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subota, 5. listopada 2013.

Bastille Day, Croatian Soldiers & 1920's Historical Movie Films (AKA...That Disney Lobster Looks Like A Perv To Me)

Thanks to today's pastors and people with specialized video equipment able to play frame by frame, forwards and backwards, as well as being able to zoom in on hidden genitalia and suspicious sounding sounds and moaning sounds and other suspicious sounds, the biggest threat to wholesomeness, family values and world normality has finally been exposed. (btw folks and folkettes, no need to thank me for this exposé, thank the expert pastors who know what they're talking about to save the day.)

So anyway, I felt like doing just a short quick post here, but I didn't know what about exactly. I covered some pretty interesting topics lately, but most of the stuff around right now is kind of boring. I don't feel like doing any sports, celeb or political topics. (Too much of that going around everywhere actually. Miley Cyrus and Bieber perhaps?..naaah, nothing pointless, something more entertaining and interesting instead. Something also to distract me from the guys scatching their nutsacks, blowing bubbles spitting sunflower seeds in the dugout on tv right now too). Hmmm? I thought, what to add here?  What to do? A Blogger conundrum if there ever was one. Then a light bulb went off in my noggin'. Something history related, but not too complicated, serious or bland. Something educational and historical with realistic costumes too..

So I remembered a while back, good ol' pastor what's his name from here, how he went done and reminded people about the evils of that dagnabit sexo-freako devil-sex Disney beelzebub, how the Disney people are hiding all kinds of freako sex-talking crabs, flowers, crustaceans and sponges into their cartoon movie films these days. Then I accidentally came across some of his other videos on Youtube just today.  (I actually even saw a bunch of them Satanic people at the Walmart the other day, already stocking up for the holidays, buying 3, 4 or more sicko Disney films dvd's to take home and put spells on their family, some of them were even wearing t-shirts with the Devil talking Disney characters smiling and looking all innocent and friendly, probably getting ready for their Disney orgies and diabolical Disney feasts).  I felt something needed to be said and done about that, something different and more historical and educational though.

I thought, how about if I add a short movie film here, something from the good ol' days, something more wholesome and pure and historical and straight in the head, before all this corrupting evil Disney crapola-rama and their sex message talking cartoons and characters came out. Something before all the Disney folks started putting all kinds of perverted images and sayings into the heads of people to go out and murder people, putting penises into cartoons that look like poles, flowery vaginas and to even eat poles before kissing fish and then murdering people or crickets. Well, you can't get much more wholesome than the 1920's now, can you?..I thought. France 1920's even. (That's where that Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy people started out). Yep, someone had to stand up for properness and make a stand. I'm not going to let sneaky Disney films ruin mankind, time to take a step back in time to when films were made the way they were meant to be made...

You're not fooling anybody subliminal Pinocchio, you're an evil agent of diabolical Disney.

The bonus with this short movie film I added below, is that it revolves around Bastille Day. Now, if you don't know much about Bastille Day, in a nutshell I can just say that it was a very important turning point in European history. It affected all of Europe in various ways, and even other parts of the world. Many great thinkers, movements and ideas came out after Bastille Day. Lots of good books, novels, art and movies about Bastille day too. Croatians even had a part to play in the events that led up to it, and even after it. See a previous post about Croatians at Bastille Day ceremonies in Paris from earlier this year HERE.

 Thanks to the pastors proven methodology, it is proven that Disney's diabolical subliminal Satanic agenda has extended to the toy industry. Disney's hidden subliminal perverted agenda has been exposed and foiled once again. It's a safer, more wholesome and better world now. (You people now know what to do next time a Disney movie plays at your local theatre, or you walk past the Disney store in the mall)

This is a very good post I think in hindsight. Learn a little about history, Bastille Day, Croatian history and get peoples minds out of the gutter from those freako-pervert Disney people and their whispering Satanic puppies and birds. No raping, or innuendoes from fishies and talking creepy-crawlies in this docudrama I'll tell you, just some good ol' fashioned sowing oats in a real historical backdrop and setting. Reality. (You know, the video kind of reminds me about some things my old man told me about my grandparents when he was growing up on the farm, and..well...nevermind)  There's some nice violin, accordian and piano music in this one also, it sort of puts a tap in your toe and makes you feel like you're watching it in a 1920's movie theater in Paris, or even Zagreb, or Moscow or Berlin etc, long before Disney even started poisoning minds there too and got their evil paws on peoples minds....

It's a known fact that before Walt Disney changed his name, his true identity in written signatures was "Lucifer Satan".

You only thought it was a chimney, but it was something else entirely.

In the battle for souls and wholesomeness, Edu-K has declared war against the filth of Disney with the grenade of righteousness and them holy dubstylin' beats to send Disney back to the burning gates of stinky sweaty Hell..

Very realistic props and sets that actually make you feel like you're in the Bastille dungeons with the prisoners. (You know, they really did wear wigs like that back then in the 18th century, the fashion in those days was quite eclectic and....entertaining)  It's almost like you can hear the clanking and clanging of the dungeon jail doors and locks and chains, the dungeon master walking around singing Frère Jacques and jangling keys while the rats scurry away.  Moaning prisoners with bruises and who were hungry, because they didn't really give them much food in the Bastille. It was actually usually rotten apples, old chicken and hard or moldy bread stuff most of the time, even dirty water to drink. (On holidays or special occasions they poured some lacklustre wine into the prisoners dented and dirty cups, but it was actually more like vinegar) Those dungeons from the Bastille sure were cold and full of bugs and leaking watery walls, mold and screaming all through the night and such. Yep, there's nothing like a real historical yet entertaining educational film short from the 1920's to set peoples heads straight I say. Enjoy some Bastille history to get the Disney freakos and degenerates out of your mind...(If only it was the good ol' 1920's again)....until my next post......Izvolite...

I deleted the film footage due to Blogger adult content rules that came into effect after doing the original post. (See post croatianicity-blogger-readership-content). It was artistic and involved Bastille Day, and it had all the costumes and wigs too, but I guess it just could theoretically technically also be categorized as porn in some deranged person's mind. Believe me though, it was very informative and interesting, so now you have to watch some Walmart shopping highlights instead, don't blame me blame the Disney cartoons and other cartoons.

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