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petak, 18. listopada 2013.

Croatian Team Fantasy Kit

I found this site by chance the other day and was originally going to do at first a post about just this jersey topic. Some fantasy kit designs that look sort of cool to me. If anything, perhaps a starting point or options for some future jersey designs down the road to consider. I really like the way the designer Peter Jerković  (Pronounced "Yerkovich) incorporated elements of the historic 3 ribbon interlace knotted designs known as the Croatian interlace  (or pleter/wattle/troplet) into the jersey design, and the very old Glagolitic-like symbol effect likewise into the numbers. (An unplanned for history lesson for you) I think future jersey designers for the national team should seriously consider at least the numbers option in the next jersey designs. (Not sure if it will still be Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lotto etc. Personally I like the way Adidas always makes jerseys, good designs, the extra added stripes are a cool effect)

Anyway, very creative and an overall cool effect. It would even sort of remind the players and fans of the history of the people who's jersey they are wearing and representing. (It shouldn't look like just any off the rack typical club jersey afterall) Historic accent yet in a modernized and hip overall final design. I wouldn't mind if the national team was to go with a 3rd jersey either. The red or black/grey versions look good to me. The bolder larger home checkered version is something worth considering too. (The home version will always be predominantly checkered red and white because it's a part of our long history and that's the way we roll, pigs will fly, Croats will stop making sausages and plum brandy, the Jews will convert to Islam, Muslims will convert to Judaism, the Chinese and Japanese will stop cooking and eating rice, Germans will stop making beer, the French will stop making French bread, etc, before that changes) Anyway, some more of his creations at

Croatian National Football Team Fantasy Kit.

I'm liking this below pic as a checkered home version.

Extra bonus video as promised. Different ways to open a beer. Izvolite...

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