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srijeda, 18. prosinca 2013.

Photo & Word Of The Day: "Overcompensation"

(Since the time of this original post, the dye-namic duo have been arrested for prostitution in Serbia, I didn't see that one coming at all and was totally shocked, dumbfounded and shocked beyond belief. This will probably have and effect on future selfie photos and lipstick sales will drastically plummet I'm sure. I was not aware that even 'celebs' in Belgrade have to prostitute themselves, because usually 'celebs' have free things thrown at them all the time, even paid just to show up and be seen sometimes. I guess crates of lipstick per month and those suntanning sessions are much more expensive than I thought.)

I don't really have to add much more here, just a photo from a recent night at a bar in Belgrade, Serbia that a I came across. "What do we have here?" you may be asking yourself. Well, let me be very brief, basically a bar where it was celebrity night of some sorts. Are these two celebrities? Why, yes they are. How is that? Well, because they are known for their love of boob jobs, plastic surgery, various modifications and silicone experiments, (they simply love experimenting with them silicones)...which in turn has made them genuine verifiable Serbian celebs. The inseparable silicone twins who go by the names of Tanya and Sanya, are known as the "Silicone Barbie's of the Balkans", and are never seen apart, ever.  They let people (mainly, virgins, tourists, men who just got divorced or who are separated and looking for someone to take to the movies)...have their pictures taken with them when they go to the various bars and order drinks for the cameras, when they go to the washroom or when they stand around staring at the camera and things like that....because they're (very important, remember this)... "Serbian celebs". So just repeat that explanation circle a few times in your head and it might make sense.....

If you ask me however, it just looks more to me like a case of an Angelina Jolie silicone and plastic surgery job on turbo steroids gone terribly wrong, and maybe then being forced to dress in whatever they could find in a 10 minute shopping spree at one of those stores, you know, those tacky whatchyamakalems...thrift stores or whatever, (the ones with those VHS tapes, used tshirts and oil paintings of Elvis) and maybe then some more silicone implants later. (Do you recall me using a term a few times previously in this blog?....."overcompensating".) 

The accompanying text didn't say what their favorite food is, what they drink, where they shop or any of that stuff.  It didn't say whether they are able to use a straw or not able to use a straw or if they drool when they do use a straw, how are they able to eat a hamburger? they just swallow it whole? how much lipstick they use in a month or whether they will use cats eyes contact lenses down the road, which is already passé over here since 2005. I also don't know if their eyes glow in the dark but that would look cool if they did. Getting fangs might actually be worth considering too, if I was them I would have just gone with fangs from the start. (Seriously, fangs are popular procedures especially in Japan. Fangs do look sexy on women when you think about it and makes perfect sense, I support fangs on women I guess)  It just said that they are always seen together, as in all the time (hint-hint)..and that they let customers at the bars have their pictures taken with them.....because, well, because  "they're celebrities".

 This guy was in the far left of the photo about 10 ft away and not paying any attention to "the celebs". I'll let the reader add their own text here.

The short article also did not say whether they are porn actresses, I'll leave that up to the reader to decide. It didn't say whether they had, or will have penises at some future date either, (I think there's a pretty good chance of that probably down the road though, probably the one on the right will have one for sure) in the meantime you can make bets with your co-workers about that. If you're in Belgrade sometime and make it to a bar without getting raped, go get your picture taken with them. You'd be crazy not too because they're celebrities afterall, remember to bring an extra memory card and charge up the phone. I actually met a couple of Srborella's like them at the local ghetto-college not that long ago, just a little less silicone and plastic surgery but stupider looks on their faces an a tad different shade of pink lipstick. (Needless to say I didn't want my picture taken with them either, or go to one of their chetnik seselj-fests or fucko-karadzic fests or whatever they call it now) The article did mention that their procedures were paid for by their father, so if there is a penis being added down the road, I would highly recommend getting it attached on their forehead...for obvious reasons, which would make them even bigger celebrities. I've come across lots of guys who would prefer that. Their father would be crazy not to actually. (This way they would have even a better chance at being in one of those Walmart videos)

Anyway, once you're done reading this post, feel free to Google around for some Russian porn or women's tennis players, but I'm not telling you what to do.  Did you know that the word porn comes from the Greek word  porneia? (Russian porn and Russian women tennis players are always the magic elixer if you ask me. It's great when you're tired of hearing about tinseltown gossip and stories, and it always has a way of getting rid of those unpleasant, annoying and dumb/pointless and boring news and sports stories (and commercials) you come across, out of your head too. (Oh, and ballet dancers too, don't underestimate the power and visual stimuli of female ballet dancers)  If I inadvertently come across footage of them at a Serbian cannibal festival I will let you know.  Enjoy your new word of the day also, use it wisely and appropriately when the situation calls for it.

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