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nedjelja, 6. listopada 2013.

Unique Croatian Helmet Wins Invention Award

(After reading this one, you may want to check out a later post with lots of images of these helmets HERE)

I decided to do this one quickly today not because I have a fetish or thing about military helmets. Not at all. I've been in the Canadian Military in the past, been there..done that. I don't even watch military movies, never even really liked watching those Arnold or Rambo movies anyway, it wasn't reality, they were just actors. (Well, maybe just the first Predator when I was younger, that one was sort of cool because it had Jesse Ventura and he had some good quotes)

It seems this Croatian company has been around for a while, and exported a lot of their modern technology helmets around the world, and other equipment. They supply to over 30 countries around the world, helping to make the world a safer place, so I guess that's good news. But the main reason I decided to do this was because of the way the newer helmets look in the poster of the below article. It's uncanny. Maybe it's just me, but I immediately had the words "medieval helmet" come to mind. (I have this thing about the middle ages and find a lot of the history from those times interesting, some of the stuff that they don't usually put in books or movies would mentally squeeze your noggin')  It's just uncanny that's all I can say.....

Historical medieval Croatian armour. Image:

"Dukes of Zelingrad" is a medieval tournament event held annually in Zelingrad. Image:

Now, the helmets I had to wear were not these newer style ones with the lightweight technology etc, the ones I had to wear at the time were basically the same ones that were worn by American soldiers in Vietnam, exactly the same actually. Not exactly super comfortable, kind of heavy-ish after a while and not very aerodynamically designed, more like wearing a bowl. (But they were covered with camo cloth, so you could write cool slogans and phrases on them, some guys liked to write..."To The Max!", "Keep On Truckin", "Charlie Don't Surf", "If It Moves Shoot It", "Shoot Between The Eyes", "Kill'em All..Let God Sort'em Out", "Meat Is Murder", "Game Over, Man!", "Ace Of Spades", "FTW", "Make My Day", "Cowabunga", "Fuck The Middle-East", "Real Deal" etc and so on, or you can write the name of your favorite bands, your mom's name, bible or movie quotes, cartoon characters, whatever turns your crank) I guess the comfort of the soldiers and lightness/efficiency of the helmets is important, mainly because of all the shit-holes they keep getting sent to in the world, to put their lives on the line against fundamentalist extremists, rioters, pirates, wacko fashion basketcases, mental religious guru armies, illegal armed misfits etc, mind control subversives, anti-civilizational anarchist sects and cults under the guise of various names, all the while lots of them at the same time are actually getting into your country and then supporting those who are shooting bullets at said soldiers. So you might as well be comfortable and not get a neck sprain afterall, you can also look cooler with a stylish, streamlined and fashionable looking combat helmet. Being able to see taliban/terrorists types at night is definitely a bonus in my books too.

Medieval Knights tournament at Sveta Helena near Zagreb. Image:

The one above pic is of the medieval times reenactment group, Red Srebnog Zmaja (Order of the Silver Dragon) who are based in the capital of Zagreb. The other one is from a similar middle ages tournament held annually called "Dukes of Zelingrad." Comparing some of their helmets and some other ones from the middle ages I came across, these new Croatian military helmets definitely look similar in the style, especially with the face protection. Basically the new helmets remind me of the ones from medieval times. (Oh, and maybe Boba Fett too) Well, that's about it. The company website is Anyway........

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Davor Pahek and Alojzije Šestan from Šestan – Busch with their new product (pic: UIH)



An award-winning Croatian company has taken out the Grand Prix prize at the recent Inventors Awards held at the 11th international exhibition of inventions in Zagreb with a revolutionary helmet yet to be produced anywhere else in the world. Šestan-Busch, which produces military equipment and has developed new materials with well-known institutes from nations such as Croatia, Germany, Italy, U.S.A. and Spain, presented their award-winning helmet to the public for the first time at the exhibition.

Prelog-based Šestan-Busch’s unique Modular Croatian helmet consists of 6 different integrating components, and provides complete protection from the head to the shoulders. The helmet replaces all previous helmets and meets the needs of all the facets of the military, special forces and police. Within a minute a soldier or police officer with one hand can assemble and disassemble the helmet and put it on his head.

In the last 20 years Šestan-Busch have developed more than 20 types of helmets for the army, special forces and the police, exporting more than 600,000 helmets to over 50 countries around the globe. Šestan – Busch say that they already have interest abroad for their new Modular helmets.

ŠESTAN-BUSCH d.o.o. produces and delivers combat helmets to the following customers (countries):

Republic of Croatia.
Czech Republic.
Saudi Arabia.
UN committee for clearance of mines.
1st Division Hyperborean Guards
for the Glorious Liberation of Europa. (1st D.H.G.G.L.E.)

A couple promotional videos I came across. These helmets will probably come in handy for future apocalypse scenarios and related rioting, street battles etc.

An interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.

I figure I might as well throw in this interesting related helmet photo also. Dated from the migration period of the Early Middle Ages, this iron helmet (commonly called the spangenhelm today in Europe) was found in Croatia and would be what the early Croatian soldiers/warriors would have been wearing in the 6th-7th century during their movements south towards modern day Croatia (ancient Dalmatia, Pannonia and Illyricum) and up to the 9th-10th century. It is very similar to what was being used around early Kievan Rus', by Germanic tribes as well as other areas inhabited by the "White Croats" in Europe. This one can be viewed in person at the Museum of the Cetinska Krajina in the town of Sinj.

Related to the same topic and theme, below are a few updated images of the actual helmet and sword belonging to the famous 16th century Croatian Ban, (Viceroy/Governor and pronounced like "bahn") important military leader and noble Nikola Šubić Zrinski. He was renown and a hero all across Europe in 1556 after the famous and pivotal Siege of Szigetvár. You can read more about the interesting history behind this helmet at a post HERE. Click onto image for larger view.

Full photogallery:

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