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četvrtak, 26. prosinca 2013.

Doctors Prescription: The Magic Elixer Of Sailing In Croatia

This is a strange post to do today, the day after Christmas and with plenty of homes around here without electricity because of frozen rain and a snow storm. I also don't even sail or yacht at all.  (Just a little something to divert my attention from the holiday shootings, suicides, car bombs, ghetto stabbings, break-ins, muggings, political scandals, cannibals, alleyway midnight murders, drug busts, celeb Instagram photo gossip, taliban rappers, nutsoholic shopping stories, the overcrowding at the new psychiatric mega-complex hospital that dwarfs the college across the street, the Joao's, the Joao Joao's and other reasons to get an automatic weapon and extra clips, etc and so on)  Now, I don't mind winter at all, I also like winter fashion, I like being able to wear cool coats, boots and I even just recently bought an ushanka which I really like, and watching or doing winter sports etc.  However, even though it's winter and I don't sail, I initially just liked the photos and then afterwards I decided to just make it a post anyway. (Besides, the middle-aged suits on the local news are getting all excited about the Beibers-Cyrus news now) This is not intended as a tourism post at all, you are free to choose and go wherever and eat whatever you want, heck you can go smoke crack if you want. (Even though it is better than some festivals that go on in some parts of Europe IMHO)

I've never been on a sailboat and I never yachted, I know squat about yachting and all the sailboat yachting terms. I pretty much only know what port, starboard, keel and the deck are. (I would probably do windsurfing first anyway) This information along with the pics though is pretty cool. I forgot that there are even skipper schools in Croatia, (not this skipper, but rather these skippers)  I threw in a couple of vids too, touristy but I'm telling you, there is no CGI or special effects in the videos, those ancient castles and fortresses in the hills above the patio lined streets are real, the coast, people and surroundings really do look like that.  Great idea too, getting a bunch of people, renting a boat if you don't own one (but some of the people have to know how to operate the vessel first of course, that's where the skipper school I mentioned might come in handy) and then sailing all down along the coast making stops here and there and wherever you want. For years now lots of Russians like coming down the coast too, except some of them bring down their own humongous sail boats and super yachts. Bill Gates, Bernie Ecclestone, Roman Abramovich and others too.

The last time I went to Croatia which included a short coastal trip, I asked some guys at work and around if anyone wanted to come along for a great time, I had the best prices, accommodations, tickets and deals all worked out, but they didn't want to miss some kind of cowstrangling or the donutburger and squab drumsticks event or something. (very insulated strange people with strange tastes in food and entertainment, habits and lots of things, one guy said he couldn't wait to go trying on some cowboy hats and stick his hand up a cow's ass.  Oh yeah, it was in Calgary, whoooah!)  Sidenote - I told the one guy, "Hey, listen, maybe you'll bump into some hot east European babe, maybe she'll really like your Wranglers, billiards tricks and botched daughter and ex-wives tattoos and then invite you the next summer to Prague, Moscow, Bratislava or something, to try out her donutburger recipes"...then I whispered to myself while walking away "you scared Calgary beef jerky inbred cowtard..."  (The one guy I found out was my age and living on his parents sofa, his wife took the kids and racked up a $2,000 cell phone bill on his phone. If that's not a good reason for a Croatian vacation then I don't know what is) They wouldn't budge though, like a cricket stuck to molasses on a 2x4 at the beer store parking lot the day after the jamboree tell ya what. Anyway, even if you don't sail, it looks cool just seeing them out there while you're tanning on the beach or drinking and having dinner at some nearby patio. For the professional types, there are of course also regatta's to take part of like the article explains, skipper hats are not included.....(btw. did you know that tomorrow is the "Day after Boxing Day Sale" and that the next day is the "Day after the Day after Boxing Day Sale'?)


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Croatia Beneteau First 45 One Design Regatta – 28 June to 6 July 2014


This is an absolute one design regatta with the fleet of ten First 45’s all fitted-out with sails from the same loft in January 2013. The sails are tri-radial cut from spectra. There is one jib and one spinnaker on each of the 10 yachts.

The yachts are stock standard and operate in a charter fleet from a marina near Trogir in Croatia. Each crew will be allocated a yacht at the start of the series using a ballot system.

Fleet at the quay in Vis - Maggie Joyce

The one week regatta program will also be unique. There will be three 30 mile passage races between Split and Korcula, taking in the Dalmatian Islands of Vis, Hvar and Korcula, with three additional races around triangular courses at each of these stops.

Singles, couples and complete crews welcome.

On shore accommodation will be reserved by Mariner Boating Holidays as part of a package. Also included is a social program, technical support and professional race management. Transportation between ports of call for non-sailing partners and for gear not required on the race boats is also provided.

Hvar -  Maggie Joyce

Vis quay -  Maggie Joyce

Mariner Boating has extensive knowledge of the area from the cruising programs they have conducted along this coast since 2004.

The summer weather pattern will be well established in July with the thermally driven Mistral filling in around the middle of the day to provide winds from west in the 10 – 15 knot range. The Adriatic will be flat, clean and warm so a post-race dip will be a highlight.

Races include three races around triangular courses in Vis, Hvar and Korcula.  For more information about the Croatia First Regatta call Lauren at Mariner Boating Holidays on 02 99661244, or visit the Event website Here.

by Maggie Joyce

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