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ponedjeljak, 16. prosinca 2013.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford To Give Dancing Lessons To Hajduk Split Cheerleaders?.......

Well, I feel like doing something local, but wasn't sure what. I thought maybe mix it up a bit, a little of this and a little of that. Joao Joao Popsick and Joao Francisco haven't done many superlative vids lately. (Hopefully there will be something new in time for the World Cup.)  So what to do? Then it hit me. Ah-haaa. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. He's been in the news lately more than ever. (Just one big downward spiral lately according to all the local celeb news)

 Yep, the Toronto Mayor is more popular then ever, as constituents are even getting commemorative tattoos. How many mayors do you know who can brag of that? Image:

Rumour mill has it that he's trying to cover up his pedophile past by "getting religion", as the saying goes, I can't really comment on that though as I'm not privy to those juicy inside sources and don't really want to know. (I'm not a psychologist, nutritionist, scientologist or any of that stuff, but I know that "gettin' some of that ol' time religion' is usually the route taken when you can't fool people anymore and/or got caught so you have to put on the "got that ol' time religion born again" bullshit act. You gotta start  the damage control, you gots to get that ol' time religion happenings, gots to get a shuffle in your step and them ol' time religion votes so the stupid peeps forget about them ghetto crackstituent votes)

 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford watches the Buffalo Bills play the Atlanta Falcons during the first half of NFL action in Toronto, Sunday December 1, 2013. Will he be the one to transform the Hajduk Split "Spalatine"? Image:

So anyway, I briefly scanned the news to see what he's up to, then like wow! At first I thought he was making a fool of himself at some Polish, Italian, Russian or Japanese church service, perhaps even a Croatian church service, but it ended up being some other kind of religious service. (Lots and lots of religious services, clubs, organizations and religions around here, as the reader is probably already aware of, never a shortage of religions to suit anyone's fancy or agenda)....

 Get those hands waving  girls. like the mayor you out of step ugly useless uncoordinated Croatian motherfucking beelzebub lardass monkey apes, dance like it's the 5th horseman of the apocalypse!

Stretch those legs!

Bend those knees!

Then I got to thinking after watching him swagger his booty in the video. The mayor needs to get in touch with the Hajduk Split football club cheerleaders without a doubt and teach them a move or two. Dont'chya think?  You know, give'em some pointers to get the fans all moving in their seats, you know, clapping their hands, doing the ol' buttock whirly-twirly thingy and robot jerky dance moves all of it. (I'm telling you, I'm gonna call former Senator Frank Mahovlich to talk to his peeps and get this guy on the next plane to Lijepa Naša). Afterwards, as a masterstroke fait accompli, he can dress up as ol' Santie and hand out ...candy canes! (crack and/or non-crack variety of course). Just think, if it wasn't for all his latest media faux pas' celeb news, we never would have known what a superlative mover and shaker he was.....

Enjoying some chicken bones during the football game.

Ok..ok, now I'm sounding like a ridiculous buffoon and getting ahead of myself. The last thing I want is to come across as a blithering fool, because that would give the impression that I'm an obtuse and addle-minded individual with no principles or self-respect and basically just self-loath myself. Let's concentrate on the dancin' moves and cheerleadin' tips first.....

 We needs more clappin' and wavin' girls.  Get with the program! Image:

....You know, lately he's also been caught by camera's stealing someone's seat at a football game. Nuthin' but bad news clips and press reports. Yep, it seems that teaching some dancin'/cheerleading moves is the only way he can redeem himself and salvage his reputation. While in the area maybe even give some tips to Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić, or any other city mayors. What kind of tips? I don't know, tips. Tips that mayors give to each other I guess. Heck, if he afterwards wants to go down the road and teach some swaggerin' moves at the Serbian Trumpet Festival, that's his business, because they need some serious dancin' and swaggerin help. (and maybe some of that psychological kind too). Anyway, that's the way I see it. Giving some dancin' and cheerleadin' tips is the best route to go I say. I will update this post as the need arises or related information/videos come along, especially if footage comes along of him at any other religious services. Rumour has it that a Hindu temple, Jewish Synagogue, Amish or Mormon church is next, I just don't if he's going to be bustin' his moves there too.


HNK Hajduk Split cheerleaders, aka "Spalatine". Image:


Dižite ruke gore jebote.

I think the cheerleader in the front needs get some more clapping, buttock and hip twirling happening, don'tchya think? This is where the mayor would come in to set things straight with them better dancin' moves.

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