decided to actually trek around and take in the sights of the various places he goes, instead of just hanging around on his yacht the whole time.....

Roman Abramovich Takes Eclipse to Mljet

Posing with the locals.


Despite his club Chelsea going down 1-0 away to Everton on Saturday, Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich was in a jovial mood on Sunday on the southern Dalmatian island of Mljet as he posed for photographs with locals. Abramovich arrived on board his billion dollar super yacht Eclispse (above), which docked near Saplunara. The Chelsea FC owner made the most of the good weather by enjoying a bike ride on the stunning island. Pics of Roman with locals Here and Here.

The following pics were taken from

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