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petak, 25. listopada 2013.

Zagreb Film Festival Debuts Goran Ivanišević Film

Well, you know that when Goran Ivanišević's name pops up in the news, it's usually going to be something interesting. That's why I've done my fair share of posts about him here, more than I initially thought I would. (He's sort of like that Peter Popoff, John Hagee or Benny Hinn on the tv, or Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnel,  he just doesn't seem to ever go away)  For a guy who hasn't played professional tennis for years, he still makes for interesting news items when you come across his name. (And not for stories like..."Goran Ivanisevic charged with beating wife".."Drug debt led Ivanisevic to shoot club DJ during melee"... "Ivanisevic ordered to spend 3 months in drug rehab"..."Goran sued by ghetto crack hooker, he say's "the bitches kid is not mine" "..."Goran Ivanisevic punches out clown at birthday party..Witness: "There was cake, clown shit and teeth everywhere" "...oh wait, this is fun, just a couple more....."Leaked 2004 Ivanisevic & Sharapova sex tape"...(They didn't go for just frogurt afterall") "...."Goran Ivanisevic smashes car into group of Japanese tourists after drunken argument with Ivana Paradžiković"....etc..stuff like that)

This seems like an interesting documentary to watch. There are interviews with other tennis players and family, hopefully there will be a lot of behind the scenes footage included that hasn't been shown before. The thing with Goran Ivanisevic is not so much just that he won Wimbledon in 2001, but also the circumstances and timing. Croatia had been independent for only 10 years at that time in 2001, Janica Kostelić was still a year away from becoming a household sports name and well known after the 2002 Winter Olympics. The national football team finished 3rd at the World Cup in 1998, some early basketball, handball and water polo successes, but no major championship by a single athlete had been won yet. Goran had already made it to the finals 3 times previously, but it seemed for the finals he would usually end up beating himself.

The year he won Wimbledon in 2001, early on it looked like nothing much would change. His rankings slipped over time from World No. 2 in 1994 to 125th and he got into Wimbledon only as a wild card, no tennis analysts or commentators were expecting any big surprises. Basically, it was thought he had his chances, but he was going to be the tennis version of the Buffalo Bills unfortunately, something like that. (Actually, even during the semi's he found himself behind in sets and it looked like he was done for) Instead he never gave up and it actually became one of Wimbledon's most historic and exciting finals ever. The first and most memorable sporting moment for some time, even today. Anyway, the 3rd video I threw in because it has some footage of the atmosphere from when he got back to his hometown of Split. It was a great time to be Croatian....



The documentary film Goran’s Way, detailing Croatian tennis star Goran Ivanišević’s 2001 Wimbledon victory premiers tonight at the Zagreb Film Festival.

Although more than twelve years have passed, it is incredible how many people vividly remember that summer day. The reminiscences of John McEnroe, Patrick Rafter, Tim Henman, Srđan (Goran’s father) and Goran Ivanišević and others lucky enough to watch the match on Central Court that Monday will help viewers relive that day again. It is a story about persistence and Goran’s spite. A story about the success of a man who seemed predestined to fail. The film is directed by Leon Rizmaul and produced by Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). Goran’s Way (Goranov Wimbledon) will be shown on TV in Croatia (HRT) on 5 November.

"Goran's Wimbledon" promo (English subtitles)

Some footage from the film of Goran arriving back to his hometown of Split after winning Wimbledon, like it was Elvis come back from the dead

Downtown in the city of Split after Goran arrived from Wimbledon.

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marin-cilic-victorious-at-umag-open- 2012-atp







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