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utorak, 8. listopada 2013.

"Legends Of Dawn" & Croatian Video Games

Images from official website:

Well, I've said this before and I'll say it again. I'm really not a gamer at all. I used to play video games maybe up until the mid 90's and that's about it. Although I do like a lot of the graphics and special effects of quite a few of them, I just don't have time to play video games. But then I came across some videos by accident of some Croatian developed video games from a few years ago.

The one video game mentioned in the related article that I found caught my attention especially..."Legends of Dawn". Pretty kick-ass if you ask me. Some pretty cool characters, spells, graphics, effects and overall theme, I just might have to play it sometime. (If you know me, then you'll know I like those epic medieval time/fantasy, Game of Thrones, Underworld, Lord of the Rings type films)  I noticed Here that the god and goddess characters in the game they took from the ancient Slavic deity pantheon, which is pretty cool. They even actually incorporated the Croatian old Glagolitic alphabet as the rune-like characters. (Not many people playing the game would have known that, screenshot pic near bottom)

The first video below has a game play preview of "Serious Sam" which isn't bad either, especially if you like a lot of blood, weapons and one-liners) Yep, I'm definitely going to have to give "Legends of Dawn" a try sometime down the road. More previews, screenshots and information at



January 13, 2013.

A team of Croatian video game producers have successfully raised over $30,000 from the New York based Kickstarter programme to develop a 3D open-world computer Role-playing game (RPG).

Dreamatrix launched a campaign on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects which enables people to invest in a range of projects, and were looking for $25,000 for their project to develop further their RPG video game “Legends of Dawn”.

With just days to go before the end of the campaign the Croatian team have raised just over $32,000 from the popular Kickstarter service..

The money will be used to complete development of the game which is set to go on sale next month.

Preview Legends of Dawn Here.

Highlights of some Croatian developed video games.

More "Legends of Dawn" videos and info at

Zrinka and the other developers take you behind the scenes at the making of and how to play "Legends of Dawn" video game. More at and

Some screenshots of "Legends of Dawn" video game.

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