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petak, 1. studenoga 2013.

Rijeka Timelapse Video By Goran Razic

Well, around here Hallowe'en has come and gone without so much as a boo. Practically deserted around here last night actually, nothing like when I was a kid. We'd be out between 6 and 10 pm and would already have about 2 or 3 full bags by 9 pm. (I did a quick Hallowe'en in Croatia post Here)   Anyway, the news around here lately is all abuzz about the Toronto Mayor smoking crack with his crackstituents story. It's everywhere here. (This related video really puts a tap in your foot too, makes you want to fo shizzle your grill while poppin' caps at the 7-11 hoe's, bling their booty, then go swaggerin' the dissin' ghetto bitchez at the south side in da hood, meet up with dawg and tha homeez to bust some rhymes at the Walmart parking lot then diss the grills at the club, dash a slice like yo wazzup homie g? ..we be goin to smokin' them cracks with the Mayor)  Anyway, it's all over the U.S. networks too, Daily Show, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon Conan O'Brien, David Letterman etc and so on. (Even that highly respected and highest echelon of journalistic investigative publishing...The Hollywood Reporter)  He's even made the news on the other side of the pond, in jolly ol' fish and chips eating Londontown, and even Croatia included. A genuine European table talk news item while passing the salt and pepper.  I've got plenty of these similar types of stories I could share, and it proves my point which I've mentioned before and it's just one of numerous examples that at times being a fucko lasts well after highschool around here in many cases. (Not surprisingly, his approval rating has gone up about 5% since the news first came out, which goes to show you that Toronto has lots of crackstituents I guess)

On that note and the topic of videos, I came across this piece by chance and was not even looking for anything. It's another one of those cool timelapse videos. I've done a few posts previously about Croatian locations and timelapse videos, there's some really cool and creative stuff out there. (post links below) Time consuming and tedious is an understatement with these types of videos, but the final effect is usually pretty cool. Like the other ones, this one from the city of Rijeka does not disappoint either. It's cool looking at some of the views and seeing the places I've been to. Great memories.It was awesome walking around, catching up with some people, and not bumping into crackstituents as mentioned earlier. (Trust me, It's really not a fo shizzle grill poppin' nigger/wigger or crackstituent infested city at all, not even 1 Walmart either, which means better shopping experiences. You know that whole drug den and crack hooker scenario in the alleyways and those "apartments" above the convenience store or laundry mats? those are non-existent) It partly shows why the famous French fashion house Lanvin decided to even design and name a high heel shoe after the city. (Post Here)  Some other previous Rijeka related posts at the very bottom also. If you've been to Rijeka before, then you will know what I mean and like this one as much as I do. Izvolite....

(The related miss-rijeka-2013-poses-playboy, timelapse-guca and timelapse-panorama-serbia-video might also be of interest)

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Rijeka in motion by Goran Razic (video)


Professional photographer Goran Razic set out on a project to promote Rijeka in a unique way. He decided to use his photographs and some video footage to create a stunning timelapse video to showcase the city’s culture, music, sports and landscape. His video called “Rijeka — City in Motion” contains about 40,000 images from 65 different locations from around the city, which were taken over the period of a year and half from April 2012 to October 2013.

Check out Razic’s timelapse video below and find him online here and on Facebook here.

I recommend viewing in the full screen option below, it's much better .

I thought this was interesting enough to throw in here too, a depiction of Rijeka made in 1689. One can see how the port city looked and has changed over the centuries, Trsat castle is shown overlooking the settlement below and featured in the video as well.

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