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četvrtak, 12. prosinca 2013.

Take A 3D Stroll Through Hajduk Split's Poljud Stadium

I didn't think I was going to anything related to soccer at all until next summer, but this is sort of interesting, especially if one is a Hajduk Split football supporter and has never been to Poljud Stadium. (In Croatian: Stadion Poljud) I was lucky enough to see the stadium a few times and watch some matches. The team just recently celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2011. (Post link below for more info)  If you're a fanatical Hajduk Split supporter, you're probably not going to like this, but there's a similar 3D view link of Maksimir Stadium at a post Here after some renovations they did. The scenery around Poljud Stadium is quite amazing too, if you're in the area some time, go check it out. (Extra special bonus: I threw in a few of my own personal very rare view pics at the bottom)

Put Yourself in the Boots of a Hajduk Split Player


Ever wondered what it would be like to play at Hajduk Split’s famous Poljud Stadium? Ever wondered where would be the best chance to have a Hajduk Split cheerleader pinch your butt? Now you can see what the players see by taking a virtual tour from the pitch, and also other parts of the stadium after the club launched the latest virtual tour on their official HNK Hajduk Split website on Wednesday. Take a walk on the ground…the east, south, west and north stands..the press room, fan shop, VIP area and more, accompanied by some soothing Dalmatian music…by clicking here.

A view of Poljud Stadium in 2011 during the 100th anniversary of HNK Hajduk Split.

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I figured what the hell and so decided to add a few of my own pics here, just to show the views from around the stadium. These give a good feel of the surroundings at Poljud Stadium. One can see plenty of images and videos on the internet of the interior of the stadium with spectators and of course aerial views, (see what I mean), very nice photos and all, but I wanted the viewer to  feel like they're there. I noticed it's actually extremely rare to see images immediately outside the stadium. Especially ground level. I don't know why because the nearby scenery is amazing, it's right by the waterfront and the mountains are right there too, I think it's probably because a large part of the stadium is built under the street level and into the ground, this intentional design gives the stadium an appearance of an opening sea shell that is partly buried in the sand, a visual effect which is very cool come night games and when the lights are on. The people living in the buildings facing the stadium in the pics must have one hell of a view. Hajduk Split symbols, phrases and art is very common and painted throughout the city also. (See Hajduk Split links above) The last time I saw matches there, near the main entrance area it's filled with souvenir tents and tables to buy jersey's, tee's, hats, scarves ect, as well as food and drinks. All these images below were taken in 2011 and are within a stones throw of Poljud. It was a really hot Wednesday afternoon and the stadium was closed with absolutely no soccer matches going on this particular day. (It is usually on non-soccer game days like this that all the people in the towns and cities get together to pickle beets, shuck corn and then afterwards practice our samba and humpty dance moves or just watch Jerry Springer reruns, until the next soccer match)  Click the pics for a larger view. Izvolite......

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