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utorak, 26. studenoga 2013.

Surf-Rock Band "The Bambi Molesters" Keeping Croatia & Surfing Cool Since 1995

I'm not going to add too much here, all the info is straight off of the bands website. I've been familiar with them for some time and briefly touched upon them on my 67th-anniversary-of-the-bikini post. Their music was recently even featured in the last season of the award-winning American series “Breaking Bad. (Story Here) The surf-rock band, who were formed in 1995 and hail from the town of Sisak, have been a part of the Croatian music scene for 18 years now, as well as touring across Europe. I threw in some vids at the bottom.

(I had to throw in Malaguena first, because it sort of reminds me of what a hitman would be listening to on his earphones on the plane, or bus or car on his way to a hit, like in a Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez movie, you know....Opening credits. He's visualizing doing the hit, a quick paced montage is going on through his head that the viewer is in on while munching on their buttery popcorn with greasy fingers...quick paced colour and black and white close up images that show images of airport people in his semi-mirrored Ray-Bans. (reminiscent of the original Hawaii Five-O opening credits, the newer version is good too but it doesn't have Jack Lord in it, I mean c'mon, it's Jack Lord and his confident look of self assurance). He's practically smelling the spent casings already and deciding which cafe to go to for his cappuccino afterwards, more black and white flashback images of him from the last time he was there, (some waitresses like a big tip slipped in their back jeans pocket when not expecting it),...while walking through the airport he's wondering should he wear jeans or some kind of slacks to the concert later that night?..a hot Lufthansa stewardess winks at him licking her lips, he smiles back, more stewardesses and more smiles, he's in a hurry though, woman arguing and yelling with her husband because he lost the tickets and his shirt has mustard stains, the kids are screaming, he walks to the front doors and starts hailing a cab to his place... did they remember to put the good orange juice in the fridge and where the fuck did he put her telephone number?..the zippo never fails making sure it's lit right the first time...and the smell always reminds him of the smell of spent casings (long sniff..aaaahhhhh)...damn cabs here, suns coming up, good thing I brought my shades, "no thanks lady, I already have accommodations reserved, thanks anyway" he says in the local language.....there's a good band playing at the club that night, then jeans it is..."driver watch out for that old guy crossing the street!"..."I'm not gonna even charge for this shitfuck kreten pusshead, it'll be a pleasure", (a grin on his face as he crosses a name off of a list on a piece of paper with a pen)....time to put on the shades again, the reflection of the flame lighting up his Marlboro cigarette in his Ray-Ban's, "yep, then jeans it is, I'll look up the stewardess later", view from the back of the cab another plane flies upwards into the golden sun and melts away........). Anyway, a bunch of related links to check out also. If you buy their cd your cool factor will automatically go up 10 points, the bands website with more info is

Genesis 6:13..."..and on the eighth day God said... Look Cool & Surf."



Formed in 1995 under the influence of sixties garage and surf classics, Croatia based instrumental combo THE BAMBI MOLESTERS won sympathies of rock critics and underground rock audience with their first album “Dumb Loud Hollow Twang”, released in 1997 by “Dirty Old Town”, a small independent label. The whole album, all 15 original songs were recorded during one unbelievable, only three hours long session. Produced by the legendary Californian surf DJ, Phil Dirt, the album soon went out of print.

Since then the band has regularly been playing all over Europe and their fiery and energetic live performances helped to build their reputation as one of the finest and most original contemporary surf bands. In 1999 the band signed a record deal with Dancing Bear Records to release their second album “Intensity!”. Both, “Intensity!” and “Dumb Loud Hollow Twang” gained positive reviews in music press and were nominated in various categories of Croatian national and independent music awards. During the following couple of years they played with The Cramps, Man or Astroman?, Chrome Cranks, Flaming Sideburns and many more…

The songs from both albums were regularly played on American (KFJC, KFAI, KXLU, WREK, WHUS) and British radio stations (BBC RADIO 1, John Peel). In 1999 they supported R.E.M. for the first time in Koper, Slovenia. In December 2001 The Bambi Molesters released their third album “Sonic Bullets: 13 From the Hip” (Dancing Bear, WMA, Big Beat). This album features Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Scott McCaughey (Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M.‘s touring band), The Walkabouts frontman Chris Eckman, American singer/songwriter Terry Lee Hale and Speedo Martinez. The album gained excellent reviews in MOJO magazine, UNCUT magazine, Pitchforkmedia etc.

In February 2002 The Bambi Molesters played at the New Zealand festival. One of the six shows they did in Wellington was recorded live and broadcasted by the New Zealand national radio.

First eight months of the year 2003 were spent mostly on the road. They played Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, one of the shows being the Orange Blossom Special — Glitterhouse Records festival in Beverungen. In July The Bambi Molesters supported R.E.M. on three shows of their European tour (Locarno/CH, Wien/A, Wiesbaden/D).

Immediately after the touring stopped the band went to studio to re-record their first album, rearranging some of the songs, and adding bonus tracks. The so-called remake of their out-of-print album titled “Dumb Loud Hollow Twang – Deluxe” was released in December 2003. A bonus DVD featuring documentary about the band, “The Bambi Molesters Backstage Pass”, that includes footage shot 1999-2003 (covering band’s different shows as well as Bambi Molesters’ R.E.M. support act gigs) was exclusively added to this release.

In January 2004 The Bambi Molesters joined forces with Walkabouts’ frontman Chris Eckman and formed “The Strange”. The band worked with Phil Brown (engineer and co-producer) in the Slovenian studio Metro in Ljubljana where they recorded a collaboration album “Nights of Forgotten Films”, released in 2004. Upon release, in Summer 2004 a promo tour took place with special guest Scott McCaughey. Some of the recordings taken live during this tour can be heard on the second The Strange release, “Comin’ Undone” EP, released at the end of the same year.

In Spring and Autumn 2009 the band recorded new songs for the fourth studio album, “As the Dark Wave Swells”. Album was released at the begining of 2010. Highly acclaimed in the music press (Uncut, Q Magazine, Sunday Times, The Sun), the album reaffirmed The Bambi Molesters as one of the most interesting modern instrumental rock combos. Two years of live shows followed, many of them done in the accompaniment of additional musicians (keyboards and brass section) which instigated the idea of recording a live album and doing a concert movie.

This latest release, a double live album “A Night in Zagreb” was released in December 2011. It consists of a double CD & DVD featuring the band’s first concert movie, a music “film noir” account of the show done in March the same year, directed by Marc Littler.

 Malaguena - The Bambi Molesters - Live CD/DVD "A Night In Zagreb".

Theme From Slaying Beauty.

Playing at Trsat in the city of Rijeka.

A selection of songs on the Croatian television program "Garaža".

A behind the scenes look at the band.

Playing a gig in their hometown of Sisak.

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