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utorak, 3. prosinca 2013.

Domagoj Duvnjak Named "World Handball Player of the Year"

It never hurts to be named the best in the world in anything these days, so I'm throwing this one here. Handball isn't all that well known or popular on this side of the pond, practically non-existent actually. (other than in high school or grade school or maybe college teams that is). However, handball is very popular in Croatia, and all over Europe actually, also in Australia and New Zealand. Each country has their own professional handball leagues, and of course there's always the Summer Olympics too.

I usually watch the European and World Handball Championships when it comes around, it's fast paced, more physical than you may think at times and basically an exciting sport for fans to watch, (there are women's leagues also) I like the jerseys too, there are some very cool looking jerseys in Handball. Anyway, some related vids at the bottom......



Croatian Named World Handball Player Of The Year


Croatian handball international Domagoj Duvnjak has been named the best handball player of 2013. Duvnjak was voted the world’s number one by 144,851 fans and 11 handball journalists on the website Handball Planet...

Duvnjak (25), plays for HSV Hamburg in Germany after signing a three-year contract worth €2.25 million, including a transfer fee of €1.1 million, making him – at age 21 – the most expensive handball player in history of the sport. Duvnjak was a member of the bronze-winning Croatian team at the World Handball Championships in Spain this year.

2013 World Handball Player of the Year

1. Domagoj Duvnjak 35 points
2. Laszlo Nagy 26
3. Julen Aguinagalde 23
4. Hans Lindberg 22
5. Arpad Šterbik 21

First goals after signing for HSV Hamburg in 2009.

From 2008 while playing for RK Zagreb.

Some highlights from Euro 2010.

From a Croatian commercial (reklama) during the World Handball Championships held in Croatia in 2009 čovječe.

In another commercial during the 2010 World Handball Championships.

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