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nedjelja, 1. prosinca 2013.

Sneak Peek Of Upgraded & Redesigned Croatian MiG-21

I just came across this, so I guess I might as well add these images to finish off a previous post about this topic. I'm not going to add much here, you can read the original post with the whole background to this story with my input Here. I don't have a hard on for military subjects actually,  but this Sunday morning televangelist crap programming is really annoying, I wouldn't mind seeing one of these MiG's do a strafing mission directed at John Hagee's donut mucous and revelations-brimstone filled mouth and/or his Sunday dinner turkey, spuds and peas platter, would he be able to rebuke the Croatian MiG's back to Magog whence they came and so leave the blessed turkey platter to multiply among the gentile nations? Anyway, basically in a nutshell, earlier this year it was decided to get the Ukrainian company Ukrspecexport to overhaul and modernize Croatia's MiG jet fighters, as well as to buy some more from them, a 12 jet deal in total. The first batch of the upgraded MiG's will be delivered back to Croatia around mid-December, complete with the new painted camoflauge scheme of all grey. (Goodbye to the old familiar pattern with the greens from over the years) This new paint job actually matches the ones already on some of the helicopters and some other transport planes.  There are still a number of European NATO countries operating MiG-21's and MiG-29's within their air forces, these recent Croatian MiG upgrades will make the fleet operable until 2019 before deciding on the next generation of jet fighters. I put these here mainly because they're are exclusive sneak peek images of them while doing some final testing and maneuvers in Odessa.


More updated images of the upgraded Croatian MiG's and information at a post HERE.

An extra bonus pic, a view of the only Croatian Air Force MiG-21UMD in the new unique traditional and promotional paint scheme they were considering. Below that are the previous version paint jobs, this particular MiG-21 is affectionately called "Kockica" (Dice) At the the very end though they decided to stick with the original version. More pics and info: photos-of-day-croatian-air-force-mig-21s

Lastly as a special bonus, it's never a bad time for a stroll down memory lane, in this case to 1995 and just after the defeat of Serb terrorists and the liberation of previously ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatia.


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Anonimno kaže...

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HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS kaže...

My middle name helpful informative.

Anonimno kaže...

The all new NATO grey paint scheme looks a hell of a lot better than the old green/brown camoflauge. All grey paint scheme suits the MIG-21 better.!

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS kaže...

I personally would add a paint job on a few of them when they get back, like a sharks mouth, or maybe a wolf or bears mouth etc. They will be coming back soon luckily avoiding the worst of the Crimea situation. This is the last time these planes will be modernized, I would definitely go for a crazy roaring bears mouth.

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